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  1. So recently an idea occurred to me and the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Is it possible that Anna, our favorite traveling merchant, is actually a goddess? Bear with me on this. I know she tells Chrom that all of the traveling merchants are her sisters, and at first I didn't question it. But that really doesn't add up. We don't know how may Annas there are, but how can it be that she has so many sisters that are the same age, completely identical, and share the same profession and name. But the most baffling thing about Anna is that she appears in every FE game with the exception of Gaiden. This means that she exists in multiple universes and timelines. Anna is somehow a constant in this multiverse. So I submit that Anna is actually some kind of goddess or to be more precise a female equivalent to Hermes/Mercury who is most often associated with travel, thievery, and commerce. Kinda fits Anna to a tee doesn't it. This might also explain why there are so many Annas, she can manifest wherever her spheres of influence are strongest. And since trade and thievery are universal she can be anywhere and everywhere. But I'm more curious about what you guys think. Do you think my theory holds any water? What do you think about Anna? Let me know in the comments.
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