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  1. I just checked and there are 19 books and counting..boi!
  2. There is a YouTube video on how to use FEbuider.
  3. Awakening is not a stranded fire emblem game. You need to make broken units with pair up bots or the game will chew you up.
  4. Ca't wait tell my kids make a post here about how there old man beat FE20 with 0 growths.
  5. I'm not saying this to be rude, I'm just surprised. being 24 every other fan website or channel I see, I'm usually the oldest. All those kids that are 16 to 19 and I'm just standing there like "how do you do fellow kids?" Not in the Forest thought, you people are old and I actually love that about this place. its a lot more chill and a lot less "lol memes'. I wonder how this site will be in 20 years...
  6. Mary Sue is so casual to me i can see no other way to describe characters that get everything of nothing and have "wood" personality's. Also, i'm going to use this all the time now.
  7. There is only one real answer for the best unit. Her kit is too good on maddening. Also, Dedue kind of bad because he gets shafted.
  8. By defund the police we mean takes some money out of the police budget and put in things like mental health clinics , school funding things like that. We don't want the police gone we just want to to stop killer black people for no reason. Pulse this goes beyond any Disney ride, this had been building up for 100's of years. I get that you see the riots going on and thinks there awful and they are. Please realize thought the police started most of the riots by attacking protesters. Also yes some riots started form some assholes that just want to cause trouble. If you want o know more here is a good place to start.
  9. I have to work like right, but i'm coming back to this. i have some things to say.
  10. I here to reflect on how will power is not enough to stay motivated. You must change your environment.
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