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  1. Hopefully this thread still active... I just finished playing Genealogy of the holy war and was able to change certain portraits in the game. Now I'm trying to do the same with Thracia 776 but it doesn't seem to work the way I want it to.. I'm able to change the portrait and the sprite of the characters while they are on the map but when it comes to their dialogue, their portrait stays the same so I kind of find it pointless. In FE4, when I changed the portrait, their portrait even changed during their dialogue and during the world map. Anybody know how I can change their dialogue portrait in Thracia 776, I would really appreciate it, maybe I'm missing something here....
  2. Yea thanks for letting me know, still haven't completed the current chapter, having difficulty with this one mission. Also thanks for helping me out with finding out where these codes were, really appreciated man.
  3. But this is where I keep getting confused, where did you go to edit his codes because it looks like you did it straight from the emulator debugger and not cheat engine. The format of the codes you posted under your image look just the same as the one on the emulator debugger. I'm sorry if I seem confusing but I just want to know where exactly I need to go to edit reese's code. Edit: I was actually able to change his portrait to someone else which I was able to do using the debugger on the emulator, Now I'm just waiting to see if the changes is permanent or is it just for that chapter.
  4. Oh ok so it is the avatar, pretty much eatrawmeat391 tutorial on how to edit characters right? I've never done something like this before so I got lost when I tried to follow his instructions, specifically... "- Take note of the value in the s0 register, it is 0x01E1869C, We will add 0x20000000 (to get PCSX2 address) to it making it 0x21E1869C." Didn't understand what he meant by making it 0x20000000 even if it meant to do it on cheat engine for I wouldn't begin to know how so I just pretty much gave up. But thanks again for responding and letting me know it's possible, I'll be trying to figure out how to work all these coding since you guys make it seem so simple so so hopefully there's pretty good youtube tutorials on how to do this. Edit: Okay so I tried to find where to edit reese address and it seem like the memory viewer in cheat engine was the place but when I went there, it doesn't look exactly what you showed me under your image, and nothing seems to change when I do try to edit reese address so am I editing them in the right place or is there another program I need?
  5. Has anyone be able to change a character's portrait for example, change reese portrait into someone else? If so, how can it be done? I even saw a portrait of reese with blue hair, I'll even take that so much appreciated to anyone who can tell me, thanks an advance.
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