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  1. Thanks! I really appreciate it since I'm totally new at this.
  2. Thanks for the thorough feedback! Yeah, this is my first time making mugs. I considered splicing, but I thought overall it wouldn't look nearly as good as it potentially good if I did, especially when looking at work from people who really know what they're doing. When I was making Marth's (top left) portrait, I had no idea what I was doing, so the bangs came out pretty terrible and the hair was lacking in detail, I really need to go back and fix that. I thought I did a pretty decent job with Caeda's (top middle) portrait, but you managed to pointed out a lot of obvious mistakes. I also think I did pretty decent with Lena's (top right) portrait, and I totally agree that I need to fix the hood. I got way too ambitious with Julian's (middle left) portrait and thought I could do a completely different perspective, definitely need to go back and fix that... Maria's (center) portrait definitely also could use some work, I couldn't really decide what to do with the hair. Linde's portrait (middle right)... Yeah, I spent so much time trying to do the hair right, and the bangs came out pretty bad in the end. I lost you a bit at the second part of your description though. I thought I did a bad job with Palla (bottom left), definitely plan on going back and making a new portrait soon. Same thing with Elice (bottom middle). Your comment helps a lot actually, thanks.
  3. Just wanted to get some opinions on these portraits I made for a ROM hack since I'm a beginner and I have, like, 80 more portraits to finish. They're all 100% custom (though I used other characters as reference while I was making them), and I tried to base them off of their designs from FE3.
  4. Whenever I insert certain character portraits, it completely messes up another portrait, seemingly the character with portrait data right below the one being inserted. I think the reason is that the character I'm trying to replace's portrait data is overwriting the next character's portrait data. For example, whenever I change Scáthach's portrait, it causes Febail's to vanish or just copy someone else's portrait with an incorrect palette (Febail's portrait data is right below Scáthach's). Also, I know for a fact that there is nothing wrong with the .bin files I'm inserting into the game. Can I fix this? (Don't know if this helps or not but the characters that I've tried that aren't working properly are Jamke, Azelle, Lex, Arthur, Scáthach, Febail, Ced, Lester, and Coirpre. For some reason all the female characters work and most of the male characters in gen 2 don't.)
  5. Do you know what Seliph's number is? Thanks.
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