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  1. Hey guys. Recently I just finished Path of Radiance and went directly to Radiant Dawn. I'm playing on Dolphin emulator but it is giving me some audio problems. The music cuts off on some instances. For example on the demo mode when you leave the "press start" screen for a few seconds it will feature some of the classes like soldiers, archers, etc- when the screen changes to animate one of the classes I see that my FPS drops a lot for a split second and the music jitters around a bit. If I wait a while the music completely disappears. I think it has the same problem in-game. When I try to engage an enemy the fast "your turn" music gets cut off. I'm new to Dolphin, is there any known fix for this? My specs are Ryzen 3600, 5700XT, 16gb ram(3200), SSD.
  2. You can beat sentinels with Theo's magic easily. If his initial tome doesn't have enough enough charges you can buy more at the shop near the "entrance" of the map. Against dragon afaik I used a combination of Theo, Dune, Zade, and another one I forgot. You have to one-phase kill it so nobody dies. Actually, if you have anyone that can survive the dragon's retaliation just try and use those.
  3. Hello. New member here. Although I have been on this site for quite a while now. Chapter 20 is kicking my ass so hard. I was wondering if anyone who has finished the game can give me tips or information so I wouldn't have to do a few more trial and error runs. Engrish is hard so I guess I'll format this post as a bunch of questions. 1. Can you somehow stop assassins from spawning? It seems ones with a Cerberus(3x atk dagger) will spawn from a gate, and another with throwing knives +1 will spawn somewhere on the streets. I can never tell where exactly, though since they start invisible. 2. I'm almost sure that the trio villagers (Jean, Ash, Dune) can climb the ladder by the tree. Can anyone else? 3. What triggers the infinite darklings respawn that starts on the upper left of the map? Is round based? Is it event based like when you open the main gate? 4. Not really a question abut I assume there is a way to let your units out of the main gate lever room? I got some of my best units stuck there..
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