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  1. I have a hard time hating anyone, mostly because even charvaters I despised at first grew on me as I learned their backstory (Camilla would be a perfect example. Still hate her outfit though.) But two that I really was just creeped out by were Soleil and Nina, mostly just because they're such Perverts. Fates is really the only game I hated anyone from, though.
  2. Update 6 Added: Full Class list with appearance and weapontypes described. Chapter 23 New characters under the second generation. Thank you again to eveyone who's been reading this.
  3. "Has anyone seen my mother? I want to hrow up to be just like her. Have I mentioned my mother is awesome?" ECT.
  4. Aside from the obligatory Smash, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Luigi's Mansion choices, one of my favorite games growing up that has a great co-op Switch port was Lego City Undercover. Overall, if you are intrested in playing with just one other person, any Lego game is a good pick.
  5. Ha! I guess so. I wish we had more fantasy focusing around the Renaissance. Early firearma are fascinating. Also, the Holy Roman Empire Mk. II is certainly one of the most fascinating and all around best dressed (armor wise) countries the world has offered.
  6. These are all pretty fantastic. I especially likes the takes on Nah, Bernadetta, and the Black Knight. Keep up the great work.
  7. I'd say to some degree. I took the idea of Europe being such a powder keg and repurposed it into the stress of the two nations at the edge of war. I also based the main nation off the Renaissance era Holy Roman Empire, including groups like the Landsknecht, and the other nation being based off of 1600s era Poland with a heavy dose of Russia, and the Hussars playing a large role on that side.
  8. No bathing in the public fountain. (Like seriously, what possesses some people?)
  9. Another important character from the Oracle of Veles. Sir Torrel, a longtime friend of Vallora, and a master tactician. His story can be found here.
  10. I realized that some people may be self conscious about leaving their feedback on the main topic, so I thought I'd put one here. Here's a quick excerpt from the main topic. The main topic can be found here, and feel free to reply to it as well. http://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/90145-fire-emblem-the-oracle-of-veles/ Click to choose files Max total size 7.52MB ยท Max file size 2MB Insert other media
  11. Nice. I've always liked sprite art and this is definitely a good example of it, on top of being a unique idea.
  12. Update 5 Added: Edit to the end of Chapter 15 Chapters 21 and 22 A new second generation character.
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