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  1. In another discussion, I realized that many of the Avattars in recent FE games, since Kris, have a "default" gender which they appear as in following work. From everything except for Heroes, which is a whole other beast I'll address shortly, Male Robin has been the most common representation of the character. Even in the opening cinematic, we can see robin looking mostly male. Smash is the primary culprit of this following, but even many years after his/her introduction, it's stayed somewhat consistent. Of course, with Fates it's a bit more difficult to determine. On the box art, both Corrins, or Kamui, appear. Male Corrin appears to have come to represent Birthright, and thanks to following appearances, Female Corrin has come to represent Conquest and the game as a whole. Smash is an anomaly with Corrin, as it uses the male variant. Afterward, in every instance, Female Corrin has become the standard. Personally I prefer this, as I think the design fits better for her, (and I own the Figma, but that's beside the point). Then there's Heroes. Of course the female variants have gotten the most alts, as it's a waifu gotta catch 'm all, so I feel that it doesn't really matter which is favored in Heroes. Finally, there's Byleth. They haven't had many set appearances outsude of thier own game. Of course, there's Smash, but again, it seems they chose the male default. Personally, From what I've seen, most players are chosing female Byleth to represent him/her in outside works. This could simply be an example of waifuism, but there could be more of something there. I guess, I'm indifferent, as while my first play through was with Male Byleth, but in smash, I always use female Byleth, so I'm curious what all of you think? What do you think about default genders for the avatars, and which do you think Byleth will be seen as in future spinoffs?
  2. I feel Male Robin is the best choice for default for him/her. Robin has kind of been represented as male in almost everything since Awakening. Amibos, Warriors, ECT. Female Corrin should be the default for her as its much the same, and she's just better. I'd say Female Byleth would make the most sense as she seems to be the most popular pick amongst players, and will probably be represented as such in future spinoff titles.
  3. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/31476
  4. Fallout 4, Bethesda. Well, I'd love to see a Elder Scrolls style FE game. Just a western RPG set in the world. Yeah, I could see that working out. Also, I'd dig a soundtrack by Inon Zurr. Dude makes the most atmospheric music I've listened to in a long time.
  5. I leave the game for months, and I come back to continue my quite nonsense luck. Pull up the banner featuring Sothis and spend a free summon ticket to, what do you know, get Sothis. Because of that, I still had a bunch of free orbs, so I thought I'd try my hand in the Summer rerun banner, and on my second summon, right after the free one, look who decides to show up So yeah, still havent felt the reason to spend any money. I think I'll just keep on riding out my good luck.
  6. Flayn was the first character I used, and she's actually quite a good pick overall. She starts with relatively high Charm, and the ability to use light magic makes her very good as a support unit, keeping behind the front lines. Also, you get the irony having Flayn as a dancer. I always wondered what Seteth would think.
  7. Alright this might be a bit of a controversial one, but for me, it's got to be Nowi. Now before everyone breaks out thier FBI memes and accusations, it's not because of her being, "a child" which I disagree with anyway; as people have mentioned before, she really is physically closer to a late teenager such as Nino. It was really her character that endeered her to me. I've always been a sucker for compassionate, caring characters that don't have any deep dark secrets and flaws, but instead just want to help people. My favorite supports of hers are the ones in which the authors passed over the playful trope and instead allowed her to show her more mature side. I also have some more personal reasons to be attached to the character, as I was going through a very rough patch of my life when I picked up Awakening, which can really be used to explain a lot of my love for the game.
  8. That's why I clarified Phantom Menace Anakin. I feel Attack of the Clones Anakin is fine, and Revenge of the Sith Anakin is actually really good. The character of kid Anakin is still a good enough example of a Mary Sue, even if by the end of thr story he's completely different.
  9. I really struggle to see this as a political issue. The majority of people don't call just any character a Mary Sue, just poorly written ones that fit the trope. For instance, nobody calls Lara Croft or Ellen Ripley Mary Sues, because they are female characters that trained and fought for what they wanted while still failing on several occasions, the same can be said for Sarah Conner, Alita, Princess Leah, and many others, all strong female characters who have good character development. Whenever I've seen the term directed at any character, male or female, it is when they are a character who is practically given the ability to solve every problem, never has to train, struggle or fail at anything, and everyone around them immediatly becones their friend or ally. A perfect example of this is Luke Vs. Phantom Menace Anakin. Luke spends three movies training, and both times he faces vader he fails. He loses his hand for goodness sake. On top of that, Luke loses everyone he cares about only in his first movie. His aunt and uncle, Ben, even Biggs, but he still pulls through. On the other hand, Anakin is naturally already powerful, is liked by Qui-gon and Padme immediately, wins the podrace, and destroys the command station, without any training or experience, just because, "he's the chosen one". Now that, is a Mary Sue.
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