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  1. 9 hours ago, leesangstar10 said:

    Assuming you get Caspar at lvl 23:

    Caspar: hp:47 str:26 mag:9 dex:15 spd:16 lck:17 def:15 res:4 cha:11

    Alois at ch11 at lvl21

    Alois: hp:50 str:27 mag:8 dex:12 spd:15 lck:12 def:18 res:8 cha:16

    Their stats look pretty similar(not sure where you got Alois being much slower). But considering Alois has better Authority rank(C vs E), comes with weight-3(and could get smite at B), respectable charm stat, and no recruitment investment needed, I would say Alois should be rated at least a tier higher than Caspar, but at the very least should be higher. 

    Must have remembered the stats wrong. They still have similar roles anyway and the list is unordered so I doubt it makes too much of a difference. I could put Alois higher though.

    8 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    The question I have here is, is it really worth waiting until part 1 is nearly over to recruit?? Because I'm not sure it is... and in fact, I doubt it.

    For some units like Caspar, AM Hilda and Ingrid and Linhardt it is worth it.

  2. 27 minutes ago, Geenoble said:

    Warp utility is really good, and i agree with Linhardt and Lysithea over Seteth, but Manuela has the worst warp range for starters, and Seteths combat is incredibly good. When warping a unit, you need to make sure the unit has good combat to hold their own for whatever reason you've warped them, such as blocking a point, moving to kill an enemy that was out of reach, or one turning a map. In this case a unit with good combat is arguably better than the warper since they're the one that does the killing. Seteth can orko most enemies after he gets SS whereas Manuela has pretty iffy combat too, and while Warping 15 tiles can be considered better then ORKOs or 7 range warp and great healing utility, 6 range warp and, like ward and silence? those are ok but not amazing, isn't better than that imo. I could make a similar argument for Shamir as she starts ORKOing when she gets Hunters Volley but i can see Manuela staying above her as Shamir only has 5 move and much more issues than Seteth has.

    Yeah that makes sense. I'd put Seteth higher than Manuela.

  3. Just now, Geenoble said:

    I think Alois is a good deal better than Caspar, especially due to his base Authority rank, the difference between C and E is huge, especially since Caspar has a bane. Alois has a realistic chance of reaching A rank for Cihol Wyvern co or if you decide to make him a foot unit other good battalions, Caspar will probably reach C+ without favoritism if you recruit him late, and he is better recruited late so i don't see why you would recruit him earlier. Alois may get into Wyvern a little later due to his Flying bane, but he performs well foot locked anyway and he wants to run around in Brigand for 1 or 2 maps to get Death Blow so it doesn't matter too much.


    Why are you conflicted about Seteth? A tier seems fine imo.

    I think they are virtually similar as I think both units don't usually don't need good battalions on them to kill. Alois is a good deal slower and has less skill than Caspar which is why I rank him lower. D authority with Caspar is good enough for peg co although Alois's higher Authority is better. Besides, Byleth will take better advantage of Cichol Wyvern Co anyway as she can hit OHKO range.

    I'm conflicted more so for the ordering of the list. I'd like Seteth to be higher than Manuela but at the same time, warp utility looks quite a bit better.

  4. 36 minutes ago, leesangstar10 said:

    But y would he be in the same tier as alois. Alois has sim bases(pretty sure his is better but not sure) and comes with weight-3 and overall better ranks.

    If you actually want to have a good enemy phase late game, yes. Avoid tanking is really the only way for units to be good enemy phase.

    They have similar uses as mid-early lategame Wyverns so I placed them in the same list. I haven't ordered my tier list yet as I am still conflicted about some placements(mByleth and Claude, Seteth and Manuela for example).

  5. 15 hours ago, leesangstar10 said:

    I dont remember his bases being that good for auto level. Hilda at least train both lance and axe for auto level so she can promote to wyvern easier. You would only have to train flying with the added bonus of pegasus if recruited early+armor hidden talent.

