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  1. Is it possible to use the editor on an ongoing non-edited savefile+iso setup? Wish i found this a week ago... 😕 (ch 17 and dont feel like restarting). Sorry if it's a dumb question, worth a shot
  2. starting this mod, but would be great if the feature pictures could get reuploaded 🙂 no info to go on atm edit: just completed a full run of the game with this mod/hack, and i am really happy with how it turned out. Was my first ever playthrough of fe6 as well, did it on hard and it served a good challenge. Ray, Dorothy, Geese, Roy, Tate, and Fa were absolute beasts, total powerhouses. Like seriously, Ray with some a few boosters turned into my tankiest tank and also my hardest hitter, slapped boots on him and he was absolutely unstoppable. Dorothy was the player phase killer god. Maxed str/skill/speed early into promotion. And im happy i had to use up all my uses of divine weapons, by the time idoun died there was only 2-4 uses left per weapon. Felt really good since they came in clutch against the OP manaketes that were almost unbeatable without them.
  3. Just an update if anyone is curious, i decided to drop lyn completely, but use Eliwood. This is him on the last map and i gotta say i was really satisfied with him. Definitely one of the better characters by the end, decent bulk and pretty good avoid. Often ORKO / enemy RKO'd. (he was useless up until his promotion however.)
  4. Ill keep that in mind, ill see if i get anything from the next 2-3 levels or so, if those fail as well im dropping Eli. And as i told Subwaybossemmett, i patched my rom so i skip both LM and can do HHM on my first run. It has been very fun up until Genesis, took me a few hours to crack that one, watched a LTC video on it after i was done and man was that harder than it had to be.... Rath with bravebow+killer bow seems like it makes that map way less of a headache. Hawkeye and my super RNG lucky raven was my ticket out. (if anyone interested about my current deployment) Hector, Lowen,Legault, Lucius, Fiora, hawkeye, Raven, Marcus, Heath and maybe Eliwood now. (Units dropped a long the way for various reasons, but still used quite a bit: Oswin, Sain, Guy, Florina, Erk. Super sad to drop oswin and guy but just cant see where they would fit in the deployment, oswins movement feels like a pretty big detriment, and Guy has almost capped skill/speed but 10-11 str at lvl 12)
  5. Oh? how does that map work? im currently on Genesis and want to blow my brains out figuring out how to do it, my combined levels are 20+10+5 (H,E,L) atm so i guess that level 50 map is not in sight. What am i missing out on? Yupp i patched the rom so i can skip lyn, and do HMM on my first run! I like to challenge myself and also minmax as much as possible, so this was the only way to go personally, im relatively new to the franchise but done all the recent stuff on lunatic/maddening (awakening and up). Also i think i could feed eliwood if that is the case, since he is already really tanky, maybe he could work out as some sort of tank/chip damage dealer, if hes gonna be fielded anyways might as well.
  6. Hey guys, currently on my first ever FE7 run and i just got to chapter 23 HHM, and i have gotten 3 chapters where eliwood and lyn are required to field. Will this keep recurring? i kept both barely touched since their growths got completely rng-destroyed (eliwood lvl 10 with 7 str and 15L 12D...) So my question is as the title suggests, is it possible to completely ignore Lyn and Eliwood in favour of other units, or will i get completely gutted in later chapters by doing this? (such as them being forced into combat by themselves etc.)
  7. Hey guys! (sorry if this is the wrong section, kinda new to posting) Im playing FE6-8-9-10 in my near future(first time runs), and was wondering if people knew of any solid (no major gamebreaking bugs) patches for those said games. I ask this because generally i enjoy challenging myself and know that more often than not FE games fall kinda flat on difficulty without self imposed rules. Something like these two posts below are what i would be looking for! (im definitely not "too lazy" to look for myself, i have been searching pretty rigorously, but havent had much luck in finding things that dont alter the game into something completely different, ala full on hacks for example. i want to keep the basegame as is but modified, so to say.) Would appreciate any sort of tips/help greatly!
  8. Would you recommend using this mod as a first playthrough of the game? I like to challenge myself and ive heard lategame gets way too easy if you know how to "exploit" the FE mechanics well enough. (also i like to mod my games in general)
  9. Hey, so i have a general question regarding this hack, i've never before played FE6-7-8. (only played all recent games, awakening and up) Difficulty is no issue since ive done maddening/lunatic runs, im on the 2nd chapter for this hack now, and it feels like im ruining my first experience with the game by playing the mod before a genuine run, but since i haven't played it i wouldnt know. What would you guys have done? play the hack/mod or a normal run first?
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