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  1. Done a poor job holding onto any orbs this month so far, but managed to grab some new 5* units without getting high pity rates on any of April's banners. Didn't have a lot of orbs for spending on the Mythic banner, which was unfortunate since if I'd had more of a reserve I might have tried harder for any, forever forbidden copies of Legendary Edelgard, Freyja,or Bramimond. Still! Managed to grab Dagr (+Def -Spd) at just 8.50%, plus my first ever copy of Innes (+Res -Spd) in the same circle. Decided to leave it at that. With the Blazing Blade banner, got Louise (+Def -Atk) with my 14th pull, and then an awesome surprise with my 15th pull with my first ever copy of Karla (neutral IVs)! Then with the new Spring banner, I did get up to 4.00% but finally picked up BB!Severa (+Spd -Res), who was the main unit I particularly wanted from this banner. Now, time to stay disciplined for the eventual next round of Tellius stuff...
  2. Awesome! And yeah, makes sense, I was lucky to get pity-broken by Midori a couple times last year and gave Spendthrift/CloseFoil to Felix. Felix is also fun for me since I didn't have any ranged armors or bow units in general built up before, and because the funnest units for me are those whose kits need to be overhauled completely.
  3. I feel sort of absurd about Ena being available via Divine Codes in the next update since I already have her at +10 and could've saved 450 grails on my last copy. Do y'all think it's likely Felix will be available with Codes too a couple updates from now? I currently have him at +8 and would love to avoid having to fork over 500 grails for the last copy lol
  4. They look really fun! The Save skills are hilariously whacky, honestly pretty broken. I never grabbed Gustav but I did get Henriette, and like I said above Dedue too. The only thing with both of them is Dedue's Def flaw and Henriette's Res flaw, in addition to my being completely out of Trait Fruit, so I'd planned to fodder them once I figured out who should inherit their Save and A skills. AE!Edelgard I have at neutral +1 +4df so I'd tentatively planned to give her Dedue's skills even though I've generally used her in more of a PP Galeforce+HB4 style than as a tank. With Henriette's Far Save I've been unsure of who to eventually fodder her to, I'm thinking I'm missing a dedicated ranged armor tank, if such a unit exists (if only Fallen Lyon was armored).
  5. I spent most of March just saving for the AHR--and glad I did because that was the best luck I've ever had on a banner, with 7 5* pulls prior to Sparking! Afterwards I've tried to save again but inevitably I pulled a few times on some of the other banners, no complaints since I got a +HP -Def Dedue at 3.25%, a +Atk -Spd F!Kris after spending probably just 15-20 orbs overall on her rerun banner, and this morning pulled a free Flayn +HP -Def, which I could merge onto my +Atk +1 Flayn, but more wisely I'll probably try to finally build a double-Flayn super-tank type of team. Now I plan to just save a while, although I might try sniping green and maybe colorless on the upcoming banner since I'm still missing L!Edelgard, Bramimond and Freyja.
  6. Thank you! And hm, okay. Makes sense. The main reason I was thinking about building up TA!Plumeria was with AR-O in mind in particular, since I do have Peony but I've consistently been unable to grab any of the other Mythic dancers, so in Astra season I usually default to Hoshidan Micaiah as my dancer of choice. I know dancers almost always want to have WoM especially on large maps, but I was thinking maybe if I find myself using baiting strategies often that WoM might not be as useful as being able to debuff opponents just by existing. Then the Gap skill being able to avoid some of Tactic skills' risks related to Panic Manor? I guess it just feels like a weird situation where Anna could be good but would practically speaking be so hard to build/merge, while the merge from the free manual seems like a waste of potentially good--if niche--fodder just so she can end up with neutral Atk and a +Def asset that will serve no purpose as far as I can imagine.
  7. Is WW!Anna worth investing in? I sort of like her aesthetic and her niche as a Red Bow user, plus her skills seem good, but her seasonal status in addition to my copy of her being +Def -Atk has made me consider going the alternative route of foddering both the copy I have plus the manual of her available for 400 Divine Codes to someone--I was thinking maybe my +1 +HP TA!Plumeria, who could then double down on her Dance/Support role with Anna's Fortune Bow+, Sabotage Atk and Atk/Spd Gap. But I wasn't sure if this might be wasteful.
