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  1. ...it was so simple. How did I miss that? It's working all fine now, so thanks.
  2. What do these error messages mean? They've been mounting up as I implement more things, but I've been ignoring them since they don't seem to affect anything and the game still seems to run fine. That is until the one regarding a sage animation; whatever that error is, it's making the sage animation invisible. I've made it so that sages use both light and anima, and I used the staff animation for their light magic. The staff animation for the other sage types work just fine, but this one doesn't for some reason even though its script file appears no different at all from the ones that do work.
  3. Found a couple of things: - Promotions still look for the display name instead of the id for combat animations, causing the generic blue palette to be used while promoting. - If the combat is sped up and a unit promotes in that same combat, the promotion sequence is also sped up.
  4. I suppose I can wait for the update, I don't really need the animations right away. There's a lot of other things I gotta work on first.
  5. So, how exactly do I make a unique weapon animation (Durandal, Armads, etc.)? And is it possible to have separate melee and ranged animations for it?
  6. The message for discarding with a full inventory doesn't seem to be using the correct text and just says "Discard" over and over. Haven't tested if it's the same with a convoy enabled.
  7. Yeah, battle music in the items themselves will make adding healing music easier and even other music like divine weapon music. But then I think something extra should also be added where a battle theme can override the item music, like with final bosses.
  8. Unless they hack skills into FE7 like they have with FE8, that seems quite unlikely. Most people would probably just make a new FE8 hack instead.
  9. Everything seems to work out. My game can run with supports off and the battle animations are the correct ones. And the battle music can be changed, although it doesn't seem to work for the enemy battle music; trying to use "change_music;enemy_battle" changed the enemy phase music instead. Am I just using the wrong syntax, or is there something else? Edit: I have a couple more questions. - Is it possible to clear a constant once it's set? If not, then how do I check a constant's value? - Is it possible to check if an attacking unit is using a healing or status weapon? It'll be possible to add the healing and status battle music that way, though it's admittedly not that urgent of a priority.
  10. When I export battle animations using FEBuilderGBA, I get frame data and the graphics that come with it. Looking at the graphics repo, I noticed that the animations have both the frame data and a script that can be used to insert the animation back in. Is there some kind of coverter that makes the frame data into a script, and where can I find it if so? It could be very useful.
  11. I turned supports back on, and the error no longer happens. This would be fine if I was ready to work on supports, but I was hoping to leave those for last. But if they must be on, then I guess I'll have to change my plans a little. Edit: I found another thing. I think the unit's displayed name instead of their actual name is being used for combat animations; I got the generic animation when I tested this because the animation's filename was referring to the actual name and the unit's displayed name was different. Edit: Is there a way to change the battle music? I'm trying to implement boss music, but changing the music in fightScript isn't enough as the normal battle music overrides it once combat begins. So the obvious solution is to just change the battle music itself and then change it back after the battle.
  12. That fixed it, but now I think supports are suffering from a similar thing. This happens whenever I select a unit, friend or foe: As before, constants.ini has "supports = 0" and both support text files have nothing defined.
  13. I'm moving my stuff to v0.9, and I've hit a snag when trying to go directly to the debug level from the title screen: It's looking for overworld things, but I have it disabled (overworld = 0 in constants.ini and overworld_data.txt is completely commented out).
  14. BBHood217

    My OC, J.G.

    Hmm, SRPG Studio? Doesn't it use graphics different from GBA FE? Meaning that everything I have here might not even get used, except possibly the portrait. Well, I'll think about it while I work on her other stuff. Edit: I made a map sprite for her: Just an edited pupil but it's a mage unit with pants so it works fine for me.
  15. BBHood217

    My OC, J.G.

    I've been working on this on and off for some time now, and I've finally finished her combat animation: And the raw sprites: It's formatted for Lex Talionis, but it should be easy to convert to a GBA format. Here's a single sprite with a 16-color palette for when such a thing is needed: Now for her promoted class.
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