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  1. I believe there is no such a command, if the character has a generic class like mage but you dont want to use a generic promo item for example a guiding ring on him, you are better of making a unique class that mimicks the mage class, and give him a unique promo item
  2. So I haven't managed to fix the problem but I have been working around it hoping that I'll eventually find the culprit. Meanwhile I had some ideas that I am not sure are doable so I came here to make sure; is it possible to get information on which type of tile an unit is currently standing? I was thinking about making something like the Indoor/Outdoor Fighter skills but haven't found a way to get tile information. Another thing I wanted to make were event based promotions but I believe that the promotional items are the only way to promote units right now, it's unfortunate since the promotional items force the promotion selection. I guess it's possible to have repeated classes and for example just have Fighter1 promote to Warrior and Fighter2 promote to Berserker although that's not a very elegant solution. One last thing, does making the LVL of a weapon a specific character's name eliminate the need for weapon rank on that weapon's type? I tried to port Wyrmsfire, changing the LVL of it to the name of one of my characters, but the spell appears greyed out and isn't usable, am I missing something? Thanks as always.
  3. Thanks, please do take a look, I haven't done much yet so I am not sure what's wrong, probably doing some dumb mistake on my part. Couldn't upload the full debug log for some reason, so I made a pastebin with it: https://pastebin.com/3NQQ21Ft death_quote_info.txt
  4. Thanks, tried it yesterday with an older version and it wasn't working, updated it today and it is working now. Although it seems that updating broke something, I am using 'replace_tile;2,8;1' to change a tile in the intro script and this was working with an older version although now I am getting the following bug: I am also having a problem for some time now with both the newer version and an older one, where any time(when a unit causes a game over screen it works fine) a player unit dies the game crashes. Not sure if you need the bigger logs, I can provide them if you think they are necessary. Any help you could provide is appreciated, happy new year!
  5. I started using your engine recently and I was trying to create a chapter like the wagons one in Lion Throne but I can't seem to find the script where you increase the dead_wagons or escaped wagons constant, any chance you could help with that? Also, is it possible to create exp potions that function as the bonus exp mechanic in path of radiance? Edit: Re-read the tutorial and managed to see that they are incremented in the death and escape txts. The exp potions can maybe be made with the call item script txt since there is a give exp command, but i can't find any example on how to use call item script, any suggestions?
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