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  1. I ended up making my own patch with some of the changes mentioned above and some others. I can't make a post anywhere else, but here it is in case anyone is interested: ups patch on a clean US ROM. Changelog: FE7 Reversion Patch by Gaggle of Geese (all credit) is applied. The "Gate" and "Throne" terrain types grant 30 Avoid instead of 20. The "Gate," "Castle Gate," and "Throne" terrain types grant 3 Defense instead of 2. The effective damage multiplier was raised from 2 to 3 for Aureola and all non dragon-slaying weapons. Bosses that had their stats reduced in the U.S. version of the game have had them restored to their Japanese stats. In Chapter 27: Cog of Destiny, Lloyd and Linus each carry a Runesword rather than a Light Brand. In the first part of Final Chapter: Light, two doors open at the start of the map, after which two doors open every two turns. (By contrast, the U.S. version starts with one door open, and one door opens each turn.) The Fire Dragon's max stats have been increased (even though they don't hit those caps). Some enemies have had their inventories tweaked to match the Japanese version. (There were only four of these.) Character and Class changes Non-tutorial versions of characters have had their levels and weapon ranks increased to be in line with chapter 10: Serra and Matthew lvl 3, Lyn Wil Kent Sain Florina lvl 6. Ninian increased to 7, tutorial Nils increased to lvl 5. Wallace increased to lvl 20. Lyn's HP increased by 2. Blade Lord promo gives C bows and 15% crit. Eliwood uses lances instead of swords at base, and gains swords on promotion. +1 con. Dorcas, Bartre, Wil, and Rebecca str and spd increased by 2. Wil, Rebecca, and Louise have +15% crit. Karel has +15% crit (to 30%). Karla has Silencer. Raven has -4 spd +4 con. Hawkeye has -2 Def -2 Res. Marcus, Pent, Harken have -2 str -2 spd. Marcus has C swords. Farina is a 12/1 Falco Knight with A swords C lances. Nino has C Light C Dark in addition to C anima, and promotes to a Valkyrie. Athos can no longer use dark magic. Paladins can no longer use axes, except Eagler and Maxime. General promo gives +4 res total, and D swords. Assassin promo gives +4 str. Assassins don't lose the Steal ability. Item changes Mani Kati has 6 mt and Reverse Weapon Triangle. Rapier is a Lance with 8 mt 85% hit. All steel weapons have -2 wt. Javelins, Hand Axes, and other throwing weapons have -10% hit. Blades have had their wt, mt, and acc changed to match their axe counterparts (e.g. Silver Blade has the same stats as Silver Axe). Short Bow has 1-2 range with 50% acc and 0% crit. Light, Shine, Divine, Aura, Elfire, Fimbulvetr, and Fenrir have -2 wt. Luna and Thunder have 0% crit. Sol Katti has 8 wt. Known bugs Promoting characters in battle prep causes the game to restart. FE7 Balance Patch.ups
  2. Hi there I've been getting back into FE7 lately and want to balance the game a bit better. I messed around with Nightmare2 for the first time yesterday with some success, but I figured there is no reason to spend several days trying to reinvent the wheel, if people in this community have already done something similar. The FE7 Gameplay Reversion Hack is a good start including 3X weapon damage effectiveness, but I had some more ideas for balance changes: Buffing Lyn and Eliwood, their prf weapons, and preferably making Eliwood a lance wielder. There is a patch for this, but it also makes Lyn a bow wielder which I dislike. I managed to change Eliwoods weapon ranks and Rapiers type, but I failed my attempt to give him the Soldier lance animations. Also couldn't make the Mani Katti a magic 1-2 sword without overwriting effectiveness. Buffing Fighters, Warriors, Archers, Snipers, Generals, and Swordmasters. I wanted to give the Sniper class the crit ability, but it takes the slot of Ballista, which would screw with several maps. My fix was to give the Archer/Sniper characters the ability, but then it is also active when pre-promoted. Nerfing Paladins, removing their Axe ranks like FE8. Nerfing Hand Axes and Javelins. Buffing unpromoted enemies in the mid game, increasing their level. Base/Growth rebalancing, including nerfing some pre-promotes including Marcus, Pent, Harken, and Athos. Earlier/more promotion items for Thieves, Pirates, (and Lords). My thought was to make the Ocean seal and Fel Contract into Earth Seals, and have the latter be usable by all classes. Would appreciate links to any good balance patches, or info on which of my suggestions aren't feasible to implement, before I break my head over them.
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