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  1. Okay, thank you for the information. Not sure if I understand everything. Are you saying N-1 like x - 1 where x is the level of the unit? If they are leveling the unit up through the growth rates are they doing this in real time and enemies can have different stats each time? So luck is just always 0 then. Does the term "generics" just exclude bosses and recruitables then? Are you saying here for a promoted unit they use base class base stats, give them promo gains, and then level them up with promoted class stat growths? Thank you again. Is this info compiled anywhere lol might be easier.
  2. How are the enemy stats in the game calculated? Are they always the same? I was trying to find the enemy data for the maps in the game and can't seem to find it listed (actually for any of the GBA games). Maybe this is because it's done in the game and can be different? Thanks.
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