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  1. Can you find me a girl like your wife? Joking aside, welcome!
  2. The Art of War is your favorite book?! Eclipse you planing something?
  3. THERE I FIXED THE TITLE! DAMN YOU, SPELLCHECK! Anyways I'm listening to Becoming by Michelle Obama as an audio book at my second job. I'm only half way thought but it really good. My favorite book is probably Half-Blood Prince. Slow reader, but i went thought that book in a few day, still surprised by that. I'm trying to read the Deathly Hallows, but the beginning of this book is not good. I will power thought it, tho.
  4. When you are a fire emblem fan thought and thought.
  5. I basically just want to get to know you guys better.
  6. i would go back and be there for my friend more. Long story shirt, his younger sister was murdered and i gave just one message to talk to my if he needs me. This is when i still had the old school "be a man" mindset of he can work it out on his own and he will talk to me in time. Well fast forward and he doesn't talk to me anymore because I wasn't there for him when he needed help most. Now if I would go back I would message him every week just to show that I did care. I could never imagine what he went through and I wasn't there for him. Some best friend I was.
  7. Have a good time, my friend!
  8. Since the last pull I did many of you voted that failure is better for you in the long run. Now lets remove that fact. The title says it all. Really look into your life and decide one of your Failures you want gone and why?
  9. this game is rigged form the start. All one of the mods has to do is comment then lock this forum. its already over.
  10. Yeah, you right, I should have saw it in a different view. That the actions of Edelgard to me seems more unjust then someone like Roy. To me at least.
  11. Well, i see it more like "oh i got 10 units that i can make monsters!' But has you said re classing dose not matter post time skip. The option is be a flyer or have a worse unit then the others.
  12. Shes right. Even if i can show what makes a dictator in my eyes and what doesn't , and give you evidence, that would take weeks. I don't have that type of time.
  13. This whole Edelgrad topic really is a mess. Why is it this character everyone decided to be so laser focused on?
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