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  1. 2003 was also one of my first real anime, and I'm not counting stuff like DBZ (since everyone and their mother pretty much saw it). I started watching it again before yesterday, and I still feel it holds up. There's also another really good thing about this anime, and that's the OPs and EDs. Amazing music I listen to this day. And talking about OPs, the first one ("Melissa") is one of my lesser favourites, but the song is still very catchy and hard to skip.
  2. I mean yeah no yeah, he does look pretty cool there. Although, I never really felt like his height took from anything. If anything, being so short and so strong (physically and overall capibility) made it even more of a statement.
  3. Can we also talk about how edsgdetghsdrfgsrgesfrsfafea Sloth looked.
  4. naw he looks fucken badass in the 2003 anime and in all the promotional art
  5. He looks so much cooler in 2003... 2003 anime: Brotherhood
  6. Ever since I was of a certain age, a part of me started feeling like I don't really belong in this world. Literally? Not literally? Maybe both. I'm not going to get into what is and isn't possible, because that's not the point. It just feels as if you're so different from the way people are thinking or acting, and it feels as if there's no way you'd really understand why they do the things they do. Like how people get into dumb arguements and fights over nothing, or things like reputation or ego. I realise; I simply don't care. I don't care about titles, your degree, what you do or how much money or "status" you have. I don't care about how I am supposed to look at people into the eye or whatever, and I don't care for getting into dumb fights because someone supposedly looked at me in a certain way. I'm not really depressed, or necessarily unhappy as I express this. If anything, it's somewhat liberating. My biggest concern in living among this society is in how I should I really go about into life. On one hand, I don't want to waste time doing nonsense (like all the above I mentioned), but I also don't want to be a spineless coward as to nod my head and burrow my head in silence.
  7. kitty O3O

    1. Specta


      wow you gave me flashbacks to like 2013 in 8 characters

  8. THANK YOU I DO HAVE FUN BUILDING HIM I WISH I HAD MORE COPIES I ALREADY USED AROUND 300 ORBS BUT I AM GETTING UNLUCKY I AM CURRENTLY @3.5% I HOPE I GET HIM TOMORROW AT LEAST ONE MORE COPY yeh I know how it feels when you have a lot to spend it's really easy for it to just drain away without even really enjoying the experience as much. I remember when I saved up to 650 for W.Lissa last Christmas, and stuff just went by. It's compulsive. jajajaja what didn't even know that was a thing. I just save and collect them normally. I still never got to 999 (why not 1000? imao)
  9. That weird feeling when one of the most emotional movie moments is part of a zombie movie. Well fucking done.
  10. I'm also left handed, but it's not like it's the same as writing. It's easy to get by.
  11. Did a true solo against Galle & Berkut's Infernals: Imagine killing this guy when you do 0x2 and you can't charge your specials with a 20 Atk unit...
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