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  1. Just finished some Marianne fanart. I got really out of my comfortzone for this one after doing some femake anatomy studies and practice. Hope it looks good.
  2. Here's a few extra pics I made recently. Here's a digital colored version of my Chibi Mercedes and today I decided to draw a male Gremory and Falcon knight as I was bored at work for shits and giggles
  3. So I've been wanting to try and mix Post timeskip designs mixed with Master class designs that either fit their class line or personality. So to kick it off here's my attempt as a Holy knight mercedes:
  4. Yeah I'm bot used to full body sketches so I tend to make characters look shorter or more frumpier, so I usually stick to posting posting thigh up sketches. And to add, I was wondering through my old sketchbooks and found a few old drawings from roughly a year to half a year ago:
  5. A small older Picture and not as good but I wanted to practice full body and Female anatomy (I mainly draw men, which you may see sometime later on) So here's my attempt at Marianne as a peg.knight with a Blessed lance Edit: Sorry if the boobs look off, like I said still need some practice lol
  6. Lol I'm aware how forums can get, I saw how heated certain debaits got from just browsing the threads and while I have a sense of humour that kinda needs Audio cues to be funny I'm sure I'll be fine. Besides if I get dog piled what's the worst that can happen? I accidentally piss off a mod and get banned? Tho I'm certain most of my honest opinions and serious idea are relatively safe. Thanks for the heads up tho~
  7. So I couldn't find or didn't see an appropriate place to post fan art on the forums but I decided to go ahead and make a small thread where I'll post my art. If you like any of it feel free to repost just make sure to credit me and feed back is always appreciated. Now I am a hobbiest for art so it's rare so if I don't update before the time is up before it's considered necroposting, I'll more then likely move this thread over to "far from the forest" that way I don't risk breaking the rule or anyone else potentially accidentally breaking it. So to start off this thread here's my most recent doodle of a chibi Post time-skip Mercedes
  8. Templar- basically an a holy knight except they're Armoured units similar to a fortress knight focusing on Axes, faith, and armour Oathbreaker- basically the reason magic Brother to the Templar Dark Falcion- basically the dark flier from awakening except with this one you need a dark seal to promote into this class Agaysta (Alt name, Baalor) - already in game but is an Enemy only class but esstially a Male Gremory Valafarh- esstially a Master class for the theif line, with a skill that once mastered you can use combat art that has (lck/2)% chance to disarm an enemy and steal a weapon right from their hands (general skill nullifies this so you can't cheese bosses with it) Mystic- a Brawling class that uses faith or Reason, kinda like Mortal savant's more fist crazy cousin Griffion rider as a Male Pegusus counterpart Wouldn't mind the priestess showing back up from gaiden in three houses as maybe an advanced class And while not a huge class and kinda pointless to a degree, for fun I thought of a unique class that can only be gotten when you A rank Byleth and if they bare a crest (and for NG+ after chapter 11) a class called "disciple" which would basically kinda be like a recreation of Nemesis and the 10 elites How useful or practical would most of these be? No idea, do they sound like fun? Atleast they do to me.
  9. Hello, so I've been a fan of Fire emblem from only about roughtly 3 years now (I joined the fandom right around the fates Era if that gives a frame of refrance) and kinda became a big FE nerd I dunno what much to say but I've always came to place when I needed to know soemthing from the wiki but after a while I figured why not join the forums as it's another place to talk and look at FE content. I may not be too active tho since I'm not used to sites like these but things you can expect from me 1. Post discussing small topics from little things I may notice but feel like could be a fun topic if it isn't talked about often and can't find conversation regarding it. 2. Occasinally FE fan art, I'm not a spectacular artist but it would be a nice place to share for feed back and mutual appreciation for character along with fan made concept art for FE OCs and Original class ideas or designs I think about. It's a pleasure to meet all of you and I hope we can be friends and allies alike. If you wanna learn some extra stuff about me I put some basic stuff in my bio on my profile but always feel free to ask me questions if your cursious!
  10. Might be a stretch but normally if a mage is left un-armed they'd auto switch to their weakest spell that they can use at the moment, and with classes like Brawlers and Grapplers that will switch to their unarmed fighting stance, so it might be a small coding error or might have been clash of coding, since mages technically already come with an unarmed combat skill it's possible that it locks them out of guantlets but even then it just seems odd, Unless it's a weird lore kinda deal minda like with DnD and Pathfinder where unless you learned or specialized to cast with stuff in/on your hands it messes with the hand motions to cast the spell, but the unarmed strike skill kinda disproves that theory unless that's just for continuity
  11. fair enough, and yeah you probably have no reason to put them on a mage anyways like ya said but it was just a fun little detail I noticed, and the only magic users Who can probably justify using them anyways are people who already fit into better hybrid classes that can use them and even then you'll more then likely just focus on one aspect of their specilaztion and tack on a magic weapon for those rare occasions
  12. First time poster to this place, long time visitor, so apologies for formatting. Anyways so I've been a fan of FE for a while now and recently got three houses and played it for maybe a week now and been just having fun and noticed something. So we are all aware of how Mounted units can't use Guantlets while mounted but am I the only one who finds it odd how the primary magic using classes in the game can't use gauntlets? So far only Nobles/Commoners, Dancer, Enlighten one, and Mortal savant are the only magic users who can also weild Gauntlets. Same goes for if you're trying to equip the unarmed combat skill, it'll let you equip it but you can't actually use your bare fist. Maybe later down the line we might get a DLC class, like maybe a Mystic or some sort of Martial artist class that can use magic kinda like a Brawling magus and what not?
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