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  1. Suikoden II is a hard bop: fantastic characters, amazing soundtrack, and a badass plot!
  2. Well specifically with Berkut I just really love his voice acting and overall character. I don't really know much to say other than that about him, I've always enjoyed the more egotistical and "insane" characters/villians in the franchise so seeing one that was all of that and understandable is refreshing. In terms of his general character I think he's pretty well written, he was raised as the heir to Rigel so naturally when that's taken from him his entire life is shattered. I like Fernand for generally the same reason, I think a lot of fiction in general is quick to say "noble bad" whereas he shows how they're people too, and how their negative actions have much more unintential whiplash. It's the same reason I like Ferdinand and Lorenz too, more the former.
  3. I mean, it's really subjective. I know I'm not for experimentation but that doesn't make either of us right or wrong.
  4. I agree with your main point. It's best there isn't a best route To answer this question specifically, the answer is the question. They're hard decisions. People are afraid because of the implication of a finite wrong decision and it's lasting repurcussions. I mean obviously this is a video game and you can replay it multiple times, but it's also the reason I and a lot of people play certain games with a guide, to make sure you don't miss out on anything.
  5. They're my favorite villians in the series... 😥
  6. Hector, Alm, and Leif all fit this description as well. You say a lot about how Ike is the only/first lord to be developed in a certain way or act in a certain way, and it's really not true, but whatevs. I'm done talking about this, I am uninformed about PoR and RD's stories as that has become incredibly clear, so any debate/arguement I make is pretty much invalid, I just have subjective problems with PoR, and I thought that I stressed that a ton but apparently not enough. PoR is a good game, Ike is a good character, they just fall short in my opinion. I have more objective problems with RD though, but it's more about the gameplay/pacing than the story and subjective stuff.
  7. Makalov. Love the man with all my heart, shit heads like him are very refreshing among the sea of complex=good characters.
  8. Ehhhhhhh... Whatever, I'm not gonna argue about anything Elincia or Celica based anymore, my opinion hasn't changed. I don't think Alm is a Mary Sue. I also think SoV was competely fine in its writing overall. As for how much I paid attention, not much really. I thought the story was really boring an I never felt attached to any of the characters. Ike's generic personality didn't really help that. At least Alm was really well voice acted and a little goofy at times, making him more likeable IMO. It really just comes down to preference here. I don't like PoR or RD, or the characters really. But they aren't objectively bad. (Kinda)
  9. I wouldn't say the manster arc is the best part it's one of the better parts, but I think the game get's really fun when you get to experiment with different strategies, i.e. warp/rewarp staves. Also I don't entirely remember the Kaga BS surprises thing, I think a lot of people need to remember that this game, like the rest, was not intended to be played perfectly. A lot of mechanics and story elements fit this perfectly. While I can see why that deters some people, due to the developed fear of unit death and mistakes, I think Thracia handles it in a really good way. The BS surprises aren't to make you fail, rather keep you on your toes and remind you that sometimes you cant always be successful. However, this is all a matter of opinion.
  10. Thank you of informing me of all of this, I was not aware of most of this information. However I do think some of my points still stand Maybe I'm hearing this incorrectly, but to me these things happen to Celica as well, so saying they aren't at least repeated traits between them is a bit of a stretch. I left out the first part because I have nothing to say to it. That was a very good point. The first part isn't true at all. you make the mistake of saying that makes her a good character. What you mean is that it makes her a good person. What makes a god character is much more subjective, but I think it comes down to three main things, preference, impression, and expectation. So while I agree she's a good person who has grown, that doesn't really qualify as an enjoyabe character in my eyes. Rather, your second sentence explains perfectly why I like Celica. She has flaws. And she is able to overcome them, something I find much more enjoyable to read and think about because it's a much more realistic possibility. Also she sees two options, die, or die, but for something maybe, so I don't personally think her decision was horrible. I feel this just kind of lines up with what I said previously. Also, maybe I'm just not understanding, but if she doesn't want to rule, and doesn't think she can, then why does she? I get it, the whole daughter of the king thing, but it just seems irresponsible to put her on the throne fundamentally. Also, Celica is also seeking out Mila to save pretty much everybody, because no one can grow any crops, at all, so Alm is just a side objective for her. Celica starting right off the bat isn't a bad thing. Elincia joining later shows growth and fits her character kinda, but Celica being reckless and fighting immediatly fits her in her own way. Just like Alm she's reckless in her own goals, hers are driven more towards peace, however she's just as reckless. Which is why they're both necessary. Their recklessness is their connecting bond as characters. Alm charges into war, whereas Celica charges into her own individual conflicts. I feel at the end of the day it comes down to preference here. I don't like Elincia because of how successful she is against all of her odds, because some of them just shouldn't be surpassable. I actually would have prefered it if she sucked at ruling, but how she ends up being fine at it just doesn't really fit my tastes. On the other hand Celica messes up. A lot. And so does Alm. Though not as much, which I will agree with is an issue, however I think if you get Mathilda killed it vastly increases the games quality of story and makes a lot more sense. (Sorry Mathilda.) The whole growth thing is reall good, I do like characters who grow over the story to become better versions of themselves, however I prefer when its done through failure rather than success. Leif gets captured, almost rendering his efforts useless, and gets one of his closest allies killed. At the end of the day it's opinion, and while I still dislike Elincia, I am glad you informed me about her character more.
