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  1. So... I'm working on a new team for my dear old L!Ike and I think I found a good synergy with Soren, B!Lucina and Peony. However, It's a very expensive team, so I wanted to ask your opinion: (Hope this is the right topic since it's the only one avaiable for me) L!Ike (Neutral Ivs) Weapon: Ragnell Support Skill: Reposition Special Skill: Radiant Aether A Skill: Warding Breath B Skill: Special Spiral 3 C Skill: Even Atk Wave 3 Saced Seal: Close Defense 3 Soren (Neutral Ivs) Weapon: Wind's Brand (+Eff) Support Skill: Swap Special Skill: Moonbow A Skill: Fury 3 B Skill: Chill Spd 3 C Skill: Joint Hone Speed Saced Seal: Atk/Spd Bond 3 B!Lucina (-Atk +Spd) Weapon: Geirskögul (+Eff) Support Skill: Reposition Special Skill: Luna A Skill: Fury 3 B Skill: Chill Def 3 C Skill: Drive Spd 2 Saced Seal: Drive Spd 2 Peony (Neutral Ivs) Weapon: Flower of Joy Support Skill: Gentle Dream Special Skill: Luna A Skill: Triangle Adept 3 B Skill: Aerobatics 3 C Skill: Spur Atk/Spd 2 Saced Seal: Chill Res 3 L!Ike is the leader of the team with a classic Mixed Phase Special Spiral 3 build, but with Close Defense instead of Quick Riposte: the strategy here is to boost L!Ike's speed to secure Radiant Aether even in Player Phase and take less damege at all. I'll have to keep Soren near him and maybe B!Lucina in order to activate Joint Hone Speed, Wind's Brand effect and Atk/Spd bond. B!Lucina is not supposed to fight at all but she can boost both L!Ike and Soren. Peony is here to even more support through dance and boosts. Joint Hone Speed + double Drive Spd 2 + Geirskögul + Flower of Joy is a +17 speed for L!Ike, total speed 47. My fastest unist are Kronya and Claude with 42 speed so... 47 should be enough to double in a lot of scenarios and I'm not counting Spur Atk/Spd 2. For the last slot I also considered Naga (Fury 3, Chill Speed 3, Divine Fang) or W!Eirika (Fort. Res 3, Wings of Mercy, Atk Opening) instead of Peony. What do you think? Is it good? Improvable? Or it's completely trash?
  2. Thank you very much, this is all I need to know. Ugh... I forgot about that base stat... Maybe Sylvain is a better alternative? He has 40% Charm, 7 at base and I can recruit him for free. Ferdinand is difficult to recruit and Bernadetta has 35% Charm. I need Ingrid as an Adjutant and Marianne as a Bishop. There is no one else available with a profiency in riding. My final verdict for Raphael is... no, I won't use him. However I don't think is THAT bad overall, but... it's true: he needs a lot to become good. I already have 10 combat units and a dancer so, in the end, aside from "he's good" or "he's bad" I think I can't make him good at all because I have objectivily better units to train and Raph needs more than them. Still, he and Iggy can be useful as rally bots sometimes.
  3. All right, I read every post and I made some decisions, but I also have new questions. -Byleth won't have Reason Prowess, I'll give her Death Blow instead. (And keep her Enlighted One for Restore) -Can I ask for a good set of skills for Claude and Seteth? The latter will substitute Ferdinand... maybe -Lysithea will be a Dark Knight with Hit +20 instead of Defiant Magic (I'm surprised... she's THAT inaccurate on maddening) -Commander: "Nullifies instant death effects, status effects, and movement effects, and greatly reduces damage from enemy gambits" So... skill debuff count as "status effect"... I didn't know that. I guess Seal Speed is rather useless then. Death Blow is a good alternative? -I really want to use my big boy Raphael... but it seems he's the only one "decent" in a group of good characters. However, if I use him, he will be a Grappler with Fierce Iron Fist -As for Leonie... I changed my mind: Death Blow is (again) better, especially for the accuracy. What can I choose over Defiant Speed? -Petra will be a Wyvern Lord with Axes and... should I replace Lethality with lancebreaker? (Useful for even more avoid). I also have an empty slot without Sword Avoid +20. Alternatives? -Grappler Felix with Fierce Iron Fist looks good. Skill set: Brawling Prowess Lv.5, Bow Prowess Lv.3/4 (I tend to use bows with Felix even if I prefer Grappler), Brawl Critical +10, Death Blow and... Hit +20? - I'll drop Cyril, beacause... I, Random Schemer, have a dream: DANCER LORENZ. 😎 He has a profiency in riding for Movement +1 and he's mediocre for combat in maddening. I'll have to grind a lot... but as long as it is for intermidiate classes is fine.
