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  1. Not sure if this is too late but your best bet would be to order it through one of the japanese tcg websites via a middleman or proxy service Amenity and Yuyu-tei are usually good ones https://www.amenitydream.com/product/61794 https://yuyu-tei.jp/game_fe/carddetail/cardpreview.php?VER=b12&CID=10111&MODE=sell then use something like https://www.whiterabbitexpress.com/ for the ordering part
  2. There's 10 in each set starting from set 9 onwards with the exception of set 17 and 22. I'm missing a few personally but here are the ones I have
  3. Not sure if you still need it but here
  4. Hi all, first time posting a topic, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I recently got ahold of a copy of the Sing and Play karuta set (definitely not solely to hear Roy say all those lines), but the last few of the mp3's seems to be corrupted. Just want to know whether is this the case with all copies of the usb or this is a one off? Thanks in advance.
  5. It is fixed, if a + variant is a signed it will always be a signed card.
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