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  1. +1 Gigz – A wonderful trading partner with great service and everything packaged with care. Thank you so much! +1 astriferous_gem – Couldn't have asked for a better trade experience! Such a joy getting to trade with someone so helpful, thorough, and accommodating, especially given the scope of the trade. Thank you for everything! +1 Interlude37 – My second trade with the best trading partner there ever could be! Unparalleled generosity, kindness, and thoughtful service in every way. Thank you so much again for everything! +1 Zenakku - Second time trading, good experience both times. Thanks!
  2. Congratulations @FireFenrir!!! Those pulls are AWESOME, I'm so happy for you πŸ˜„ It's wonderful how the luck was in your favor to get that Marth SR+ you wanted so much, and the card indeed looks very beautiful. Still sad to think about it ending, but at least it's ending strong, with Cipher really giving us some amazing final pulls!
  3. Yeah, they're really awesome! They deliver so much more than just game news with all the special features and art/comic sections. I know I'll enjoy looking back at them over the years as well. Definitely too good not to share, and the fact that doing so brought back those fun memories for you makes me really happy that I did πŸ˜„
  4. A little late on my part, but happy final set release, everyone! Currently my β€œhaves” are only for trades, as I'm still not interested in selling until after I've obtained more of my wanted cards. Note these don't all need to be 1-for-1 trades, as I can totally work with ones that involve paying the difference. However, for my β€œwants,” I'm very open to either trade or purchase (with one trade-only exception right now). So even if you're only interested in selling, please reach out to me if you have at least a handful of my wants, and hopefully we can work something out! Have: Want: Thanks for taking a look!
  5. Yes, it was so very exciting! And true, there have been a lot of excellent pulls all around it seems. I really hope the best for your box as well!
  6. Thanks!! And haha, it's both a blessing and a curse to buy for the art. While I do play Cipher IRL using fan translations, it's the art that I love the most, and that's the part that can be difficult to pace myself not to buy too much! But if you can manage, then I can say that I personally don't have any regrets, with a binder full of beautiful art to cherish, especially those of my favorite characters.
  7. @Lance23 Congrats on a wonderful box!! I can see why you're so hyped for Ike, and the golden "Aether" on his card looks amazing. @Kirie With you being someone who's been around for Cipher all this time, I can imagine. I hope your pulls were everything you hoped for, and I'll definitely be looking forward to your farewell piece! - My boxes also came in yesterday, and I'm finally awake enough to post about them. Yesterday was a very busy yet very exciting day! I preordered 6 boxes to try and acquire the whole Lord SR set, and I nearly succeeded! Pulled every SR but one, so not bad at all. And then the real highlight was in the 2nd box, where I couldn't believe my eyes: Byleth SR+!!! My only SR+ I pulled this time, but given how crazy expensive he is and how I never could've gone for him otherwise, I couldn't be happier. Before the set came out, I was sure that out of the 8 SR+, he's the only one I wanted to pull, so it's amazing that it actually ended up happening. I'll treasure him forever as what will probably be my final SR+ pull, given the rest of my money toward Cipher will likely be buying singles not boxes. I'm going to miss this kind of experience so much, but I'm so grateful to have had it! Here are pics of all my R/SR pulls together, as I didn't take pictures of individual boxes aside from my 2nd box: Just Eirika to go!! I also am going against my better judgment to try and acquire enough Chroms, Robins, and Alfonses for a playset in addition to my binder copies. No clue if I'll be able to pull it off, but here's hoping! I also have most of my R playsets complete too, with plenty of extra to trade πŸ˜„
  8. I'm glad you enjoyed them, and I know, it was a wonderful surprise to see this much! Makes me so happy to see it celebrated to this extent. And yes, I do wish I knew enough Japanese to translate, both for the Claude interview and the Cipher comic. Maybe years later I'll be fluent enough to try, but for now I'll just be content to appreciate how everything looks, haha.
  9. Right, the current situation has definitely made it difficult to play outside of Lackey. Well that sounds like a good plan, and I hope it's not too long before you get the opportunity to try things out!
