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  1. jajajajaja it's been 4 years it's like they just forgot about her somehow I even managed to +10 her as an F2P.
  2. jajaj remember when you asked me about that Tana picture n___N

    1. Original Johan Liebert

      Original Johan Liebert

      Not completely but I can imagine why.

      EDIT-Don't worry about it.

    2. the actual real soul
  3. perfect beings Dominique Amelia Vanitas of the Blue Moon Top Real Naenia Chloé Jeanne Veronica High "Misha" Riché Nox Mina You're kidding, right? Maria You're only ugly because the author purposely made you ugly Naenia You'll understand when the anime comes out later this year. : D Or just read the manga.
  4. I think that's part of the charm. ) : They're teens. What's wrong with it.
  5. The movie just feels a lot darker than the other ones, and I really like how they did it.
  6. It took me an indefinite amount of time to see this.
  7. Ayesha is so damn htdsrgesrgsaefwafewaytrestsrgs. If it weren't for Shallie, she'd be second in line. : D
  8. It's just referring to the archtype. And no, I'm not counting Rangers and Assasins (post Awkening era). One clean promotion.
  9. I've been around since the start and I managed to build two +10 seasonals (Charlotte and Lissa). They are my most favourite units along with Libra and Henry:
  10. It's much better than Year 1, and it's not even a content. I think the problem with powercreep isn't as relevant unless you're very focused on scoring high in "competitive" modes. I use the quotations because I don't feel spending money makes it that competitive, since people start paying themselves up at some point. I've been F2P for the grand majority of it, and it's been really geneous. You can make any character really good, as long as you know how.
  11. Of course it's worth it. I've been around since Day 1, and I can tell you the game has changed massively. It's night and day comparison. It used to just be Fire Emblem for the phone... and even that was still fun, but now it really holds up as an actual FE, in terms of gameplay. You have tons more skills, characters and customizations, and not to mention how much generous the game has gotten since. You're not limited to 50 Stamina and it's made tons of other quality of life improvements. Things are a lot better and easier, now. There's many more characters to enjoy and choose from, and it's incredible what you can do if you just invest on it and give it a chance.
  12. FE10 is godlike. I'm seriously going to it again. Alright, than "what" is he.
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