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  1. I just finished my first playthrough of Genealogy, and oh boy this game sure needs a remake. Which we may get for the thirty years of the franchise and the large amount of references to that game in Three Houses (the city of Derdriu, Deirdre) (Tailtean plains, Tailtiu). I was thinking about a lot of possible ideas for a potential remake of this game and I'd like to share them with you listen to your feedback and hear your own ideas about this awesome game released 23 years ago. Disclaimer: I am trying to be innovative with my ideas as I see no purpose in just remaking FE 4 with QoL improvements. I am also aware of the fact that most of those ideas are very tinfoil and won't probably happen this is just an idea to make persons think. Idea n1: Battalions I personally think that implementing something similar to 3H's battalions would be a great idea that would really help reinforcing fe4's theme of nations fighting wars on a continental scale. With battalions associated to units really helping this overall feel of the game. I would, however make those battalions much more closely tied to the units' power than just simple buffs like they do in 3h. Simply put: non holy weapon wielders' strength is directly tied to their battalions and the animation would reflect it and be more similar to the gambits in 3h with the unit charging first. Idea n2: Siege maps Simply put: when your lord seizes a fortress instead of an automatic capture and death of every associated unit. A new inside map launches that will play much more like a traditional Fire Emblem with a smaller inside rout type map with chests. In those maps cavalry would have to dismount making it easier for strong foot units like Ayra or Holyn to pull their weights. This would serve to make infantry units stronger and more reliable as well as adding additional maps without harming the overall epic feel of the humongous maps. Idea n3: a single character per parent Ok, hear me out for this one. Currently every mother in fe4 has 2 associated kids some who lean towards different classes that others. I believe that it would be a better idea to make it so that every parent has one kid unit sharing it's class and gear. This is a small cosmetic change but the other kid would inherit their non determinant parents' hair color. here is a small chart for what kid would go to which father (every mother keeps their daughter except Bridget who keeps Faval) Ulster:Holyn Beowolf:Dermott Midir:Lester Azel:Arthur Dew:Patty Lewyn:Sety and Claud:Coirpre. I would also include new children for the missing fathers as fe4's cast is rather on the small side. Final Idea: a third generation This is the most tinfoil idea. What else could a remake do to a classic like Fe4 than by adding a third generation for it to become even closer to being a true tale of a war waged across generations. This generation's plot may include the appearance of twelve dark crusaders blessed by Loptyr's strength trying to end Naga's reign of light and feature the ability to use all twelve holy weapons to finally kill the god of darkness. This generation would follow the story of Seliph's daughter (or son I don't care) as she tries to avenge her father who was killed by the villains with interaction between third generation characters and their parents and possible grandparents (Bridget, Raquesis). Please tell me your opinion about those ideas and give me your own. Thank you for reading to the end.
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