  11. Next time you'll see me post here is when we're at 802,700! 34,205 For now...
  12. It's one of the few FE games that I feel allows for real unique problem solving and planning. The two routes allow for different characters each playthrough, and crusader scrolls allow for you to customize units in a way that doesn't really feel cheap. PCC adds a new layer of strength to units, and build as a stat with a growth and the capture mechanic allows for otherwise "useless" units to be useful as well as completey new strategies and playstyles. Each character is viable and the game is fairly balanced, sure, some units are better than others, and some chapters are a little annoying, but if you want you can use really unique strategies to complete them. Warp staffs are the most abundant they've been in the series which allows for unique positioning and really fun ideas. Plus, though the story isn't much, for what it is it's really good. Every playthrough you find out a new way to play, and it's easily one of the most replayable games in the franchise, with its large cast that can all be used and extreme amount of possibilities. (Also movement and leadership stars are muey bueno, and it has the best execution of thieves in the franchise IMO.)
  13. While I would love a Thracia remake that won't be happening without a Genealogy one happening first, which i don't think is their priority. If I could choose a realistic remake I would absolutely love a FE6 remake. It makes sense given Roy's popularity, it would get a lot of people interested purely from smash too. I would love a Thracia remake though. I'm actually writing a concept piece for what it would and should be like, so I think if done right it could be amazing, however I can see IS messing it up very badly, so I'm honestly hesitant. Yes please. I would love this, but it could also be hilarious as an April Fools joke.
  14. This isn't necessarily a critique of the game, just a personal issue. I think the designs are just really akward, and the only ones that really stand out to me are the realy unique ones like Makalov and Stephen. The red and green cavaliers are a staple of the franchise that I want to exist forever, but I thin Oscar and Keiran are the least standout of the bunch, at least in terms of design. They're the only simply red and green colored one since Cain and Abel, every other group was at least a bit different including the closest ones (Alec and Lance) had just enough weird coloration to make them stand out. Also I personally really like SoV's designs, and I think Awakening has some gems, like the armor is weird but at least it's consistent among it's characters, and the faces and hair stood out, whereas in PoR I doubt I could name the entire cast. It's supposed to be a ragtag bunch of people, but oddly enough I feel a good majority are kinda barely not interesting enough. This part is entirely my opinion though so I don't hold it agaisnt the game, just a preference. I could care less about if she got with Ike or not, he's one of my least favorite lords in the franchise. I'm more annoyed by how she's just such a basc character. Just another peace loving female written by IS sadly. And those never really turn out well. Celica is just a better done version of her imo, showing her naivety and poor decision making skills in an understandable way, rather than how Elincia is just kinda, "ruled poorly offscreen lol, rebellion time." Yeah Radiant Dawn has a lot of issues in my opinion. Lack of supports and reliance on PoR to give you information is a pretty big issue. I get it's a sequel, but years have passed, so there is plenty of material there. It has the balls to try something new, but the new things just aren't very good, fundementally. In an rpg about exp management and strategy, having a major concept being skipping around between multiple groups with varying levels of strength and practically constant unit variation is a pretty big issue. If you were playing the game for the first time you could put a lot of investment into a character, particularly one of the new ones because they are new and not just one of the many many many same characters, just to have them turn out unviable because the game doesn't allow for them to be is really frustrating. Plus the story is pretty bad in my opinion. The only new mechanic that I find positive is the inclusion of third tier classes, because it's always nice to see units get better, even if this game doesn't really encourage growth.
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