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  1. If she doesn't recruit Bernadetta, reduce her pay! She must know the ways of the Bernie!
  2. It's great that you finally feel comfortable to come out of hiding, Hope things be better with your family. As for me, I more go with the flow and never really judge people by gender, always on there character. Hopefully, you can run into many people that think the same.
  3. I would say Path of Radiance. It has a good mixer of difficulty, can be played on the T.V. so the whole family can enjoy it. Also, it has elements of both old and new fire emblem games. So if you enjoy Path of Radiance, you can enjoy the other games as well.
  4. Now that I have a new found love for Fire emblem I decided to join the site. The forest is very different from other sites, but its a lot of fun. Anyway, I cant wait to show off some projects I have working out in my head. All will be seen, in time.
  5. I thought this was a fire emblem site..I guess its anything goes.
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