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  1. Well, I'll go ahead and guess that Rhea and the Church are going to be villains this game alongside Byleth. Byleth needs an army, and by process of elimination it has to be the church as the protag seems associated with the Agarthans, and each nation is a playable route. There's also a suspicious lack of Church of Seiros in the trailer (aside from a brief glimpse of Flayn) and there seems to be a bunch of yellow alliance soldiers getting burned down by a dragon... Considering the focus on Byleth getting revenge for Jeralt's death in the first trailer and now we have evidence that the original Monica is alive, I'm guessing that Jeralt's death is where the game diverges from Three Houses. How it diverges I am not sure, but it seems something must have happened differently.
  2. I wonder if it could be that mysterious, 17 year old character with the Crest of Flames that got added to 3 House's game files with the DLC but never got released. Perhaps you unlock them in 3 Houses if you own 3 Hopes? This character got added just over 2 years ago, which would've been around the time that 3 Hope's development was in early stages...
  3. I think this is pretty much correct. Adding in a couple things, I think the advanced civilisation created was known as Agartha. Thinis, Malum, Septen and Llium must have been Agarthan names for places in Fodlan. We assume she went to war because the Agarthan’s abused their powers, but important to note that that is a church narrative. Could it be that instead, they started their own belief system as Sothis slept, worshipping different God’s, which is what made Sothis declare war? That would fit what is said in the Perdition book. Now, thinking about the geography of Fodlan, a flood actually makes a lot of sense. If the Nabateans used Garreg Mach as a home base, it could survive a flood that takes the rest of Fodlan because it’s atop a mountain. The few surviving Agarthans also made a Homebase in those mountains to survive the flood - Abyss, and then presumably they move to Shambala later on.
  4. Iirc it was her own people, the Nabateans, who she warred against because they abused her gifts. Then when she went to sleep, the Agarthans took advantage of that and hatched their plot to kill Sothis. I think the timeline must go something like this: Agarthans live on the old lands, worshipping their gods. Sothis is resurrected (by who?) and goes all Old Testament on the world (for an undisclosed reason?), Agarthans hide underground creating Abyss and swearing to take revenge against Sothis. After the flooding recedes Sothis creates a new race of people to populate Fodlan, the Nabateans. Eventually they and/or the native humans start abusing Sothis’ gifts and go to war. More conjecture here, but I reckon the Agarthan’s probably manipulated certain actors etc in order to start the war, rather than actually participating themselves. Sothis ends the war between the Nabateans but is greatly weakened. The Agarthans, who have been pulling the strings this whole time, take the chance to kill the regenerating Sothis by manipulating Nemesis and other humans. And then the rest we’re all familiar with. Most of this is based off of a suspicion that Sothis didn’t actually create the Agarthans, unlike what some of the church material would suggest. EDIT: I’m uncertain about this and it could be the case the flooding was part of the war. It’s incredibly hard to deduce the truth when everyone has their own version of history.