    I was being hyperbolic. His bad bases are "fixed" by late recruitment and because of his high strength(highest of any VW recruit), Killer Axe+ and Smash are quite reliable. You don't need a lance rank for WR and grinding up relevant weapon ranks for him isn't that difficult. Just change his focus to flying and authority for D authority.

    16 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    The problem is, unless you started with the Golden Deer, having Warp that early is really unrealistic. Also, I think Linhardt in A tier completely ignores his recruitment being awkward (I have better things to do than tutor Byleth in Reason).

    I wrote at the top that the list was entirely for Golden Deer. Linhardt recruitment can once again be cheesed with the B support trick and you don't need to get him super early anyway, just before chapter 12 or 11 is fine for him anyway.

    31 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    I dunno - is Alert Stance really that good as to warrant not contributing on player phase??? I'm not sold.

    Alert Stance+ is so good as it allows units to cleave through enemies without the threat of being killed on EP. It is a poor man's BV and BW on Claude since he lacks BV.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    Doesn't change the fact that I'd have better units than him as higher priority. Like Mercedes and Dorothea (before you think to mention Marianne again, I'm gonna counter by saying one Physic user alone ain't enough). Linhardt doesn't really give me anything of note (that I wouldn't have had on a better unit) in comparison. And even if I did care about Warp, shitting away a truckload of experience is shooting yourself in the foot in a big way.

    Maddening encourages juggernauting with 3-4 good units and not having a spread out army, instead replacing them with cross houses/church units. Considering the fact that you will be able to clear turns in 2-4 turns, Physic isn't nearly as useful as you think. Skipping maps ENTIRELY is far more useful than getting more exp since you avoid the dangerous combat and while exp isn't plentiful, 3-4 units would definitely get more than enough exp on Maddening. Plus gardening and cooking help alleviate "low stats".  Nemesis is the only boss who at lower levels may be a threat and even then pumping Lysithea full of Magic Herbs and using Luna would wreck him. at lower levels. Aux battles, if they are considered (it seems like they are), can provide exp and ore and class exp so going through maps quickly isn't even discouraged that way.

  7. 26 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    I'd much rather have the two most important rallies on one unit than have them spread out over two third-rate units. RE: Linhardt, that applies to literally anyone else not named Caspar or Ferdinand (because their B supports are locked until after the timeskip), so that's not a point in his favour. And by the time he might offer to join, I'd likely have Manuela already.

    I brought the trick up because you said that Linhardt is too hard to recruit not because it is unique to him. Recruitment is a non issue for almost everyone. Rallies on both Byleth and Claude are extremely helpful and it is better to have them than not to have them. Also again, more warp is always better.

  8. 25 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    Which doesn't make up for the fact that he is just that damn bad. I mean, why in the name of Indech would I use him for long enough for Smite to be a factor, knowing that he's a slug that gets the tar beat out of him by everything??? If I really wanted Rally Strength, I'd be far better served with Annette, who also gives me Rally Speed. Also, Linhardt requires Reason ranks to recruit. Mercedes requires Bow rank to recruit. Guess which one is easier to recruit. Hint: It ain't Linhardt. RE: Ferdinand, I'd drop him because of his recruitment requirements.

    You do know that you can just keep his focus and goals in Armor and Authority to get Smite and rally strength(D rank btw) right? You also don't need to only have one Rally user. That's like saying that one doesn't need another WL because Byleth is already one. It's not like there is a cap on units you can use with a certain skill. Plus, you just need to have proper positioning for Raphael. Linhardt is just better than Mercedes because of warp and if Restore was such a big deal, Flayn, an autorecruit, gets it. Hell Physic is learnt by Marianne as well. It's not like they end up being too useful anyway considering that you can end maps in 1-2 turns. Recruiting Linhardt is easy with the B support recruitment trick and Ferdinand can be picked up early on by speccing into armor which isn't too bad considering that Weight -3 is a good filler skill and monastery stuff speeds it up significantly.

  9. 53 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    I have issue with Raphael being B+ tier while Dorothea and Mercedes, both of whom I'd consider far, far better, are only C. Hell, I'd go so far as to say Raphael doesn't deserve to be above damn near everyone he's above.