  10. In celebration of Cipher's final set release, I wanted to share with everyone my scans from the recent Nintendo Dream and Dengeki Nintendo magazines I received. I wish I had been getting some of these magazines all along, because even if importing them is a bit of a hassle, I'm such a nerd that seeing all of the stuff I love (from Fire Emblem to Pokemon to Undertale) in physical magazines is just too perfect. All the better that Claude is one of my favorites, and these both came packaged with Cipher cards! I didn't scan everything Cipher-related, but the pages I'm leaving out are mostly reveals that we had already seen for a while. I figured it'd be better to just share what I found to be the highlights! I'm a bit of an amateur at scanning and also I had to size the images down, but it still seems like everything turned out well. First, the Nintendo Dream magazine not only included the Senri Kita Claude promo card, but also this gorgeous full page of the art both finished and as a work-in-progress. It's part of a collection of several wonderful pages worth of interviewing Claude's Japanese voice actor, which I really wish I could translate. Anyway, turning to this page felt like opening a Cipher artbook: It also has a page featuring a fully built Edelgard deck, which came as quite a surprise! I've seen official built decks from cards within the booster boxes, but I didn't know magazines built them. If anyone can't read the numbers and wants to know the quantities, let me know and I'll happily transcribe it! I love this deck for having a balance between the three house leaders, and I definitely plan to try it out on Lackey sometime: Then, Dengeki Nintendo has an entire 4 page comic dedicated to Cipher, featuring the first 4 Cipher OCs as well as Poe and Faye. We also got a tiny panel of Chrom and Robin (m) at the start, which I found both cute and a little funny, since I'd been hoping for them to share something in Cipher together and at least here they kind of did: That's about it for Cipher-specific pages, but as a bonus, here are two more sections from the Nintendo Dream. I scanned the first because a Fire Emblem fanart section in a magazine is just too cool (plus the one of Yuri and Claude together is a fun choice), and the second because Claude's voice actor clearly has so much passion for his role and I loved seeing this part with his signature (like on his B18 SR+):
  11. Hmm, well the thread will still be here for sure, but there's a good chance it'll become inactive without new card reveals for people to talk about. Still, after we all have a chance to put our pulls here, I'd be happy to update the title to make this into a general discussion thread (so more than just B21/B22), just in case people do still want to talk about Cipher here! It was my pleasure! I've loved being able to update and discuss with everyone, and I'm so glad that this thread was well-received. I'm definitely going to miss it with how soon things have ended. If you do make a custom set, I'd be very interested in hearing about it, if you'd be interested in sharing! You have some great ideas as a TCG player. For example, I really enjoyed your earlier idea to make an all-Green cube and tried it myself with the person I play with. It was great learning the different ways of drafting a cube, and we both had so much fun with the resulting decks!
  12. We now have our final card reveals: Colorless Wrys, Claude (Jugdral), a 2nd Miranda, and the previously art-only Kyza. Once again Cipher catches me completely off guard, and sad to say for the last time. I never would've seen Wrys or Claude (Jugdral) coming at all, and while I certainly would've preferred new characters in those slots, I still think it's neat that we get to have Claude (Jugdral) and Claude (Fodlan) in the same set. With Kyza as Green and with these two new Yellow cards, we did end up getting 14+ of every color when you combine White/Black/WhiteBlack (which I did account for) and count RedBlue as Blue rep (which I honestly forgot to do). Cool that it's one more than the 13 from last time, really feels like they spread the rep well between the colors. I love how it's all organized in the set by game too, with the spin-offs being placed after the mainline games. I really am going to miss all of the hype and speculation and new card reveals. It's been a great run, and thanks to everyone who took part in it too. For those of you getting B22 boxes, I wish you all the best of luck in your pulls! Hopefully we can all get the cards we're looking for πŸ˜„ Oh and feel free to post your pulls on here like last time if you'd like, that was a lot of fun!
