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  1. Hello! I am doing a spin on a challenge made by MercuryHg34. I can only use characters that can use tomes(besides chrom). Can you tell me who can use(also through master or second seal) can use tomes, and what child parents can give their children tomes. Thanx > ::::)
  2. Okay, sorry for quadruple posting > ::::( I didn’t know you could change a post. Anyway, here is my updated pairs (a question mark is a pair I haven’t married). Chrom x Sumia(they are obviously canon) Gaius x Lissa Lon’qu x Olivia? (I like how they are both from Basilio) Kellam x Sully(Kellam is not noticed, while Sully is so “out there”) Vaile x Maribelle( their supports are really cute) Ricken x Miriel?(they are both mages) Stahl x Panne( only one who appreciates her taguel side) Gregor x Cordelia(he helps Cordelia with her love life) Donnel x Nowi(Aptitude Nah) Virion x Cherce?(she’s his retainer!) Libra x Tharja?(I love their support convos, also a host to tharja’s low luck)
  3. AlsoIm marrying Lucina and M!MU(his name is Entropy)
  4. I'm passing down bowbreaker. And I ain't grinding AT ALL.
  5. What skills should I give to the children. Pairings: ChromxSumia VaikexMaribelle Lon'quxOlivia? GregorxCordelia KellamxSully GaiusxLissa VirionxCherce? StahlxPanne RickenxMiriel DonnelxNowi HenryxTharja I choose these based on how much I like the supports+plus good stats.>
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