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  1. None really affected me, but it's precisely because of death quotes and to see where students end up if I don't recruit them that I wish this game had more route-exclusive characters. I got a switch and Fire Emblem only this year, and my first playthrough was Silver Snow(on accident). Because I recruited no one outside of the Church, I ended up being able to field a (mostly) Church Based squad, which I thougth was cool so I wouldn't get tired of the main Black Eagles lineup for my Crimson Flower playthrough in the future. It was interesting to see where Ashe and Lorenz ended up, although I don't really remember any other characters showing up, specially because as you fight the Adrestian Empire while having all the Adrestian empire characters outside of Hubert and Edelgard, there wasn't a lot of room to see former students. In my second run, Verdant Winds, I recruited Ferdinand and Linhardt because I now knew I needed them for paralogues. Seeing Bernadetta and killing her was interesting; Caspar I couldn't see a single fight or death quote because that map made me desperatly rush the Death Knight in Maddening. The most dramatic lines were when I had to kill the Blue Lions in Gronder Field 2.0. And I really liked Dimitri calling their names as I killed them. Except for some reason he didn't call out Sylvain's name (and Dimitri died before Mercedes and Dudue, so I don't know if he sticks to the "Name..." trend). Had the game incorporated more students in their houses and into the war, with more route-exclusive characters to supplement their absence, I think they could have written more meaningful deaths for the students that don't join you.
  2. While defininitly not a mark of good map design, a lot of these Warp-skippable Paralogues do punish you if you one/two turn rush it in Maddening, as the experience given in these paralogue maps is quite substantial in this particular difficulty, where grinding levels (and not class masteries) in the Extra missions feels like a waste of time. For instance, Lorenz's map is actually pretty hard if you play it without warp rushing the boss, but my Leone and Ignatz got something like 3-4 levels in that map alone. I remember it because the map was the breakpoint into Leonie becoming actually a good character in my run (started like a week ago). Had I not leveled these two in this particular paralogue, I think Reunion at Dawn would have been impossible for me.
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