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  1. Hey Silva, I hope everything is going fine on your end. Hope you're doing well. ^^

  2. Thank you. :) It's mainly just the investment. The summoner support does give her an extra 2 speed but atk spd solo and link help maximize her speed potential. One more flower actually gives her another point in speed too. ^^ I always thought speed was her best boon at high merges to be able to fight plenty of units and she destroys LHBs/MHBs
  3. My pride and joy trio is complete. 🙂 This Hero Fest was very kind to me. Pulling back to back Micaiah twice, at the beginning and the end. Very happy, honestly. As much as I'd love another Micaiah alt, I've exhausted nearly everything.. 40k TT in a day, chain challenges I saved for her.. Here's all three. 🙂
  4. Not to mention, they have too many characters and alts to work with. They actually do a great job with OCs but people mainly focus on PvP modes, which encourages people to spend in some cases. Strikes are annoying because you need merges on mythics to get the highest score. I'm hoping this anniversary they announce something that will benefit us. Explain what those divine codes are and such. The pool is inflated, and it's disgusting. I have a feeling we won't be getting much though.
  5. I truthfully don't see any of them demoting. Altena looks like a demote, and the A skill would be nice to obtain at 4*, but I doubt she'd demote despite the basic kit.
  6. Hi Silva. :) I'm glad to see you're actually active on here again. I'm the person who took photos of you at Youmacon ^^

    1. Silver Lightning

      Silver Lightning

      Ahhh, yes I remember you!!! Thanks for taking photos of me, I was happy to be noticed~

      Yeah, I used to be way more active here back in the day before I entered the workforce full time; I've missed this place alot and wanted to come back and re-integrate myself here once more since I love this fandom so much. Glad to know you on here as well and hope to see you around! 😄


    2. StarlightAurora


      You were AMAZING. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take photos. You did such a wonderful job. 😭😭 I'll actually send you the photos in a private message if that's no problem. 🙂

      Ahh I do understand though. Life keeps us all busy but you gotta handle your business. Glad to see you around. I'll definitely be around myself. ^^


      LOL I'm glad she's putting in work for you. ❤️ She's got your back 😛

    3. Silver Lightning

      Silver Lightning

      Haha thanks! I do enjoy cosplaying her. Please do, my one issue at conventions is never having my phone out at opportune times to take photos (or take them well hah), so I always welcome photos from others~

      Adult life sucks to be sure, but it pays the bills and for my cons/cosplay lol. 

      Yup she's great. I'm surprised you recognized me considering I only recently caved in and spent all my grails on making Lyon; I still love my Julia, but its high time I made a 10+ unit at last. XP

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