  8. I know she's probably been +10'd by others on this forum before, but posting mine I just finished building since she's only my 6th completed hero. This might not be the ideal build for her but I thought it would be fun, I gave her a bunch of stuff and decided to use Trait Fruit to salvage her speed. Foddered one of my 3 copies of Duo Lyn to her so she has SS3 in addition to Spd/Def Rein 3, Steady Stance 4, Atk/Spd Link 3, and Even Spd Wave 3 lol
  9. I'm so pleased with how this banner went for me, and I won't complain about my luck for once lol. I had 180 orbs (the most i've ever saved tbh) for this banner, and it took just 168 to spark while strictly pulling only on blue or colorless. 3rd summon: SK!Dimitri (+Def -HP) 10th summon: Seiros (new!) (+Atk -HP) 16th summon: SK!Dimitri (+HP -Spd) 24th summon: CoD!Corrin (new!) (+Def -HP) 29th summon: Seiros (+Res -Atk) 32nd summon: Maribelle (new!) (+Def -Spd) 38th summon: Duo Lyn (+HP -Def) 41st (Spark) summon: CoD!Corrin Oh and pulled a 3* Natasha for the first time ever at some point. Then additionally I pulled a 3* Altena, which was the last one I needed to make Altena my sixth +10 Hero (after Kronya, Sothe, Mordecai, Ena, and Tharja). Overall I was blown away by how well this went. Loose plans are to merge one of Seiros onto the other, fodder probably the neutral Corrin, and possibly merge one of Dimitri onto the +Def -Spd copy I already had, although I might possibly just fodder 2 Dimitris for Odd Tempest.
  10. I'm surprised/disappointed to hear that the PoR banner was unpopular. It feels like this board has a lot of love for Tellius--it's definitely my first and still favorite entry in the series--but is that not the case in the broader FEH fandom?
  11. Saving orbs for the AHR banner, so I haven't pulled at all for about a week or two (however long it takes to get 93 orbs as F2P, with the exception of the March special offer for the bonus Grails, which I needed for my seventh merge for Felix). That said I've been really pleased with my luck on free summons this month; I got my first Deirdre yesterday (+HP -Res but still) and a third Fallen Celica a few days before. I realized that I hadn't even built up F!Celica yet, so now she's my first Spurn tank after foddering off M!Kris for that plus his Joint Drive Atk. I love her deceptive bulkiness.
  12. That's probably one way I'm contributing to my own dissatisfaction, I rarely save up enough orbs to Spark with; Tellius was the last time I did so afa I at least had saved ~70-80 orbs for it. And I admittedly had really good luck there and managed to get all the Focus units through to the first Spark. Same with CYL4 minus Lysithea, whom I was also ambivalent towards. On the other hand I've missed out on Shamir (I probably had basically zero orbs at this time) or any version of Dorothea, who were the two characters I happened to have Byleth marry in my 3H playthroughs, and I've had no luck with a bunch of Mythics: no Lif, Freyja, Seiros, Plumeria, Triandra, Mila, Bramimond, Thrasir, or Duma, so my AR-Defense teams tend to get overrun (although Dark season fares better since I do have Sothis, Hel and Yune). I seem to have much better luck with Legendary heroes strangely, even though they are usually less enticing to try very hard for. I also tend to under-appreciate my good luck on banners and brood on bad luck lol. And I want to just communicate with this game somehow like, 'Okay I've wasted a bunch of orbs this month, IS, compensate me now.' I've never played other gachas longer than a day to inevitably be like, "eh, nope." I've read that FEH is way way more generous than other games as far as the rarity rates are concerned, in which case I've no idea how people have the patience for those games.
  13. As generous as Heroes is, the frustration of just bad dumb luck in summoning makes me want to quit lately. The back half of February and into March has been irritating, pulled and pulled on L!Claude's banner and the only 5* focus I got was Tiki, something like my least desired focus since I don't need Breath or Bold Fighter fodder at all tbh. I was also pretty thrilled about the new 4*->5* special category, but in what feels like 100 summons since the feature debuted I have only gotten Faye out of it. Ugh. Used the free summon and the Forging Bonds tickets while allowing myself to use orbs on any Blue in those circles, and I got nothing until I used the last ticket and managed to grab a copy of Tsubasa (strangely +HP -Atk, the same IVs as my original copy) and a copy of Apotheosis Anna (so now I've got two Annas to eventually fodder for their Joint Drive Spd) in the same session. Kinda cool to have pulled two *5 in one session (something I don't recall happening since mythic Altina's debut banner when I got 2 L!Marths in one session), but it's also not what I wanted from the banner obv. Plus I'm irked about Seiros losing in the VG lol. Like, damn it universe.
  14. I'm kinda glad Leonie isn't here since I'm completely out of orbs. Ingrid and Dedue are cool but this is a pretty easy skip with the AHR banner to save for.
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