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  1. No regrets. I love my girl. My votes on my alt were all for Marth.
  2. Being predictable despite knowing she has zero chance, I am voting F!Kris. I have also roped my family into voting for her.
  3. Has an avatar of Minerva. (and it's glorious.)
  4. Banned for making me read all that, as entertaining as it was
  5. All of these are so good, I'm so glad that there's good things happening to y'all out there! Really lifts my spirits.
  6. So I've had a really, really bad time this last month or so. Finals, my friend got into a near-fatal accident, stress, and I am currently severely ill once again and can't leave my bed. I'm just kind of sick of feeling bad and not hearing any good news, so I want to hear about anything good that's happening in your life right now. Anything- even a small event that brought you some joy.
  7. Banned for having a cute avatar
  8. Is apparently somewhere I don't expect them to be
  9. Has an actual location as their location. Also @Emerson it's from this video, since you were curious!
  10. Chrom. I took one look at that nice swordsman and I think I fell in love a bit.
  11. Has a very nice quote (I'm assuming) in the signature
  12. Screenname is named after a Pokemon
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