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  1. That fixed it, but now I think supports are suffering from a similar thing. This happens whenever I select a unit, friend or foe: As before, constants.ini has "supports = 0" and both support text files have nothing defined.
  2. I'm moving my stuff to v0.9, and I've hit a snag when trying to go directly to the debug level from the title screen: It's looking for overworld things, but I have it disabled (overworld = 0 in constants.ini and overworld_data.txt is completely commented out).
  3. BBHood217

    My OC, J.G.

    Hmm, SRPG Studio? Doesn't it use graphics different from GBA FE? Meaning that everything I have here might not even get used, except possibly the portrait. Well, I'll think about it while I work on her other stuff. Edit: I made a map sprite for her: Just an edited pupil but it's a mage unit with pants so it works fine for me.
  4. BBHood217

    My OC, J.G.

    I've been working on this on and off for some time now, and I've finally finished her combat animation: And the raw sprites: It's formatted for Lex Talionis, but it should be easy to convert to a GBA format. Here's a single sprite with a 16-color palette for when such a thing is needed: Now for her promoted class.
  5. Note that the Vantage skill allows doubling while defending, so it becomes rather useless when all defenders can double. You could edit it to do something else, maybe even back to how it was in the original games.
  6. You can really sum up most FE tropes with this one line: The empire's a jerk and dragons are back.
  7. Just recently finished a Lion Throne playthrough, and it was kinda tough to get Ophie's sword rank to A in time for the final chapter. There are new wexp options to make gaining wexp easier, but I also got another idea. Would it be possible to have a command to give wexp to a character, for things like arms scrolls and such?
  8. That's actually how it is normally, battle music is just a recent addition. The Lion Throne itself has no battle music.
  9. I wasn't sure if just editing a post would bump or give notifications, so I apologize for double posting. Anyway, I have a few questions: - I can't seem to find any mention of them, so how do I set up battle music and boss crit kills? - How do I check the remaining number of enemies, for things like keeping count in defeat enemy missions and playing near victory music? - How do I check which character is visiting a house/village, for things like having the resident react differently to different characters? Also, a house could be visited over and over if it wasn't closed after the first time. It's fine in the GBA games since visiting there ended the character's turn, but it's not the case here so they could choose to visit again and again. I haven't tested this in the current version, so I don't yet know if this behavior has changed. Finally, I've found another bug. A character can learn a feat after reaching a certain level (which is set to 8 unpromoted and 3 promoted in Lion Throne). If they use a stat booster while still at that level, they can learn another feat. I've done this only during base preps, so I don't know if it'll also happen in pre-chapter preps and during the actual chapter.
  10. I've started playing through the new version, and it's apparent that there's a lot for me to do. I've found one bug so far: During level ups, the ding sound doesn't play when stats increment. I'm not sure what's wrong since the sound file is still there.
  11. Nobody seemed motivated enough to take it back though, so it's arguable that it would've become yet another in a sea of dead hacks if Blazer hadn't acted.
  12. When I drew up a world map for The Last Promise, I didn't know much about its prior history as Tactics Universe until someone pointed out that Solum looked very similar to Elibe. As it turns out, Tactics Universe was initially an FE7 prequel until it was decided at some point to be mostly its own thing and a whole bunch of names (not just the hack's title) got changed to what they are now; for example, it's no longer Etruria but Magnus that's now being a jerk. Anyway it's already been mentioned, but TLP was a milestone in the FE hacking community that helped pave the way for future FE hacks. And I'll even argue that it's still very playable even today. We all already know its... story, but it's still entertaining and bridged together by some pretty fun chapters and characters; it's kinda like Fates Conquest. I've mentioned a few times before that I unironically want to see a character spotlight on Kelik, but I've recently changed my mind about that. Now instead, I want to see one for Shon; I think there's potential for discussion regarding his personality, his long journey, and the final destination of said journey as well as what he ultimately did there. But mostly, I just want to hear more of that ridiculous voice given to him.
  13. Yeah, FE6's story itself is pretty much that simple. Now you ask if perhaps it could be more than that, and personally I'd rather wait for an official FE6 Echoes to make that attempt.
  14. I'm a bit confused, FE6's translation didn't seem that stiff to me. Unless you're referring to the older one where Shanna was still Thany, in which case did you know that there's been a newer translation for a long while now?
  15. Just appearances, I think. A male and female cleric have the same base stats and growths, separating them will require making a new class.
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