  5. SPOILER NOTICE FOR CONTENT UNLOCKED BY COMPLETING CINDERED SHADOWS After completing Cindered Shadows you unlock the Abyss library with lots of books in it that the church wouldn’t want you to see. Most of it fits fairly easily into established lore of Fodlan, with the exception of of one - “Romance of the World’s Perdition”. I think this might be the most important book there. It reads as follows: “Romance of the World’s Perdition “In the land of Thinis, where the old gods are said to live, the False God has awakened. Its looming, heteromorphic vessel was resurrected to sink the world to the depths of the ocean. It will bring extinction to all children of men, and salvation to all beasts of the land, sky, and sea. For the children of men who spilled too much of the blood of life, it promises only cruel retribution. ”the False God must be defeated before the world sinks into a watery grave. To this end, the children of men have erected pillars of light upon the land. Thinis, Malum, Septen and Llium were utterly destroyed. Those lands have vanished from this world. Yet even still, the False God stands. And soon, a flood aptly named Despair will drown this world. ”The children of men fled to the depths of the earth, beyond the sight of the False God, beyond the embrace of the sacred sun, and beyond the reach of the waters of Despair. They swore a fervent oath of revenge against the surface world, ruled by beasts, and against their tormentor, the False God.” Ok, so there’s a lot in there and at first glance it doesn’t really seem relevant to Fodlan. There’s four lands; Thinis, Malum, Septen and Llium, that as far as I can see have never been mentioned in 3H or any other FE game. And they all got flooded. Curious. Anyway, I reckon that this might actually be an origin story for Fodlan, and for Abyss. There’s a couple of things that stand out yo support this theory. First is the “heteromorphic vessel” of the False God. “Heteromorphic” means “occurring in two or more different forms, especially at different stages in the life cycle.” - I reckon we’re talking about Sothis here, and her ability to switch between dragon and human form. The second is the last paragraph - if the False God is Sothis, then it becomes clear that this is an origin for the Slitherers, who existed before Sothis and created Abyss to escape the flood that she created. The third is the mention of pillars of light in the second paragraph, which were created to defeat the False God. It’s pretty clear that these must be proto-javelins of light. If all this was to pan true, it would mean that those lands mentioned either used to be Fodlan or are currently under the ocean around Fodlan. This book was clearly written by Slitherers who were probably hiding out in Abyss at the time, but I don’t think it’s propaganda per say. If it was, why use a bunch of old names that no one would understand? Anyway, having established that this book is about the origins of Fodlan, it has some pretty interesting implications. 1. Sothis was originally resurrected - who was she before? 2. Who were the old gods, other dragons? 3. Why did Sothis go all Old Testament? 4. It gives us an actual motivation for the Slitherers to hate the church and 5. Humanity existed before Sothis came about (or at least, was resurrected). I also wonder if this perhaps has implications for connecting 3H to the rest of the series. Anyway, maybe the true villain isn’t Rhea or Edelgard, but Sothis for committing genocide which pushed the mole people to seek revenge over generations. EDIT: Duchess of Strasbourg on the r/FireEmblem discord made some interesting notes about the etymology of some of the names: Septen: Septentrional means "of the north", also used for stars of the Big Dipper Thinis: Capital of the first Egyptian Dynasties Malum: Latin for "bad" Llium: Could be Illium/Ilion, the old name for the City of Troy i.e. the Trojans
  6. The Byleth DLC for smash dropped shortly after 12AM GMT (which is my time zone.) so I think it’ll probably be the same. So either it’s around 12AM GMT or 12AM your time zone.
  7. Very interesting. Presumably being a Pegasus it’ll have high res meaning it can tank that magic hit without much issue. Then again, that high res will probably discourage enemies from attacking it and the ability doesn’t trigger on player phase. Also, you have to get hit for the ability to trigger, so it won’t be very useful if you build your Dark Flier as a dodgetank. I wonder how useful it’ll be in practice - it seems like a skill that would’ve been more useful on an armoured unit (or perhaps a physical variation of the skill) rather than a flier.
  8. In each of their routes they place they choose to talk to Byleth about their issues, and ultimately that leads them to victory. All a golden ending requires is for each of them to say to Byleth to eachother, which while it may be hard due to trust issues isn’t completely impossible if things played out a little differently.