  13. And with that, we're officially done with Cipher livestreams. It's taken months for it to fully sink in for me that Cipher's ending, and now that it has, I can't shake how sad I am to see it go. But what a beautiful run Cipher has had these past five years. The most emotional parts for me were seeing the heartfelt works that the Cipher artists submitted to celebrate the series, as well as how the voice actors and team were tearing up in the final goodbyes. I especially loved Chinatsu's fantastic art of Byleth (f) as Enlightened One (everything I would've wanted for her as an SR this set), and the heartwarming glow in Sachiko Wada's stunning art of Florina, Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector together. The hosts of these livestreams always radiate such joy, and I can't believe this'll be the last time of seeing them like this. I'm just so grateful for those in every department who worked so hard to contribute to this series and made it as special as it is! The hosts and the celebration of Cipher really were the highlights, so there's not as much to talk about with the other reveals. I did like how they revealed the final cards for the Cipher OCs, as well as showing the full art of the Elibe Legendary spread. Also, Three Houses did get its last playable character after all with Gilbert. Can't say I'm particularly thrilled about the maid/butler paired art, but I do know it's a clear and fair parallel to the ninja paired art, so no complaints there. Though I'll admit I'm not totally over missing the perfect opportunity to have paired art for Chrom and Robin (especially since Robin's two versions can't be an excuse, with how they've favored one version for Byleth in getting to share art with the lords). But both have gotten great solo cards both in the past and this set, so still no complaints. In the end, this week's most hype reveal for me was prior to the livestream, with the Byleth (m) SR+ art. I may have known he was getting one, and part of me was even expecting the house leaders to be in it (though I was torn about the idea, since I knew it could make me want yet another expensive card, haha). But to actually see it. Wow. I won't even mind if I never get it, it turned out incredibly beautiful for all four of them, and I'm just so happy it exists! Though of course, I do hope I can luck out one more time to pull one in my boxes. At this point we've now seen 111 cards total, only 2 of which are art-only now (Kyza and Narcian). Leaving 4 cards to be entirely new reveals! One of the remaining should be an R, since we only have 17 Rs compared to B17's 18 R count, and we already match B17 in having a 16 SR count. And for other B17 standards, I previously noted how it had 13 be the rule for the non-colorless/new color cards, but for B22, it looks like they may have used 13 as the minimum instead. Red is already confirmed to have 15 and White/Black/WhiteBlack combined have 16. Assuming Kyza is indeed Green, this leaves only Blue and Yellow just shy of 13. Meaning we only need 1 more Blue and 1 more Yellow for every color to at least have the 13 they had in B17, with some colors getting more cards beyond that.
  14. Oh, gotcha! Part of my confusion was that unlike Cipher, FE Heroes updated in Japan around the same time it normally does, but it's not unusual for official accounts to handle holidays differently. Anyway, thanks for letting me know! And definitely, I hope so as well! More new additions to Cipher are always welcome. EDIT: Speaking of character additions, Medeus!! Not the colorless version I briefly theorized, but having him introduced in his game's color is only right. His first effect is a really fun twist to Marth and co's MC swapping, and after how much I enjoyed making my Ashnard boss decks, I'll definitely enjoy trying to make an endgame Medeus deck work too.
  15. Okay wow, today's reveals totally took me off guard. Not just because there haven't been reveals the past two days (anyone know what was up with that? I was so lost), but because Azura SR...Like I was certain the 16th SR reveal would be WhiteBlack, and I was pretty certain we'd get an SR+ since it's the only color to not have one confirmed (or implied like Byleth (m). But I thought given Corrin (f)'s popularity and long history of getting SRs in Cipher that they'd double down with one of her. It would be pretty wild to me if Corrin (f) didn't get a card at all in the final set, but so far, we actually don't have any doubles of the avatars. Only Kris (f), Robin (f), Corrin (m), and Byleth (m). So it might actually be possible. Wonder if that's all we're getting, or if they'll surprise us with cards for the alternate versions of the popular Robin, Corrin, and Byleth. Also, the final livestream's this Saturday and we still have 17 completely new cards to reveal, plus 8 that are art-only right now. Can't wait to see what other surprises are in store, as I'm sure we'll be in for a good time with those reveals!
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