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  1. After 700 orbs, I pulled F!Kris 11 times and now have a +10, +Speed. Still have 600+ orbs...maybe I should go for the male one, too.
  2. Banned for being polite and checking in on someone else
  3. I think this is the first time I've felt actually happy in months. 1300+ orbs ready for my girl!
  4. Is at the heart of at least three conspiracy theories.
  5. Only a little over a week, actually!
  6. Being bored in quarantine, I purchased some yarn and needles and decided to learn to crochet! I've never really crocheted too much before, so this is my first project. I have trouble reading patterns so I free handed it, mostly, and I think it came out pretty nice for my first project!
  7. I went Jagen. He seems like the kind of guy to be a good teacher
  8. I was supposed to go to a Vocaloid concert this month, but it got delayed because of the virus. I'm pretty bummed about it.
  9. The overall OST for Fire Emblem is amazing Robin is cool Both the older games and newer games have good elements FE13 is good and a nice starting point And I guess this is less with the spirit of the thread and more just me being basic but: Any character can be viewed as good under the right lens/by someone out there.
  10. Alright, I've got a good one. I'm homeschooled now, but I used to go to a private school. Mr. G was my old math teacher. So five years before my freshman year, there was a student who filled Mr. G's room with oranges. In the ceiling. In desks. Cabinets. Everywhere. Over the years, Mr. G has gotten rid of most of the oranges. But occasionally, one crops up. So it was a boring day in Algebra 1. My classmate found an orange in the podium, five years old at that point. It was hard as a rock and quite frankly an abomination. Now, none of us wanted to do homework that day, so we started talking about the orange. "Mr. G," she asked, "what do you think it looks like inside?" "Let's find out!" Mr. G said. "I'll get a knife from the cafeteria." Another classmate volunteered. Mr. G told him no. "We need something stronger." And I fricking. Kid. You. Not. This old dude pulls a fricking AXE out of his desk drawer. Not a small one. A full sized axe out of his DESK DRAWER. He raises it up, and smashes it down on the orange. Moldy orange goes everywhere. The walls. The desk. The ceiling. First classmate is covered in it. We all just stare at it (and smell the truly bizarre smell of mold and citrus) and then just. Mr. G looks sadly, and in a very small voice, goes "oh. it made a mess..." He puts away the axe and goes back to the lesson. Like nothing happened.
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