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  1. anyone else kinda sad this banner is only prfs? the games drifting towards a state where any good new unit has a prf, and the only old units worth investing in are refined weapons, making weapon inheritance obselete 😞
  2. got a lovely -hp +def fallen tiki! this one wasn't from the brazen banner though, she pity broke me on the NY banner. it's a shame since i'd built it pretty high trying to get a merge for my duo alfonse, but this is probably a better outcome than continuing to summon since i spent more orbs than i meant to.
  3. you'd think, but they've held on this long, and i reckon with all the three houses characters they'll start pumping out sometime next year it may be even longer
  4. skill-wise this banner is a big skip for me. shannan's art work looks really cool and will probably be the target of my free pull, but another strong sword infantry is pretty forgettable. it's also weird his special, which does the exact same thing as regnal astra, doesnt have the specification it can't be inherited but regnal astra does. i doubt imperial astra will be inheritable tho, since it isnt weaker than regnal astra. they probably just wanted to avoid confusion since regnal astra has appeared on more than one unit now, and they might have worried people will think it is inheitable. altena is the obvious demote here, with all of her skills being pretty unwanted and easily attainable from grails or 3/4* units, but her weapon looks fun so i might promote her if she does demote. cid is cool but i think lewyn's tome is stronger, and has special spiral. finally, loli Arya Larcei. same story as shannan, i like her art and she's got some cool stuff in her kit, but the sword infanry class is so stuffed i've already got 3 other fast sword units with prfs in my barracks i could build instead. real shame theres no direct demote on this banner, it was looking like a permanent thing so i wonder why they didn't this time round.
  5. definitely not the best stars wars by a long shot, but what got annoying for me was the amount of fake outs that were shoved in, especially in the end scene. kylo and rey 'died' like 4 times.
  6. another day, another free summon! got a +hp -spd B!roy that'll be merging into my current -atk copy to get rid of the -3 attack.
  7. had some amazing luck recently! got both NY! alfonse and NY! anna in under a hundred orbs, which is great since i really wanted them both. and today i got THREE free five stars from free summons ( kjeele, idunn and lugh). i think i'll fodder them all since i don't want to use idunn and i have the other two already, but my f2p luck has been amazing recently 😄
  8. good users of fort def/res? got a lucky free summon the new banner, +hp -def. i've already got a high investment duma so i don't see myself using a second armoured dragon. the skill seems good on units with mixed bulk who either have a dc weapon or don't want DC. i've only really seen it on units with it as a base kit or support units to increase bulk. is this it's best use?
  9. i'm not new to fire emblem games and have done lunatic playthroughs of three houses and shadow of valentia. i've heard that sacred stones is pretty easy, even without grinding, so would it be better for me to go straight to difficult mode, or should i do a normal playthrough first and a difficult playthrough another time?
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