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  1. I'll agree on this. Mozu is a strange omission. We have all the other four neutral characters, Kaze, Felicia, Azura, ECT. I think the hardest working meber of Corrin's army deserves her spot.
  2. "Blue, no green. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" I jest. Really, it would be Burgundy, a deep, kind of purpley red. It goes with so much when it comes to medieval/fantasy designs.
  3. Yes and no. It depends on the story, as many others have said. For instance, Doom 2016/Eternal have minimal character development, but that's the point of the game. Gameplay first, story second. Whereas something like Fire Emblem relies on it's story as much as it does gameplay, or even more than in a couple cases, character development is a massive helping hand. You care a lot more for charcaters with in depth development than you do for charcaters you hardly know anything about.
  4. Again, it turned out very well the play through I tried it. Maybe it doesn't look good on paper, but FE is more than just numbers. You can have a unit that looks great on paper but is completely screwed over by rng. In my experience, the Morgan I ended up with preformed great. You're experience may be different, but the original thread was just about recommendations.
  5. Granted, now you only like Monica, Fleche, Ladislava, Judith, Cornelia and Lamine. I wish we could have more historically accurate weapons and armor in Fire Emblem games.
  6. If youre interested in trying a Male avatar playthrough the most impressive combo for me is definitely Nowi x Donnel, then Robin (aimed for Dark Knight/Sorcerer), and Nah (as a Dark Flyer from her Pegasus Knight classline she gets from Donnel). Out of that, you can marry Nah with Robin, and end up with an absolute beast of a Morgan, especially as a Dark Flyer.
  7. I continue to be quite happy with the pulls I've made. First up, a little while ago I tried for the Legendary Corrin banner. Got myself two five stars from the free summon and daily orbs. Corrin Herself off the orbs. And Mila was free. Today I tried going for the new banner and after around 30 orbs earned through daily quests I managed to get the two I was looking for. Lachesis, who I was really hoping for so that I'd finally get a flying dancer. And the duo for this banner, Sigurd and Deidre. I always aim for the duo heroes, even if I don't end up using them as much.
  8. Flayn. Not sure how many supports with her you've gotten so a lot of my reasoning is full of spoilers. But honestly, the post game ending card you get is fantastic.
  9. Emma, the Cipher OC that was acnnonized as DLC for Shadows of Valentia. She's got a great design and a delightful personality, what more could you ask for?
  10. I agree. While Corrin was a mediocre character in thier own game, I quite like what they've been doing with them in Heroes and Warriors.
  11. Picking up after the final Ridley trailer, Ridley and Samus stand, ready to strike eachother at any moment. Just before they are about to strike, a shop suddenly warps into view. It's designation, "U.S.S. Forward Into Dawn" is painted on the side. The scene changes to the computrrs on the bridge as a monastic choir begins to sing. Mysterious female voice: Where are we? This planet doesn't show up on any existing planetary chart. In fact, none of our charts are working. The camera begins to move down the ship. Mysterious female voice: Wait, I'm sensing hostiles on the surface. A screen shows Seamus and Ridley with multiple different stats listed. Mysterious female voice: One human, augmented, the other I cant tell. That thing doesn't look like any Covenant I've ever seen. The camera pans to a green armored glove grab a assault rifle from a rack. Mysterious female voice: And where do you think you're going? The camera pans up, revealing more and more armor before settling on Master Chief's helmet, the beginig piano notes to "One Final Effort" playing. Master Chief: Investigating the hostiles. He loads a new magazine into the rifle and cocks the charging handle before jumping out from the side of the ship. Ridley and Seamus both turn to see Masyer Chief hurtling through the atmosphere toward them. Master Cheif suddenly impacts, straight into Ridley's back, revealing his new fighter card. "Master Chief: Finishes the fight!" Scene changes to Ridley smashed into the ground, unmoving. Samus lies on her back, nocked over from the impact. The camera pans to Master Chief walking toward Samus. He lifts a hand and Cortana appears. Cortana: Sorry, he's always been like this. Now, would you mind tellinng us where we are? Master Chief reaches out a hand to Samus, who takes it. The two give a nod to each other and the trailer ends.
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