  4. Thank you for the advises. - I think I need some magic power because I only have Lysithea and something on Marianne so Byleth is the only option but... I think i'll go Levin Sword. -I completely forgot that Fallen Star only works one round... I'll drop Battalion wrath then. -Dark Knight Lysithea looks interesting... -Seal speed is an option for Player Phase against some bosses, not enemy phase. -On my last playthrough (Blue Lions maddening) Fortress Knight Dedue wasn't so bad... but onestly, I chose Fortress Knight because i thaught I need at least one physical tank, but I really like Grappler Raphael so... maybe I'll go for it -I'm not sure about Leonie... she as 70% grow rate in speed and by midgame it should be enough to double, especially with Darting Blow, and double at range is better than +5 strength. Point-Blank Volley as 1 range and is not what Leonie as to do mainly... as a Bow Knight (on my last playthrough my Felix was able to double as a Swordmaster) -I used Seteth on my last playthrough and... he became good only with Swift Strike. Ferdinand also has Swift Strike so I can train him in lances and... with only one dodgetank and no physical tanks i don't have many option to draw enemies so i'm not sure... Also, isn't dodgetank Ferdiand better than Seteth? As for the avoid Seteth never had less than 40% when I used him, he was good in combat, but he was also a bit frail physically on maddening. -Sword Prowess Lv. 5 + Sword Avoid +20 isn't more than Axe Prowess Lv. 5 (lance would be too much long to train) and Avoid +10? I don't remember but maybe there isn't much difference. Who I can make a dancer? (I need that white magic heal +10 on Marianne) -I tried to be "creative" with Felix xD but I like the standard Grappler way over Swordmaster since Astra isn't very effective... -Cyril as Wyvern Lord archer was one of my best units when I used him. I can do it again. Wrath vantage sniper was a little experimental -In my BL route i managed to train 12 units and... I think that 9/10 would be optimal -As for the battalions no need to worry, I use them a lot. I forgot to write something about them. -As for mastery skills, again, no need to worry: in training maps there is often at least one healer with only a few nosfetatus and... renewal. I isolate him and he became harmless after all his uses. Then i use a broken weapon in order to not kill him and even a miss count as class experience. Without animations it doesn't take much and there are 99 turns until the game over. Maybe this isn't enough for master classes but it is for advanced ones. Sorry if I make some mistakes in english (i'm italian).
  5. Hello everyone! I created a team for my next run in Three Houses (Golden Deer) on NG+ and I'm looking for advises. (I'm a new member of Serenes Forest so I hope this is the right topic) 1) Byleth (F) (Mixed utility) Class: Commoner --> Myrmidon --> Pegasus Knight --> Enlighted One Main Weapons: Sublime Creator Sword//Magic// Item: Evasion Ring Skills: Professor's Guidance+, SwordFaire/Terrain Resistance, Sword Prowess Lv.5/Reason Prowess Lv.3/Authority Prowess Lv5/Darting Blow/Sacred Power Combat Arts: Windseep/Bane of Monsters/Curved Shot/Sublime Heaven 2) Claude (Player phase ranged nuke or Enemy phase Fallen Star + Battallion Wrath sweep) Class: Noble --> Fighter --> Brigant --> Wyvern Master --> Barbarossa Main Weapons: Failnaught/Killer Bow+/Bow of Zoltan+ Item: Golden Deer Bracelet Skills: Leicester Lineage+, Charm/Bowfaire/Canto, Bow Prowess Lv.5/Authority Prowess Lv.5/Close Counter/Death Blow/Battalion Wrath Combat Arts: Monster Blast/Encloser/Wind God/Fallen Star 3) Lysithea (MAGIC IS EVERYTHING) Class: Noble --> Monk --> Mage --> Warlock --> Gremory Main Weapons: /Magic/ Item: Thyrsus Skills: