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  1. A game that is fairly easy to do a "Bad Unit Run" is probably The Blazing Blade (At least on Eliwood Normal/Hard Mode) a decent amount of the units in the game from one i've seen are span from Good to Below Average, even the ones people consider to be real bad are still fairly useable. An interesting run would definitely be a "Volunteer Only Run" (The Generic Units you get if you lose to many units) in Shadow Dragon, due to how horrible those units are.
  2. Exciting, but definitely would have preferred a standard release, although FE1 is a pretty lengthy game I would have liked the inclusion of the first three games, even just FE1 and FE3 would have been fine. Most likely gonna pick this one up but that "limited release" thing Nintendo is doing with this game, which they also did with Mario 3D All Stars, is pretty annoying.
  3. As said above Golden Deer is definitely the easier option of the two, Claude joins as a flyer which makes Hunting by Daybreak much more manageable, him also having access to his heroes relic right at the start of part 2 is another advantage since Dimitri doesn't get his till a couple chapters in to part 2.
  4. Agreed, although this is not nearly the worst spoiler in FEH, *cough* Black Knight *cough*
  5. Bernie passing an exam is another highlight
  6. Was really hoping to get Dedue (Since Hubert and Hilda are already in the game), he was the Three Houses character I voted for in CYL4, guess theirs always next time
  7. I feel like the next Tellius Banner should be Griel Mercenaries that we haven't gotten yet
  8. Guess no use in hiding it for another hour
  9. Jill or Devdan are the Tellius characters Id want to see
  10. I would love to see a Gronder Field, I would imagine there would be you and two other armies and you would have to take a fort from each side at the same time, (Like with what you had to do with Ryoma and Xander in FEW1) From Awakening the Validar map, Dragon Table, would be interesting too see, maybe having your units split up, two fight Validar, two just fight regularly. Echoes I would chose either the Tower of Duma or the Rudolf map Verdane would be a cool map, probably just take forts where the castles would be located
  11. Awakening By Far... The Blazing Blade was the first Fire Emblem game I played and was the one that got my intrigued with the series. But Awakening was the first Fire Emblem game that I truly fell in love with and is now the reason Fire Emblem is my favorite video game series of all time. I love the characters, Chrom and Lissa especially, and Robin is my favorite Avatar, I personally liked the marriage and child mechanic, child characters had a reason for being important to the story, unlike Fates where they were there because of Pair Up. However I found the map design to be underwhelming compared to other games in the series and Lunatic Mode was just bad. Dispute its flaws Awakening is one of my favorite video games of all time and is by far my favorite and most played game on the 3DS.
  12. Banned for telling users to "Write your Butt off"
  13. Haven't played FE3 yet but do you really need to reset if you lose a single unit during Book 1 then? Is there any way to revive fallen unit (Besides the Aum Staff) like in FE4 or saveing during the map, or do you just have no choice but to reset?
  14. I thought Three Houses was a great game, having multiply paths to chose made the game much more replayable for me, its got its flaws and the map designs is one of its biggest weaknesses, but its currently my most played Switch game and I had a great time with it
  15. Played the game and though it was a decent experience, I like the battle system and the mechanic of making new weapons to get new abilities, however I found some of the idolsphere puzzels and getting attacked by enemies much higher level then you and failing to escape to be annoying. Despite its flaws though I wouldn't mind a sequel
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