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  1. For Verdant Wind Judith and Nader probably should of been playable. They’re both central characters that already have stats as they appear in battle as green units. Judith even has the lord class which is quite uncommon. Nader being a wyvern rider probably would’ve been quite strong but it’s not like this game is very balanced anyway. Plus I’d love to learn a bit of more Almyran culture from Nader, and dive a bit deeper in Judith’s reputation. In azure moon personally I would of loved to see Rodrigue be playable. Even if I didn’t use him, a support conversation between him and Felix would of been very interesting to see. Them discussing chivalry, and them finally talking to each other about Glenn, and what him being dead really means to them.
  2. I think oddly enough for me it was Ferdinand of all people. I went out of my way to recruit everyone in this game on my first playthrough, even the harder recruits like Caspar. All except for Ferdinand, I didn’t see much use in his as a unit as a combination of Sylvain Leonie and Lorenz made up my cavalry squad and I really didn’t wanna train heavy armor. But then seeing him on the bridge, having to kill him, it hurt. Then Dorotheas dialogue after the battle really hit me hard
  3. God feels weird to finally post here. I’ve always heard of this place, mostly through reading and watching other fire emblem communities but I’ve never participated. But for myself, names Magma and I’ve been a fire emblem fan for a while now. Played the GBA games except binding blade, played awakening and played 3H. Hope you all don’t mind me much
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