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  1. Stealing's bugged right now, it used to work before. I'm sure rainlash's already aware of it, though I dunno when the next engine update will be.
  2. The Steal command isn't working. I select it, but nothing happens. This is even while the thief's speed is higher than the enemy's. Also for combat animations, a character's displayed name is being used when promoting instead of their id name.
  3. Is there a way to get rid of the particle effects in the title screen (it makes sense for Lion Throne but not so much when it's a different background that's not very fiery)? I thought the tutorial mentioned it, but it turned out that the tutorial didn't mention them at all and in fact left them there.
  4. Howl Ward doesn't look quite right in v0.9.3.7, the meteors all fall single file instead of being scattered. Edit: I just got this too during testing when I tried to Hex an enemy with Reflect and Resist Status (it was a final boss). Any suggestions for a temporary fix, or should I just wait for the next version?
  5. I have a question about map attacks. Is it possible to make one that goes in a straight line?
  6. Oh. That's unfortunate. I feel this hack shouldn't have been worked on for so long and should've already been done years ago, but what's done is done now.
  7. Something weird's going on. I made a new magic sword with a new spell and set it so that it's magic only at range (similar to Ulver's weapon) so that it'll still use the melee sword animation. It mostly works except for one thing: There's no melee animation and the combat defaults to map animations but only for that sword, regular swords show the melee animation just fine. I'm not sure what's going on, I'm pretty sure all that I copied from Ulver's weapon are still the exact same. I haven't updated yet from though, so that might be an issue. I'm planning to have this magic sword use custom animations anyway whenever the update comes out, so by then this whole thing might be a moot point.
  8. No one seems to have ripped this, or at least I couldn't find any. Anyway, I ripped this myself; mostly for my own purposes, but anyone's free to use it for their own as well. I take no credit for this; IS made the graphics, not me.
  9. ...it was so simple. How did I miss that? It's working all fine now, so thanks.
  10. What do these error messages mean? They've been mounting up as I implement more things, but I've been ignoring them since they don't seem to affect anything and the game still seems to run fine. That is until the one regarding a sage animation; whatever that error is, it's making the sage animation invisible. I've made it so that sages use both light and anima, and I used the staff animation for their light magic. The staff animation for the other sage types work just fine, but this one doesn't for some reason even though its script file appears no different at all from the ones that do work.
  11. Found a couple of things: - Promotions still look for the display name instead of the id for combat animations, causing the generic blue palette to be used while promoting. - If the combat is sped up and a unit promotes in that same combat, the promotion sequence is also sped up.
  12. I suppose I can wait for the update, I don't really need the animations right away. There's a lot of other things I gotta work on first.
  13. So, how exactly do I make a unique weapon animation (Durandal, Armads, etc.)? And is it possible to have separate melee and ranged animations for it?
  14. The message for discarding with a full inventory doesn't seem to be using the correct text and just says "Discard" over and over. Haven't tested if it's the same with a convoy enabled.
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