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  1. If normal soft resets don't work, maybe try just restarting the chapter completely. If not, maybe try poking around behind the scenes? Idk what to tell you without looking at the save myself.
  2. I watched the playlist and I think this hack has some potential. Having controllable faceless units is an interesting mechanic that few hacks use (in fact, this is making me want to revisit my own long abandoned hack that used this concept). I can tell you put a good amount of work into these chapters, and for a first hack it's definitely not bad. Much better than my first hack lol. Here are some constructive criticisms: I think the prologue's map could use some improvement, as it's a little clunky especially at the river. Of course, rivers are hard to do right, due to how their tilesets are put together. I would suggest looking at how other hacks that are known for good maps make their rivers and try to learn from that. The writing is good for a first hack, and the only problem that sticks out is a few minor grammar errors (which isn't super important, it's just better to fix those early on rather than wait and have to go back through your entire hack once development is finished). Those are just off the top of my head, I could probably give more feedback if I went through and played it myself, but unfortunately I don't have the time right now. Anyways, keep up the good work
  3. CM9

    Hello friends

    Thank you i am very glad to be here.
  4. CM9

    Hello friends

    Hello everybody, I am CM9. I do eventing and subpar mugs. Is there anything I need to know other than what's in the guidelines? Also, anybody else like macarons? I recently discovered this stuff and can't get enough.
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