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  1. It is an odd combination to be an LGBTQ Christian that fancies Fire Emblem yet here "we are" lol. Rough to hear how your Fire Emblem interest began but it's nice to meet you I'm new to the forums but thankfully my first ever Gameboy games were Fire Emblem and Pokemon "leafgreen". I use to play Magic The Gathering as my father actually use to own a vVdeogame and Cardgame store when I was a child. Sailor Moon was my first anime "before I knew what anime was but Inuyasha solidified my interest in grade school as I would wake up at 6am just to watch it! I agree that Final Fantasy after 10 has been not great, but love 6-10 so much. I think Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy are my two favorite game franchises with Dark Souls/Sekiro being my third. Linkin Park and Green Day are among my favorite bands too. Nice to meetcha it can be tricky navigating the LGBTQ Christian life but one thing I know is Gods love is one that measures the heart and doesnt judge like people are apt to. 🙂
  2. I contemplated joining the forum for awhile now as a longtime fan of all things Fire Emblem "except heroes" xD. From the first time I picked up Fire Emblem 7 Blazing Sword when I was 13 years old I was hooked on this special series. Before I knew what Fire Emblem was I believe I played Final Fantasy Tactics and Vandal Hearts and always craved more. I think it's odd that Nintendo for the longest time didnt think tactical SRPG's would flourish outside Japan. My first introduction like many people were the inclusion of Marth and Roy in Smash Bros Melee. From then on I always wanted to know more about my favorite fighters which didnt happen for nearly 10 years when Shadow Dragon finally released on DS. For lack of writing a novel i just want to say this series is and always will be beloved to me, I love the RNG leveling, the terrain bonus's, the desperately hoping that 62% Javelin will hit to save you from certain death after missing a 90% in GBA. Three Houses Maddening no NG+ is a wonderful addition I'm enjoying immensely too! I just wanted to gush about how much of a rabid nerd I am for this series going on 17 years, and I'm probably far from alone!
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