Mastermind, Black Magic Uses x2/Dark Magic Uses x2/White Magic Usesx2, Reason Prowess Lv.5/Faith Prowess Lv.5/Black Magic Range +1/Fiendish Blow/Defiant Magic Combat Arts: /None/ 4) Hilda (Wrath+Vantage and Speed debuff) Class: Noble --> Fighter --> Myrmidon --> Warrior --> Wyvern Lord Main Weapons: Freikugel/Killer Axe+ Item: Accuracy Ring Skills: Advocate, Axefaire/Avoid +10/Canto, Axe Prowess Lv.5/Seal Speed/Vantage/Wrath/Defiant Critical Combat Arts: Smash/Helm Splitter/Diamond Axe/Apocalyptic Flame 5) Raphael (Physical tank + healing options) Class: Commoner --> Fighter --> Armored Knight --> Fortress Knight --> War Master --> Fortress Knight Main Weapons: Brave Axe+/Axe of Ukonovasara/Silver Gauntlets+ Item: Ochain Shield Skills: Goody Basket, Axefaire/Weight -5, Axe Prowess Lv.5/Fist Prowess Lv.5/Armored Blow/Pavise/Quick Riposte Combat Arts: Smash/Draining Blow/Healing Focus 6) Leonie (Speedy archer with range and movement) Class: Commoner --> Soldier --> Pegasus Knight --> Sniper --> Bow Knight Main Weapons: Killer Bow+/Brave Bow+ Item: Speed Ring Skills: Rivalry, Bowfaire/Bowrange +2/Canto, Bow Prowess Lv.5/Authority Prowess Lv.3/Movement +1/Darting Blow/Defiant Speed Combat Arts: Curved Shot/Break Shot/Point-Blank Volley 7) Marianne (Healer, magic tank and magic damage) Class: Noble --> Monk --> Mage --> Bishop Main Weapons: Blutgang/Levin Sword//Magic// Item: Cadeceus Staff/Healing Staff/Hexlock Shield Skills: Animal Friend, White Magic Heal +10/White Magic Uses x2/Terrain Resistance, Sword Prowess Lv.3/Faith Prowess Lv.5/White Magic Range +1/Fiendish Blow/Renewal Combat Arts: Wrath Strike/Soulblade/Beast Fang 8) Ferdinand (Avoid Tank 1) Class: Noble --> Fighter --> Brigant --> Wyvern Rider --> Wyvern Lord Main Weapons: Axe od Zoltan+/Brave Axe+ Item: Evasion Ring Skills: Confidance, Axefaire/Avoid +10/Canto, Axe Prowess Lv.5/Authority Prowess Lv.3/Lancebreaker/Alert Stance+/Seal Speed Combat Arts: Shatter Slice/Smash/Focused Strike 9) Petra (Avoid Tank 2) Class: Noble --> Myrmidon --> Thief --> Assassin/Dancer Main Weapons: Wo Dao+/Cursed Ashiya Sword+/Killing Edge+ Item: Evasion Ring Skills: Hunter's Boon, Swordfaire/Stealth/Locktouch, Sword Prowess Lv.5/Bow Prowess Lv.3/Alert Stance+/Sword Avoid +20/Lethality Combat Arts: Finesse Blade/Curved Shot/Waning Shot 10) Felix (Player Phase Nuke: 4 consecutive hits with gautlets + chance of crit. With Defiant Strength he should be able to KO like... the 90% of the enemies as long as he doesn't miss) Class: Noble --> Myrmidon --> Brigant --> Cavlier --> Hero --> War Master Main Weapons: Killer Knuckles+/Killer Bow+ Item: March Ring Skills: Lone Wolf, Axefaire/Fistfaire/Critical +20, Fist Prowess Lv.5/Bow Prowess Lv.3/Death Blow/Desperation/Defiant Strength Combat Arts: Fading Blow/Nimble Combo/Curved Shot 11) Shamir (Critical machine, she's the only one able to unlock Bow critical +10 early on and... I prefer bows over swords and she has more dex. Sorry Catherine) Class: Sniper --> Brigant --> Sniper Main Weapons: The Inexhaustible/Killer Bow+ Item: Critical Ring Skills: Survival Instinct, Bowfaire/Bowrange +1, Bow Prowess Lv.5/Authority Prowess Lv.3/Bow Critical +10/Bowfaire/Death Blow Combat Arts: Curved Shot/Heavy Draw/Monster Blast/Huneter's Volley 12) Cyril (Another Wrath Vantage but with 3 range so he can counter mages/snipers...) Class: Commoner --> Fighter --> Mercenary --> Warrior --> Sniper Main Weapons: Killer Bow+/Killer Axe+ Item: Critical Ring Skills: Aptitude, Bowfaire/Bowrange +1, Bow Prowess Lv.5/Axe Prowess Lv.5/Close Counter/Vantage/Wrath Combat Arts: Helm Splitter/Curved Shot/Point Blank-Volley/Hunter's Volley Is it good? Let me know your thoughts. (Sorry for the long post)
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