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  1. Imagine the Summoner only speaking in modern slang and the whole Order of Heroes being « ????? What are they saying? »
  2. The lords bouncing look like me when I have a freaking song stuck in my head on loop.. And like the Illusory Dongeon, it last at least three weeks.
  3. Further proof that we as Summoner only possess one active braincell, currently in Alphonse’s custody. I love how Hilda straight up go to Sharena and how Petra carefully put the feather on the hood (so cute!).
  4. Kiran is ripped. I heard they have an eight pack. We could have a gauntlet unit (how is IntSys going to do with that?) Summoner (or axe unit with Breidablik as a club)! (Honestly, I think they could be quite muscular if they go on the battlefield with the Order, even just to supervise. )
  5. I think that the other heroes got wind of Cherche’s sewing skill and ordered some dolls as well (it reminds me of that picture of Lucina with a Chrom doll). How many heroes can sew anyway? They could open a business to boost the army’s finance!
  6. We can say that L’Arachel IS the Princess of Light, guiding people in the dark.
  7. Oh sh**, that’s true! I saw the grey hair and the haircut but not the cape! Aaaaaaaah
  8. Look at the last panel: they all look so proud while Laslow’s having a stroke.
  9. Worry not, you’re going to see them soon enough. And if you want an advice: when you find a lost item on some spot, it is most likely that its owner stood there the month prior.
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