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  1. Finished Chapter 8, it was pretty easy, thanks to Wolf and Sedgar, seriously considering leaving them as Generals.
  2. Just finished Chapter 7, it wasn't too bad, though it took a few tries. Wolf and Sedgar swapped in and out of the southern chokepoint in order to stall out the reinforcements, I don't think I would have beaten the Chapter so easily without them.
  3. I'll ditch Jagen at some point, but only when someone worthwhile shows up, replacing him for scrubs is pointless. At any rate, expect an update within the next 3 days.
  4. Alright, finally got back to Chapter 6, here's everything that's happened so far; Chapter 4 was a nightmare, the RNG gods were not happy with me, a great contrast to my first run. Chapter 5 wasn't too bad, I used Hardin's group to kite the archers so the main group could focus on the other enemies. Nothing has been forged yet, I don't have the money for the Wing Spear yet, and I don't know how much might to put on the Ridersbane. My units are overall slightly worse, with the exception of Caeda, who has +2 Str over the original file. Marth (lv 6) lost 2 Spd (11>9) and gained 2 Def (8>10) Cain is slightly worse, less Str and Spd. Abel is significantly worse despite being higher Lv Ogma is slightly better because he's higher Lv (Cain and Abel gaining less speed meant I had to run the Chapter 3 boss out of weapon uses, the boss might've had an extra point of speed too, but I'm not sure.) EDIT: Finally beat Chapter 6, easily the hardest one so far, the fact that you have to push through all those dangerous enemies in order to get to the thieves is crazy, if I hadn't looked at DD151's video I probably would have spent a week on this level.
  5. Got it, sorry about that. At any rate once I get past chapter 2 again things will go a lot faster. Why I couldn't find that out anywhere is beyond me. Will post update soon.
  6. So I didn't know you could only forge each weapon only once, I even looked it up and nothing explicitly said you could only forge weapons once. I only forged 6 might onto the Wing Spear, thinking I could forge more later, and only 4 onto the Ridersbane. I'm going to restart and get back to where I was, so I'm going to be awhile. In the mean time, what works better for Wolf and Sedgar, Hero or General?
  7. So I just breezed through Chapter 4 in one try, that was really easy compared to the first three chapters. I changed Jagen into a Dracoknight, everyone else stayed in their base classes. Merric one-shot the boss with a crit, awsome. At any rate, how much might should I forge onto the Ridersbane?
  8. How good is Barst? I know he's clearly the best of the axe bros, but is he really that good? What class should I go with? So Ogma has issues either way, should I go fighter or pirate immediately or hold off until he hits a certain speed benchmark? Also, I hear Navarre does well as a Cavalier, how true is this?
  9. So I'm playing SD for the first time and I decided to go with Hard 5, I know that's probably crazy, but after how easy Sacred Stones was, I need a challenge. Chapter 1 was the wake up call, all those pirates rushing at you, every one of them is ridiculously strong, Javelin spam won the day here after a couple tries. Chapter 2 was awful, any minor mistake in the first several turns gets a unit killed, too many misses in the first couple of turns gets a unit killed, the terrain is tough to fight properly on, since the pirates have free reign and most of your units don't. I probably had to retry this level 5-7 times. Chapter 3 was actually a lot easier, Ogma, Navarre, and Cain choked the north, freeing up most of the others to fight off the west front, the boss was somewhat scary, Ogma, Navarre, and Caeda were the only ones who didn't get doubled, and base Navarre gets doubled with the Killing Edge, my original plan was to just run him out of weapon uses, but Navarre leveled up and got a point of speed, that allowed them to kill the boss in a few turns with some lucky crits. Now I have access to class change and forging, so I'd like some advice. How much might should I forge onto the Rapier and Wing Spear? What units should I use and what classes should I make them? Here's the units I'm likely keeping and their likely classes: Abel (Cavalier) Cain (Cavalier) Jagen (Paladin or Dracoknight?) Caeda (Pegasus) Ogma (what class?) for everyone else I need advice.
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