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  1. You're probably right. I got an account on here instead of there because just about every discussion on gamespot becomes a brawl😂 They'll fight you over their picked strongest pairing, lol
  2. Alot of people on gamespot says that's the way to go if he doesn't marry Cordelia. I might switch Stahl to Panne and Gregor to Cordelia consider that. P.S. I know for a fact Severa's pretty op with Gregor as her Dad, so that'd definitely be a pretty good switch up
  3. I don't mind to shuffle around any of the non-married couples
  4. Here's everyone who already married: chrom x Sumia Sully x Vaike MU x Frederick Here's my other non-married pairings: Lissa x Ricken Miriel x Libra Maribelle x Henry Cordeliax Stahl Tharja x Gauis Nowi x Donnel Olivia x Virion Cherche x Lan'qu Panne x Gregor/Kellam
  5. The strongest of every kid. They don't have to be super op, but I want them all to be decently powerful
  6. Oh nooo!!! Poor Gregor's😨 I'm planning on marrying Cordelia to Stahl, but I could always change someone else's pairing whether I ultimately pick Kellam or Gregor for Panne. Also, I was thinking Olivia could marry virion, but perhaps Kellam or Gregor would be better for her?
  7. Heyo! I'm on a quest to get some of the strongest kids you can get in this game, and through many threads and help from the advice people have given me on some of my other posts, I think I've got some great pairings; but alas, I have one last problem: Panne. I have every single character a partner, but her. The only men not taken are Kellam and Gregor, and I don't know who's a better Dad for Yarne. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks! I'll probably end up marrying Lissa to Ricken or Libra, then switch Owain to a magic based class. Thank y'all for all the advice!
  9. Alrighty! Thanks. Just quick question: (in a attempt to see if Myrmidon Owain can be a good unit😂) Do any of you know how the all-powerful Donnel fairs as his Dad? I have a feeling he would ruin his speed, but maybe I'm wrong?
  10. I've already started, but the only suitors unavailable are Frederick and Chrome; everyone else is fair game. I'm open to any suggestions you feel are best!
  11. Heyo! I was wondering who is best for these lovely gals to marry for their kids to have really good stats and/or good abilities. IMPORTANT: Most threads I've read say to marry them to either Henry or Ricken respectively for their magic and such. I'll more than likely change Brady to some other magical class, but if Owain stays a myrmidon should he have a different father besides a magic based one? I don't really want to change his class. Thanks!
  12. I'm not quite sure yet. I know once I get further in I'll probably ditch Gauis, Virian, Miriel and just possibly Kellam (but I have a feeling I'll end up needing to keep him, at least till I get the kids), but as far as everybody else, I haven't decided yet. If exp or weapons get scarce, I have the dlc
  13. Lol, I aight. I'll be sure to remember that next time I play hard mode instead of lunatic
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