  9. Honestly I think the best way a “Golden Route” could be done is through another form of media (I.e. a Three Houses anime). Here’s how I would do it: First of all, stop calling it a Golden Route. Golden Route implies that everyone has a happy ending and no one dies. That means there’s no stakes. That’s bad. Anyway, the different medium is important because it would involve Byleth forming a bond with each of the three lords. I’d have it so Byleth teaches all three houses, perhaps taking a third of the classes, with Maneula and Hannerman taking the rest. Gameplay wise this wouldn’t work, but in another medium there’s no issue with this. The academy phase would be fairly similar as is, but with a different classes being involved in different chapters. So the Miklan chapter would have the Blue Lions go on that mission, but then the Flayn kidnapping chapter would have the Golden Deer. Crucially, there would be more interaction between the lords and we’d get more of a sense of deep friendship between them. They would open up about their pasts to each-other a bit, and there would be an understanding between them. Before Edelgard attacks the monastery, she would give Dimitri and Claude a warning of her intent against Hubert’s advice. She’d tell them that she was away to try destroy the church and the crest system and ask for their help, hinting that she wouldn’t need to rely upon the slitherers if they did. They’d probably refuse, but they’d be more sympathetic to her than in game. From that point on I don’t exactly know how things would pan out, exactly what happens during the war phase would need a lot of padding out. They would probably fight at first, but eventually the three main factions (The Empire the Kingdom and the Alliance) would unite and push back against the Church and TWSITD + Cornelia + Arundel. I’d probably have it that when the war breaks out, Rhea snaps and goes crazy dragon dictator. She would be one of the main villains, but she’d be a sympathetic villain. I think the key idea would be that each of the three states falls into disarray - the Empire due to Arundel, the Kingdom due to Cornelia and the Alliance due to the usual bickering. Because they can’t rely on the full might of their state, the three lords have to rely on eachother and work together. The final battle would be an even bigger scale grondor field, but this time the three factions would be the Union (the three nations), the Church and the Slitherers. Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude and Byleth vs Dragon Rhea and the church’s full might vs a revived nemesis, the full might of the Agarthans, Cornelia and Arundel. I’d also probably have Patricia be revealed to be a slitherer and one of the masterminds behind everything. Serious stakes would still be established with many of the students being killed off during the war phase. This is another benefit of the medium, can’t exactly kill off many friendly students in the game because of the impact on gameplay, but works well enough in a tv series. Furthermore, you’d have characters like Flayn questioning whether they should follow Rhea, who would increasingly be going batshit, or defect. Someone far cleverer than me would have to write this, but I think with careful writing it could work. The other benefit of having it in another medium is that even if it does get seen as the “best/most canon” route, because it’s not in the game it doesn’t invalidate the other routes.
  10. That’s odd though, because Dark Mage/Bishop both required a dark seal, whereas Thief is just a regular intermediate seal. Maybe the reason for this is that all of the classes in this new category have special prereqs - female for Dark Flier and Mage Knight, and then Thief prereq for Trickster. Maybe that leaves Priest prereq for War Cleric? Also, these classes use Awakening-esque designs. Could there possibly be a plot reason for that? 🤔 Or just perhaps just lazily reusing the designs...
  11. I am conflicted on the idea of a golden ending. On one hand, the strongest aspects of Three Houses’ story is that most of the tragedy that occurs over the course of the game would have been avoidable if certain people were able to reach out to each-other. A golden ending removes that tragedy, but it would also vindicate that theme also by showing us how that communication would solve things. Obviously in this discussion we have to talk about Revelations. The writing there was bad. But then, that was a Fates-wide issue, so it could be different here. The primary issue with a Golden Ending is that it automatically becomes the “canon” and “best” ending of the bunch. As soon as a Golden Ending happens, everything else feels lesser because we know there’s a situation where it all worked out optimally. I think there’s a way to get around the issue though. If I was writing a Golden Route, first of all I would make Rhea the main enemy of it and have her die at the end. It fits her character that she would be completely unable to trust Edelgard, and having her die means that it’s not a truly perfect ending either. The second thing I would do is limit what students actually become playable, and have some die over the course of the story. Perhaps some of the Blue Lions disagree and turn on Dimitri for working with the Church, stuff like that. On conclusion I think I would like a “golden” Route, but in writing it a great deal of care has to be taken so it doesn’t make the other routes lesser.
  12. The irony of this is that Divine Pulse only exists as a story element because they wanted a gameplay mechanic where you could undo decisions. It doesn't serve the plot at all. As far as the story goes, Divine Pulse has near zero impact and only really serves as a nusance that the writers have to write around. Well, until they decided "fuck it, doesn't matter" and ignored it in AM.
  13. Spoiler tagging because Datamine info and story spoilers for base game.
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