    Raphael has rally strength and easy access to Smite which is more useful than another Physic bot and Fortify is not nearly good enough for her. Mages in this game have terrible movement so unless they offer Rescue or Warp they aren't too great. Killing people is not a big achievement either considering that Wyverns already murder people. Restore utility can also be replicated by Linhardt. Alois, Caspar and Cyril I count as lower as than Raphael as they are just filler units who can be replaced with Seteth, or Ferdinand.

    2 hours ago, Geenoble said:

    I think on VW specifically she should be at least B+ even without considering the +3 Mt for Byleth and Seteth. She is the only auto recruit in VW to learn restore so if you want to save the investment of recruiting to other units like Petra or Felix you don’t need to recruit Linhardt or Mercedes, but most of all she gets Rescue, allowing for extra positioning utility. Only other units to get Rescue are bernadetta, who has bad magic and Anna, and Anna sucks. She might even be viable for A+ once the Dlc comes out since a flier with rescue is insane.

    Why is Claude below Male Byleth? I understand the argument for being below Female Byleth due to her getting 10 extra levels of flying utility but i see no reason for Claude to be lower then M-Byleth when he has better overall stats, along with Encloser and access to a better flying class.

    OP said that they don't value warp too highly which is why I dropped her a little bit although I would still rate her as an A tier character personally. Claude is worse than mByleth because mByleth can easily grind up weapon ranks for anything. Also Barbarossa is also not always better than WL whose higher strength and Alert Stance make it more useful.

  10. 15 hours ago, leesangstar10 said:

    sorry for the late response

    in the rules i do state no team synergy. So 3 warp users is something I wouldn't consider. I feel like I may need to be more specific on the rules. I still think this is too LTC focused, as mentioned this tier list isn't meant for that. I feel efficiently was not well defined as it should have so I'll try fixing that.

    I'd have to argue on your placement with Caspar. He at least should be below or same tier as ashe since it is easier for ashe to promote to wyvern and much better bases. I agree with Cyril and admit I have been underrating him(i think personal bias got the best of me).

    Hanneman is really this high up solely because yes his spd sucks but so do the other mages(maybe except lysithea) sucks. In a way, mage's inability to double on maddening buffed him since he has one of the better dmg output among the mages and he has 3 range. Of course his utility isn't that good thou, but I argue he is just as good as hubert.

    I dont want to over value warp since like i said this isn't ltc. 

    Annette personally I think should stay cause when you get her, rallies aren't as good as it was in the beginning. 

    Also I dont understand why you would put Mercedes at C but Flayn at A.Their utility is about equal(imo Mercedes is better), but Mercedes has the advantage of being recruited earlier.

    Also putting much thought into it, I personally think mByleth is better than Claude. Sure Claude has a better class, but their dmg output is about the same since Byleth has 2 more str at base and will have 1.5 more str than claude(assuming when through the same class line) by level 30. As wyvern master, Claude would do 0.5 more dmg with a silver bow than wyvern rider Byleth with a silver bow(rider has 2 str bonus vs master +1 str bonus)


    Have included blue lion explanation. Will edit again later. 

    All list Hannaman and Dorothea went down a tier

    Hubert down a tier

    Cyril in AM and VW went up a tier

    Hilda and Ashe down a tier in AM

    Claude below mByleth

    Flayn was mostly because of adjutant stuff but eh, you could drop her a little bit to b tier if you aren't too obsessed with going fast. Mercedes I don't really like because a lot of people can replicate physic but I think I can definitely put her at bottom or middle of B tier. I agree with Byleth being better than Claude because of what you said and weapon ranks. I overrated Annette but I still think she is pretty good and should be B tier. 

    I think undervaluing warp is a bit strange because even on a non LTC route, warp still allows you to skip most maps as they usually are defeat the boss maps. Chapter 5 and 6 for example are made MUCH easier with warp but I think it's fine to drop Manuela a bit. Linhardt I still think should be A tier because he has a good faith spell list for healing and warp is just a cherry on the top for him.

