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  1. Titania is hardly being competed against in all those first chapters, and it really takes Oscar a while to get going unless you're deliberately going out of your way to get him all those kills and Exp, which makes it easier to neglect the rest of your team (especially detrimental in MM, where there are like twice the amount of enemies). He definitely ends up better, but my point is that, at the end of the day, no one is competing against Titania for like 8 chapters straight, while Marcia/Oscar/Kieran/Jill are all competing against each other past that with the only real difference between them is having or not having flight. Titania is easily the best character in the game in probably the hardest part of the game. You essentially need her, while past these points of the game, you can wing it with other characters and not really need to have to use Marcia, Oscar, Kieran or Jill. I also don't recall BEXP being that huge until that jailbreak chapter (assuming you do things right)...
  2. He could just be new and have no idea we work with average stats. Going by "my titania" vs. "my oscar" could've been a clue. Nothing with not knowing, it's just that we work far better in understanding through a common ground like that, which is more objective next to personal luck. @FE Dragun There's too much "others can't use BEXP because it automatically belongs to Marcia" here. If she needs it that much to be good, is it really as worth it to just having a good Oscar out the gate? He dodgetanks and has more durability far sooner than she does. Other than that, the Top 5 or so doesn't really change much. Astrid is likely somewhat worse, since it's hard to get her going. I'd say mages are far better, and aren't as good as the Top 5 just because they lack a horse or a mount.
  3. It can be different, but it can come in different ways, depending on the situation. One of my favourite things to do is going to a place where I am most quiet- even for me, it doesn't happen as often during the day, but if I can find it, I'd priotize it. Staying away from constant compulsive behaviours, like navigating the Internet mindlessly and doing something mildly productive (i.e dishes) helps surprisingly well. And then there's personal stuff, like holding on to something (or someone) you really care about. It can be anything. It can help.
  4. I haven't played in years, and gotten to about Ch.17-2, but I recall Titania being ridiculously good for like the first 10 chapters or so. I'm not saying it wasn't the case in easier mode, but it's just that in this mode, specifically, she shines way more, like you actually need her, whereas even HM is still pretty easy when you train Ike and then subsequent characters like Boyd and then Oscar. Oscar has a really hard time going, if I recall. Enemies take about 4-5 hits to kill, even with WTA (with Ike). Ike barely dodges, let alone Oscar, who will have a harder time getting to double, and even his Hitrate is pretty iffy times (since earlygame is axe-invested). Boyd has to get Str/Spd ASAP to avoid some of the doubles, and even his durability isn't that good. Pre-promotes are just extra strong for that first part of the game, and Titania still keeps going for a while, since she's getting Exp and doesn't really put it to waste (decent growths). The Thunder tome 255% Crit. bug actually makes mages far stronger. Even though Soren has some of the worst starting moments, he and Ilyana are probably worth using. If you can get their Atk high enough, they'll likely 1HKO consistently without even getting touched. I recall 1-turning the desert chapter with just Ilyana (unpromoted). Can't say anything beyond that, other than maybe Lethe and Mordecai also being pretty good (high mobility, solid durablity especially Mordecai).
  5. I mean shit dude I wish I owened a house to pwn milleniasmisimisim
  6. well FUCK It's not. Thank you. I like Eremiya. 😔
  7. My Libra carried me hard on this one. Makes me realise, I really did do well on giving him Repel. +shoutouts to Mummy Not Dearest for doing stuff like this: Isn't she precious? I've seen worse, honestly.
  8. Morty, the kid from Rick & Morty is lowkey adorkable. He has surprisingly sound morals and common sense for a kid his age, and he usually tries to reason with his nutjob grandpa, Rick. Rick is a dick.
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