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  1. It's not really the same, because a lot of peak weight has to do with fluctuations in water retention, and not actual fat. This is why it is suggested people weigh themselves when they wake up, when their body is dehydrated.
  2. What if I was. yeah, that's the point. Give me another 10 years. The doctor did it, so nope. Also got 175.5cm on another ocassion. Both are correct. Both fluctuate. And either way, your peak height is what counts.
  3. I thought I peaked at 175cm at the age of 16. But here I am, a year later after my last measurement (175.5cm)... I reached 176cm. At the age of 26.
  4. Well, what about those characters that just achieve said things and stuff just happens to them. What do people think of those characters?
  5. Is there any reason you'd give your main characters really hard obsticles and constantly making them doubt themselves? What would be the point in that story?
  6. wait, is this online or in person? It's not that bad, honestly.
  7. I mean, I'm not "nervously hiding it", but I feel chicks on tinder and shit tend to hide it or genuinely actually want a relationship... but then there's also chicks that post half naked pictures showing their ass and saying they don't want to get laid. so liek
  8. I never said I considered myself ugly, but the english language confuses it's own native speakers when they apparently interpret stuff "less attractive" = "i feel ugly"... that said, it's not something that bugs nearly as much as it used to. I just always found myself to be attractive, but it wasn't until I started trying to understand society better than I felt like I didn't fit into the whole textbook tall, high cheekbones = not attractive thing. There's just a point in my life I wanted to understand people better, and I ended up adopting alot of their ways and customs, even though I didn't naturally feel that way about certain things.
  9. well I don't feel insecure next to people with money but I sometimes feel insecure next to other guys that society would percieve as more attractive : D
  10. yeh but they make it seem like only women are allowed to feel that way or something
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