    Now I like Caspar more because he is quite like AM Hilda in that he has a monstrous base and a high axe base when recruited late so he can make a good filler Wyvern. The way I go about Maddening is that I funnel most exp into 3 excellent units and the rest goes to filler units which is why I usually find Ashe being pretty bad.

  11. 28 minutes ago, XRay said:

    I am not sure about being a woman is worse in Russia than Saudi Arabia, but they both seem pretty comparable and horrible. At least in Russia, women stand a better chance of emigrating and leaving to go to a better country, but Saudi Arabia has only recently allowed women to travel abroad without male consent.

    The reason I criticise Russia more is because not only did it actually decriminalise domestic violence, it also is ranked number 1 for domestic violence and sexual harassment,  and it is reverting to old practices under the Orthodox Church. It also doesn't help that Russia also uses backwards Islamic law in respect to women (wife-beating and honour killings still persist in Russia). Hell, even immigration is hard for women and you require 3 male witnesses for a rape case.

    I can't imagine any country willing to support Russia but here we are with only Sweden trying to do something against it.

  12. 50 minutes ago, Etrurian emperor said:

    To an extend but it quickly starts to become less funny when Trump starts blackmailing other countries, treating his allies like dirt or nearly starting a war to distract from his impeachment. 

    But its also a case of glass houses. Populism isn't really unique to America. If anything Trump was influenced by the populist politicians plaguing Europe for decades. Though it definitely is unique how fast Americans allowed themselves to be conned after their very first exposure to populism. But many other countries are facing the same struggles as the US. Britain has been stuck in populist hell since 2015 and many countries like Hungary and Poland have already fallen while populism is a significant force in countries like France or the Netherlands. Many Western nations have their own rogue demagogue and many of those have a realistic chance of getting to power. 

    I'm not particularly surprised that the US got entranced with populism so quickly considering that unlike Europe, they hadn't really experienced a populist leader going bad or the full brunt of a war on their border from a foreign power either.

    1 hour ago, Dr. Tarrasque said:

    It's a fantastical circus show really. One side advocates for policies to benefit everyone in the country which tend to be popular while the other side focuses more on calling such policies "socialism", toxicity of political correctness and anti-fat shaming, and ignoring simple problems that needs addressing like having to pay $6k-10k for childbirth while the rich just laugh and "both sides" everything.

    I do agree that Democrats are a hell of a lot better than Trump but I feel annoyed at the fact that they don't really show methods of implementation of stuff like Public Healthcare or university funds. As someone who has family in the US and hopes to study there, these policies would affect more than just the current generation and showing methods of implementing them would be a great step to get public interest in these policies up. Tribalism has started every where (even here to an extent) and being seen as right has become more important to people than doing the right thing. Republicans are especially guilty of this with trying to demonise immigrants and first hating the gay community to then supporting it for brownie points.

    It does suck that people aren't really challenging Trump and by proxy Republican bs because a lot of stuff Trump does and supports is quite scary. Did you know that that most right wingers (looking mostly at Sargon, PJW, and PragerU) praise Russia for "owning the libs" and "feminist SJWs" when in actuality, it is worse to be a woman in Russia than in Saudi Arabia?

  13. 3 minutes ago, Emerson said:

    Well, the thing is, no one KNOWS about the massacre in the first place. Besides the fact that it was  however many hundreds of years in the past, the Church already does so much information trafficking as is to keep info like that away from the public, there wouldn't really be a point.

    I meant moreso in terms of the time when the Elites reigned supreme. Later on they got phased out so I think thats why usage of Sothis over Goddess became less prevalent. Besides, referring to a God by their given name often seems disrespectful iirc.

    Edit: Sorry for the vast change to my original response I changed my view really rapidly lol.

  14. 4 minutes ago, Emerson said:

    Rhea created the Church to guide Fodlan and protect it's people in the absence of her mother, but not really to remember her. Honestly, it's weird how so few times the name Sothis is actually SAID by a Church member. They almost always just say "Goddess". I have to wonder if it's actually common knowledge what the Goddess' name is...

