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  1. I don't really see how this is a problem since i already addressed what i meant.
  2. That's the reasons i'm seeing in places on reddit and on twitter i'm just restating them here as what she gets flack for. It's a reason i'm seeing people hate her for. You may have a different reason but i wasn't specifically directing this at everyone, but from what i personally seen. Not putting a reason in their mouth but more like reusing the words already used when criticizing her. I still don't understand. Like if it came off that way i apologize but that wasn't the direction i was trying to state in my initial post.
  3. How does this imply that i'm shoving everyone in the box by saying i recently see more hate then her being liked in the community to the point it's not really unpopular?
  4. Never said all do this, i said from what i personally seen. Never generalized everyone by shoving them into one group.
  5. Lysithea. overpraised as a unit, and floods threads with the same memes which branch her popularity in the west alot, while her character draws more appeal in japan. As a character she gets generalized alot based on her early perception in the GD house instead of the whole, and similar to Ricken written off like all she talks about is being a kid and being disrespectful to everyone, when she's way more then that. I often see more hate towards her character then actual like more then people want to believe since hating her character feels popular then unpopular now and might as well be one of the top most vocally hated non lord characters. She gets perceived in a really strange way that leans both ways. Cyril, he's not just all about Rhea. Ignatz, dude just gets hate for almost no actual reason except probably the fact of just being a boy with anxiety, which seems to be the biggest offturn in media from what i'm seeing since those chars tend to get called losers, wimpy etc. Outside of this he's a really good character.
  6. It's simply called riding hate. Ricken is a fine character, but people judge him based on his traits rather then his actual supports which i find just uncool. Hayato's personality doesn't revolve around the child gimmick either but rather his normal interactions with others, but honestly he is extremely bland/inconsistent in his supports that it makes sense that people can't really see anything good past his gimmick trait. Similar gripe fans have with Cyril.
  7. Lysithea has alot going for her character, it's called development which is active in most of her supports that make her actually grow up unlike Ricken and Hayato who are pretty much the little jrpg anime boy who wants to look like a man and look extremely arrogant about it (Hayato) without change (Both) I personally understand, but find it funny that chars who have nothing really going on for their char flaw or development wise (Petra) don't receive similar criticism yet end up being among the most popular.
  8. This sums her up pretty well. She's too unrealistically perfect for her age that makes it really uninteresting. For chars around her age that have notable flaws in their personality or their way of thinking she comes off as a borderline mary sue who just doesn't have real weaknesses as a character besides her unable to properly speak english which comes off as a gimmick more then a flaw since it doesn't change at all in 5 years. Unlike other chars who had flaws that made them grow she barely changes as a character, and remains almost as static as Raphael regarding her character bar the situation of the story. She was my 3rd choice of the most overrated character imo lords aside.
  9. She's not a Loli post or pre. Loli = a girl who appears or is underage I,E 12 or younger which she doesn't fit that section She is not a tsundere either.
  10. It wasn't really subtle, but she herself is not racist. In her supports with Cyril she pretty much lists the stereotypes she learned from her family about then, but never really met a Almyran before she saw Cyril who was not like what she was told about them, which is why she said "You're not like one of them." Cyril got kind of annoyed hearing her talk about this subject which sounded kind of offensive even if she didn't intend it to. Cyril replied by explaining that everyone is not one thing, which was enough to convince her to write to her brother about Cyril. Holst replied with a similar explanation like Cyril, and Hilda pretty much dropped it altogether never see her talk negative about them Hilda has an option to marry Cyril in their ending. She also eventually accepts Claude's offer to
  11. Not really it's not in his head it actually happened to him we just never seen it personally which is the problem, because we only see him being the asshole he claims the women treating him are, and this makes alot of it fall flat. For Marianne it's less her character again her fanbase, some of them i've seen on reddit etc find her depression attractive in a wrong way and it kinda just messed me up seeing some of that, similar to a few bernadetta fans finding high level of anxiety attractive and both just kind of turn me off, and i consistently see this from time to time. But for her character i've notice a running thing in her supports from C and alot of B's that she doesn't really acknowledge by fully understanding people trying to help her and it doesn't feel like much is changing until her A's and paralogue, but that's less of my issue then the section of her fanbase i unfortunately run into. That's why i put Character Wise in there since it's not all about development, but in that sense Sylvain barely changes as a person from start to finish which i find unsettling especially with his known behavior.
  12. Sylvain clearly states he does not like women in a few of his supports, and when this is borderline brought up in his supports with Mercedes she thinks nothing of it but gets annoyed at Lorenz for something similar. It feels oddly inconsistent to me, not to mention how we never see people treat him like garbage but more so him treating women like garbage by his Byleth supports. Since his whole story revolves around him hating crest, we barely see why outside him talking about it, but it's never shown and his problem with Miklan aka his brother seems to be the closest thing but not the main reason that we seen on screen of this besides his story of living his life being valued as an object, but it really seems that he returns the favor based on that same support. I can go on about what i mean about some of his writing is off and on in some areas. I find it odd that he is like this with some women, but hits on the main cast prob because they don't see him as a prize. For Marianne it's more of some of her fanbase more so then her character, with how she is looked at from time to time in a really strange way occasionally from what i see in the community.
  13. She had a reason to explode on many chars not fully justified but a reason bar Ignatz. on the Marianne topic. Marianne was being extremely negative when there was a fire going on and Lysithea asked her for help, Marianne kept giving negative "i'm no use responses" and Lysithea got mad at her before leaving. Lysithea came to apologize only to have Marianne repeat the same similar things before taking off making Lysithea question why is she so negative. Lysithea came up to her asking about Animal facts for horses and Marianne gave the same response as the last 2 incidents and Lysithea exploded once again, but this time asked her to find the positivity in life in a rough way but it came across as positive/negative depending how it's taken. In a nutshell she had a reason for Marianne, but Ignatz is prob the only one she didn't have one for. Tbh as a character she is middling rated against the cast, and usually gets highly talked about as a unit atleast in the west, i feel like chars like Sylvain, Felix, Marianne, Dorothea etc are ones that are rated on high pillars on characters, and seeing their flaws and occasional eh writing makes me think there's some other appeal.
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