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  1. Sorry I couldn't reply soon, I had hit the post-limit for the day. This was something I tried during my troubleshooting process where I went back to the vanilla backup and checked if there was some event that took place when Eirika first moved into an enemy's range or something to see if I could find what might be the problem but there wasn't anything and the vanilla version had no such problems. So I took your second advice and essentially ended up rebuilding my prologue chapter again and I've got it fully working without issues now. The events/flags that I used where just the ones that already existed within the chapter. I did make some various changes to them but nothing too major all things considered (changing text, positions, enemy types, and so on). After recreating the chapter as I mentioned above, I also went back and compared the two to see if there was a clear discrepancy and I couldn't find anything that stuck out. Ultimately I'm still not entirely sure what caused this, but I will consider it a lack of familiarity with the software and probably changing a bit too much at once without testing. I think what I will do moving forward is proceed with more care and frequent testing, and saving/backing up the file when I have lots of correctly-working progress on my project. If anything like this comes up in a future chapter I'll hopefully have been more diligent in my testing and know what I did to cause it to happen and I can update here for future reference. And I appreciate both of your time and assistance!
  2. I've given Eirika a custom weapon, changed her combat animation to another class', and remade the map's aesthetics and added a seize objective. I've changed around some of the dialogues, and added minor fog of war. I also changed some various events in the chapter that were flagging errors to dummy events to remove the errors. As for patches the only one I've done to my knowledge is an anti-huffman patch when a prompt popped up suggesting I do that.
  3. Hello, I have recently discovered the joys of FE Builder and have been working on my own creation. But I have hit a road block with a problem involving the prologue chapter. For some reason whenever I try and move Eirika next to one of the chapter's enemies, the game will just crash and bring me back to the title screen where I can resume or restart the chapter. The crash occurs any time I press the A button and issue the move command that would have her destination be a tile adjacent to an enemy, once she finishes moving and arrives on that tile it will crash (before any attack, wait, etc menu has a chance to pop up). If I move her to any other tile the game will not crash. Even having her wait and letting the enemy move adjacent to and attack Eirika will not crash, its only if Eirika moves. Seth in this chapter can move and attack just like normal, only Eirika will cause a crash. If I allow the chapter to be completed without this problem (by simply not moving Eirika next to an enemy and letting the enemies die on enemy phase) and advance to chapter 1 and beyond, this issue does not come up again and Eirika can move and attack just fine. I have played as far as chapter 5 without this issue happening past the prologue. Does anyone know what might be causing this on the prologue specifically?
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