    Again this is just speculation but the reason I think they always just say Goddess is to prevent people from getting reminded of anything related to her massacre. Your view does make more sense however considering she has no qualms about revealing her name or the name of the 4 Saints.

  15. I'm fairly certain Rhea started the religion because she wanted to promote and remember Sothis after her death and using the Elites who were really powerful was a great way of doing that. It also allowed her to hide the fact that the relics were bones of her siblings and crests are just Nabatean blood.

    I'm also fairly certain that Rhea just spares the descendants of the Elites who probably fell in battle because doing so would have gone against the teachings of Sothis and probably to appease their descendants who controlled vast amounts of land. But this speculation on my part.

  16. 5 hours ago, DarthR0xas said:

    I think that'd fall under the eighth amendment for cruel and unusual punishment.

    It's cruel to the American populous that Trump would get off that easy after all he's done.


    Jokes aside, while I do see in theory why Trump's fans like him, I don't get it in practice. Plenty of Republicans pride themselves on being fact-driven patriots who believe in what's right. So then why do they support an idiot with no facts, who feigns patriotism while being influenced by foreigners, and does literally everything wrong. I know how he gets a lot of his votes, since Republican voters never vote down party lines (my grandparents who disagreed with what most of Trump said and hated his guts still voted for him because he was Republican). And the worst part is that Trump has almost single-handedly engineered a decent chunk of folks who will just attack anything related to another party, without doing any research on it in the slightest.

    A friend of mine shared an Instagram post by Trump. By most accounts, this is a stand-up dude, I love him to death, but he is the biggest Trump shill I know personally. It was another one of his "Democrats have devolved into a party of these things which I'm using language that both strawmans and misrepresents this issues, meanwhile I'm the best", and it took all I had in me not to call him and yell at him for believing this junk. They focus on tiny little things that one person in the entire Democratic party does, and then blow it WAY out of proportion. I won't act like the democrats are entirely innocent in this, they're not, but they only do it now because Trump has created the environment where that's just what naturally happens.

    But the thing that really gets my blood boiling is when they complain about Dems not focusing on bipartisan issues the second that they propose a bill that even slightly veer away from their very narrow platform. Like impeachment, they were all like "Dems force partisan issues on us", like bitch, you're the fools who are making it partisan by not looking at any of the facts. One of these days someone has gotta come to their senses, somebody.


    Forgive me for making this long and oft repeated analogy and my strange english but I believe Trump is rather like the Nazis in that while they weren't extremely popular with a majority of the citizens of their country but in their fringe minority, they are really, really popular because takes his stupid policies and he runs with it, while stealing the credit from administrations that actually improved lives for the people(the economy Trump inherited from Obama fixed the Bush Administration's faults, much like how Chancellor Brunning of Germany fixed the effects of the Depression on Germany but the Nazis stole his credit). Hell, he is even supporting dictatorial powers like Saudi Arabia and Russia while attacking his allies in NATO for not contributing funds for conflicts USA starts. He relies to much on making policies that really should be bipartisan and not political in the first place (the environment, discrimination of LGBTQ+ based on religion) into partisan topics. It also helps him immensely that despite his horrible political and business acumen, he has vast riches to fund his campaigns. He has successfully brainwashed his voter-base into believing he gives a damn about them when he just cares about lining his pockets. He even has acted more aggressive in Iran as an election strategy. Democrats themselves are also guilty of this and they are just as bad as Republicans for not challenging them properly and for being obsessed with safe elections.

    Believing that any political party would come to its senses is absurd unfortunately because of the inherent problems with First Past the Post and the current political climate favours more radical views than moderate views (UKIP forcing the Labour Party in UK to become more conservative for example).

    Honestly though it is kind of amusing seeing US politics as a foreigner.

  17. 1 hour ago, eclipse said:

    CCGs are another beast entirely, so I'm going to leave that alone.

    I'm on the moderator end of things.  I'll take quality over quantity - big numbers are irrelevant if I have to kick them off the forums.

    That is true. I often don't have to deal with this nonsense of toxic people but that doesn't mean they don't exist and they do really harm a game and it's community's reputation.

