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  1. Yeah, I didn't visit any secret shops since I was playing blind. Was not about to guess on every mildly suspicious tile in every map.
  2. I only kinda neglected Marth. He was able to help with some of the other dragons on the map, but he didn't have enough speed to not get one-rounded by Medeus. I did recruit the princesses, but all of the people needed to recruit them were huge liabilities in during the map since I wasn't really using them much aside from Sirius who I had stopped using extensively around the halfway point. True. I did Shadow Dragon on H3 for my first run, so I formed my expectations somewhat around that. But at least in that game you can cheese the final map pretty easily. Wasn't ready for this on top of needing to recruit 4 people and somewhat unpredictable ambush spawns happening every turn next to him. Aren't you not able to break caps by using those items? I'm pretty sure I tried that. I could be wrong.
  3. So I recently finished FE12 for the first time on Hard, and I'm not sure how I feel about Medeus. I get that he's supposed to be difficult, but he was able to one-round or one-shot literally everyone on my team except Est (because she had enough speed). I basically had to suicide a bunch of people on to him to take him down. I feel like his speed being that high is absurd. Since stat caps are tied to the class, this basically makes it so only a few classes are actually viable against him. I'm sure the intention here is to encourage you to mess around with reclassing, but I think locking entire classes out of being usable against him is pushing it. Worst case scenario, I can see this boss becoming completely unbeatable (on harder difficulties at least) if you don't have the right resources with you. Thoughts? Or am I just being salty because my Palla died to a 2% crit halfway through the map? (I was recording for my LP and didn't want to reset, but this killed my plan of triangle attacking him.)
  4. How would that even work? The inheritance system and the effect of pairings on the kids stats makes it impossible to be anything other than only the substitutes with Seliph and Leif having an inventory they default to. Because if you're entertaining the idea of having some of the kids, you'd either have a bunch of "canon" pairings with no proper item inheritance or a huge form to fill out before starting.
  5. 1. Astram - He knows where his allegiance lies, but he's not so stubborn about it to not come to Marth's side. Kind of a Camus but not really type. And then there's his appearance in FE3/12 where he chases you across half of the game. He's persistent. He became super memorable to me because of this and totally grew on me. And I like his relationship with Midia. Bonus points for me getting extra attached to him after making a super expensive build of him in Heroes. 2. Caeda - She definitely has an advantage for having way more dialogue than anyone else in Shadow Dragon, but even then, all of it is really good. There's stuff like her recruiting Roger with the whole "Do you believe in love?" thing, which is hilarious and shows how sly she can be. She's bold, but you also get to see her softer sides in some of her conversations with Marth. Needless to say, she's an amazing unit. Watching her oneshot basically every boss whose name doesn't start with M and end in "edeus never gets old. 3. Palla - The kind and dependable older sister type has always been one of my favorites, and Palla is basically the perfect example of that. She's a really solid unit in every game she's in.
  6. FE4's soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece. Lots of really catchy songs that totally sell the atmosphere of the game. It's astounding how well Gaiden's soundtrack made the transition from 8-bit to modern. In particular, "Twilight of the Gods" almost sounds like it was originally composed with the intention of it being remastered with an epic sounding choir many years later.
  7. Hey everybody, I go by Gerd online. I'm the type of person who gets his name and avatar from a character in an anime I don't even like. I figured I'd join here since I'd imagine there's way more socializing going on here than on the FE subreddit. I've been into FE since around when Sacred Stones came out. I loved it and put tons of hours into it. Then for some reason I didn't play anything else until Fates came out. Then I went started really diving in. Needless to say, I'm a fan. About a year ago I started doing FE let's plays on YouTube to give myself an excuse to finally getting around to playing some of the games I hadn't played yet. I started out with a blind run of FE4, and have since then also done blind runs of FE5 and FE12. Ran out of games to blind run, so now I'm doing an FE7 HHM ironman run. Come check it out: My Channel. I even have facecam now and everything just to uphold the facade that I have decent production. Here's some things sure to spark a discussion or two: I actually really like the swamp maps in Echoes Arcadia is my favorite map in FE6 FE3 is better than FE12 Celica is best girl. Her doing that dumb thing near the end actually made me find her more interesting. Doing dumb things doesn't make a character bad. Not letting you properly arrange your units before a map in Thracia is terrible and absolutely ruins chapter 20 and the Endgame map. It's clearly only a thing because chapter 19 needed it for the story to work. Other than that, I'm really into metal, Masaaki Yuasa's work, Touhou, SMT, and NieR: Automata.
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