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  1. As any good story really should be. And if you have anythi g you want to brainstorm, send me a DM. I've helped a few people here in the Forest come up with new ideas.
  2. Cool, cool. And as for customization, I wouldn't be surprised if the Animal Crossing New Horizons method is used for more games in the future.
  3. I was curious how a Non Binary person would answer, as most games just give femenine and masculine options. By your answer, if you dont mind me guessing, you're biological male with a more neutral lean? Also, I'm curious what games you've played with a feminine male customization. That seams to be relatively uncommon.
  4. I found it. I was wondering if you wete going to put this up. I'll ptobaly give it a read to see how you handle this.
  5. Funny, most people I meet are somehow simultainiously all three of these people in one.
  6. I never liked Assasins Creed for many reasons. Historical revisionism and grave inaccuracy were always paramount amongst these. I wouldn't have played the game anyway but hearing things like this still do irritate me. How the game managed to misrepresent both vikings and celts in a game set during this period is beyond me. I've seen pixar movies that caare more about history than this.
  7. Well, the amount of thought they put in was basically "she's a Manakete", so I think we already did. But I think the fact they didn't give her any specific tribe and all this evidence I think we can assume she's a divine dragon. Although, there is the fact she mentions she's from somewhere, "all the way to the left" in one of her supports, which implies Valm/Valentia, and her hair is very similar to Mila's hair introduced in Shadows of Valentia, so some people thoerize she's decended from Mila.
  8. Manakete tanks. Usually my Mythic Corrin with high def. I'll just throw a dancer, healer, and someone with high atk behind her.
  9. Wooh, here's my favorite topic in FE. The only things I can think to add right now are Grima's official designation was "Dark Dragon" as he was created through Dark Alchemy by mixing Human Fetal tissue with that of a dead Earth Dragon. I also believe it was confirmed that Nowi was a divine dragon, due to her and Tiki having identical dragon forms, her Tiara being the same that Naga is seen wearing, and the early draft of the game where it is believed she was intended to preform the Awakening with Chrom, not Tiki. Also, you are correct, Jugdral and Archanea coexist with a thousand year time gap. Edit: Also just remembered Nowi and Nah can both use Dragonstone+, which is incredibly visually similar to the Divinestone, so that could be further used as evidence to their being Divine Dragons.
  10. I still really like it aesthetically. Makes her look a lot more mild and reserved than other dragons.
  11. I for one will say I quite enjoyed Fates. Yeah, it was as good as the other games I'd played, but it still holds a special place to me for being the third FE game I ever played, the second I had played in a long time. Not to mention, while the story is subpar, the gameplay is probably my favorite out of the 3DS titles. There are also some hidden gem characters like Effie, Arthur, Flora, Mozu and Forrest, so it still holds enough redeeming factors that keep me from hating it. If anything, the aesthetic design of the armor and weapons irritates me more than most other criticisms leveled at the game.
  12. I really like these both. Flayn and Seteth were some of my favorite characters in 3H and these definitely do them justice. Just a few things I would note, I like the aesthetic of Flayn's flat teeth, but when it comes to theropods, which share a lot of similarities with fantasy dragons, flat teeth are not really seen, and are more of a herbivor thing, whereas fish eating theropods had much more crocodilian like jaws.
  13. I see. When I posted that I had read figma and was thinking about the Good Smile "action figures" instead of the figurines. And I'll keep that in mind. Most of the FE characters I like are on the more unpopular side and never got any kind of merch, and I've considered getting some of them custom made before.
  14. We already got Zelda, who in the most recent game fills this roll for Link, so I'm going to have to go with Marin and Malon as echo fighters. Marin bops people with a bell, Malon does the same with a bucket of milk.
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