  18. 5 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    I fail to see how RD favored cavalry, because most of them weren't really fantastic (they don't get their second weapon until third tier, and even then, they don't get a choice in the matter, and second, some terrain just stops them outright, most notably ledges. They also lose movement in most indoors maps, too. What's more, they're stuck with some of the lowest speed caps in the game; most of them cannot hope to double the final bosses, and the two exceptions - Fiona and Astrid - will require a LOT of work to get there, especially the former).

    I spoke out my ass for that. Sorry for the brain fart. RD did nerf cavalry hard.

  19. 3 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    My point is, FE is no stranger to having cavalry units not being amazing. The only games where I would say cavalry really were that damn good were Genealogy of the Holy War (which, thanks to the maps, heavily favoured cavalry to the point it is often called Horse Emblem), Binding Blade (same as Genealogy), and Path of Radiance (which gave Paladins one of the best Occult skills, and the ability to choose weapons for upon promoting for the unpromoted cavalry units).

    FE12 and RD heavily favor cavalry too.

  20. Fire Emblem is quite a big series despite jokes of it being weeb chess. 3H sold over 2 million copies in 3 months so I think for sure it is big (this is also ignoring the fact that it won Player's Choice and Heroes exists). In Japan FE is one of the most popular series and it has started to get a sizeable audience even in USA because of Awakening and Fates. In TRPG subgenre it wouldn't be an over estimation to say that it ranks up there with the likes of XCOM. Now comparing it to traditional Nintendo franchises is unfair because FE really got a foothold in 2012 but I digress.

    On 1/15/2020 at 12:10 AM, eclipse said:

    I appreciate the sentiment, but why is this important?  Is there something inherently wrong with a smallish fanbase?

    If you want to see the downsides of a large following, look no further than the likes of Star Wars.  Now ask yourself if that's what you want the FE community to look like. . .because if this game had true mass appeal, that's what would happen.

    I do agree that a large community does attract... toxic people to say the least (*cough* Smash *cough*) but that isn't to say that a large community is entirely disadvantageous. Consistent game releases, some bonus DLC for players, Cipher cards and real life events are neat bonuses that you can't really see with a smaller community (Rivals of Aether being one of the few exceptions to this rule). Besides, a larger community means more people to communicate to about this series and I always see that as a win.

  21. On 1/14/2020 at 3:50 PM, Mikethemaster2018 said:

    I haven't gotten to far in golden deer only on chapter 3 or 4 but yeah when I played CF they never really show what Claude could do he was called the Master Tectician and that it.

    Addressing the Master Tactician Claude thing. I really doubt that Claude himself believes that which is why Byleth is the primary tactician. The Tactician thing imo is just a label given to him which he doesn't care for too much.

  22. I know this may sound like heresy but personally, I believe that Genealogy would really benefit from an overhaul in the story because of NES limitations and generally a weird execution of its core themes. The plot is amazing in theory but it falls off in execution. Some balancing may be nice like giving all infantry units +1 movement because mounts are just superior to them, more weapons, better axes or only 1 equipable ring and I think that other gameplay changes should be limited because normal trading would break the game. I'd find it nice if they also more clearly expressed things like love points to newbies but I think that would happen either way.

  23. This is entirely for VW and I'd be quite happy to discuss my rankings with others!

     I'd argue that Caspar/Cyril aren't meme units on VW due to being a pretty okay filler wyvern if your Ingrid turns out bad because of decent bases and little investment except for flying for going Wyvern. Hanneman isn't really worthy of B tier imo due to how much effort needs to be put into him for him to reach Meteor. Manuela could be low A or top of B+ because of Warp but I don't know how practical this may be. Linhardt is basically better Manuela so I'd say middle of A tier for him. Annette is definitely a B tier unit because of how broken her personal and rallies are and I think Dorothea, much like Hanneman is quite awful.


    I'd make the following tier list for VW:


    S tier:




    A+ tier:




    A tier:








    B+ tier:








    B tier:





    C+ tier:




    C tier:




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