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  1. Hiya. Subbed. The FF1 Randomizer's great, a top 5 rando. Gotta love that Level 1 Fade. It's gonna carry you in the early game like a Jeigan.
  2. Don't have much to add to this post, but I'll say I didn't expect to see Wrecking Crew or DK3 references when starting the day and am pleasantly surprised.
  3. Wild indeed. Welcome aboard. Great to have you here.
  4. Yo. Anime's not my thing either. I have some appreciation for it, particularly Death Note and Avatar: The Last Airbender. I can tolerate a good much of it. But as a whole, I simply consume very little anime and don't foresee that changing soon. Inb4 gatekeppers get hysterical over considering ATLA anime.
  5. Yes, we are capable of short vids and low-effort thumbs here. This officially concludes the playthrough. You're welcome, and keep chasing that burning horizon. Season 2 coming December. At least the first part of it.
  6. Hello fellow not-among-the-most-active-users-here poster. I hope to see you around every now and then. But this place is a fun lurk, too.
  7. Greetings. Hope the Forest suits you well. Always great to see another profile pic creator around these parts.
  8. Welcome aboard. Great to see another Shining appreciator here. Well done on your project - who doesn't love a good mashup every now and then?
  9. Greetings and salutations. Yes, I'm good: everyday is a good one when you're ANDREWBENINTENDO. I wish you dominance over the various square-tiled battles you encounter.
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