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  1. thx for the link, I'm electing to just play the dlc on another file and maybe giving me the dlc items in 2nd FE12 run to be able to play on the same save file as the 1st run
  2. Way less turns this time than main run lol (main run was 1009 turns or smth LOL)
  3. And the sub run is beaten ! Here have some stats 😄 Definitely forced me to play fast in gen 1 and be more careful in gen 2 + planning the rings more which was very fun
  4. CHAPTER 6 Subsave Setup.srm If any of you wants the substitutes setup
  5. Sub Run is way in progress, I succeeded at having all subs ! Here are the stats of the end of gen 1 !
  6. Yeah it was just an example, like we do agree that units staying in the castle don't accumulate love points, right
  7. Also while thinking to myself I remembered Don't love points only accumulate if the units are actually deployed out of the castle ? So if I leave some units inside it should be fine right ? (like for example leaving Lewyn or Sylvia inside to avoid them falling in love etc) Cuz like Sigurd, Quan, Ethlyn (and Finn as well for a good unit in gen 2) can very well just destroy all of gen 1, can't they ? I'll try to get Seliph the Brave Sword this time, because in my 1st run I actually missed it lul (Ayra loved Noish a bit too soon lol) Anyways thx for the advice 🙂
  8. Any advice for a sub run ? To prevent Pairings in Gen 1, what items to inherit Leif/Altena and Seliph, and how to improve the scrub squad that are Substitutes ?
  9. Uhm I just saw this while finishing Thracia, and ... wouldn't it be more of a pact ? Idk what the japanese text says, but I'd be more enclined to say it's a pact.
  10. I know it's possible, it's just that if I can, I wanna have it all on a single file lol
  11. Do you think it'd be possible to make it work with Desmume/a DS emulator ?
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