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  1. Will be an update that changes the names of the characters to the official names?
  2. Oh, no problem in my next game i will use the pegasus sisters only because i've never seen a Triangle Attack that was not on YouTube Edit: sorry fot the necropost
  3. There is a form to get a four Elysian Whip in the game? becuase i only have 3 and the 3 Pegasus Knights are Promoted( Sheeda, Catria, Palla)
  4. Ok i wait for the 2.0 meanwhile i start with Celica's Route/Chapter 2
  5. I have a question the hack is over? Or keep on developing because I plan to play it
  6. I can transfer a Save data from Fire Emblem PoR in Wii Family Edition because i have one and Fire Emblem RD and i have that question because Nintendont Emulate a Memory Card of GC and i have that question, it's Possible the transfer yes or no?
  7. You can put a optional patch with the maps from Sacres War?
  8. I found a bug in the Chapter 14x with the boss sprite animation when he uses the spell Psychic the Sprite is corrupted and the sprite looks destroyed
  9. Encontré un Glitch con Shanna Falcoknight, no sé si el Falcoknight único tiene ese Glitch, pero el ataque de animación es para jabalina, por ejemplo, ha equipado una Lanza de Plata y el daño no aparece pero matan al enemigo, pero el juego cree que el fallan los ataques y ella ganó la experiencia normal, ¿puedes arreglarlo? Lo siento si es Android pero mi PC está arreglando lo siento PD: Dont look the first video InShot_20191027_221127553.mp4
  10. The patch is not compatible with the rom because the translation was updated
  11. Hey the translation was updated and the patch are not compatible
  12. How can i get the vassal knight and the hero crest of the bosses or are decoration?
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