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  1. Raphael is one of the most annoying characters in the game, but I'd say he is redeemable solely because of his support convos with Flayn.
  2. Constance is not only the coolest one, but she's bringing back the Dark Flier class which was sorely missed. I'd pay $25 for DLC that just had her and nobody else
  3. I haven't put a lot of thought into abilities besides general prowess and faire abilities where they fit. Annette is also gonna be filled with rallies, of course. I do know I want felix, Byleth, and as many others as possible to have Vantage. I also intend to give Shamir lethality; is that worth going for? Are there any other abiltiies worth going out of my way for for certain characters. Also, are the breaker skills worth equipping generally? I like the idea of adding equipables as a column. Annette is gonna have Thyrsus, btw. I haven't thought much about Battalions, but right now I have Ashes and Dust on Byleth and Gautier Pegasus Knights on Ingrid. Who in general (even if not in this run) would be a good fit for bolt axe, if not Annette? I also like the idea of making Ashe a Wyvern Lord, I didn't think of that. I'll probably switch things up and move him in that direction because it'll help his strength and give him the mobility I want. Felix having the shield wasn't something I really put a lot of thought into I just thought it might help his livability, but Gilbert would probably benefit from it more. Thanks for all the discussion guys lol this is fun
  4. I totally forgot that War Master was genderlocked lol, so I'll switch her up after I take a look at my options. Perhaps Wyvern Lord, but I want to be able to keep my gauntlets. I want Ashe and Annette to have axes because I don't have a lot of Axe in my team, so I want at least some coverage on that front. I'm hoping Ashe's high hit will mitigate the low hit axes he wields. Ideally I'll give him a hammer. I'll give Annette crusher; I didn't realize she gets a relic. I like the idea of Canto and the increased mobility for my healers and archers, but I might play around with keeping them as snipers and bishops if it needs to be done. I want my adjutants to be Great Knights because I want them to be able to defend my units; I have found that to be the most useful of the three adjutant uses.
  5. Here is my planned final team for a Blue Lions maddening NG+ playthrough. Everyone will be given a iron weapon of their major type, and specialty refers to another, specialized or fun weapon I hope to give them. I am open to any critique, discussion, or questions!
  6. The most viable option I see with it is Byleth with his budding talent in faith (white magic avo + 20) and only if he gets Aura; nosferatu alone is not worth an entire ability slot. Other than that, it is only semi-worth it on characters that get either Abraxas or Aura, which isn't very many. Overall, its a no from me dawgs
  7. Despite being a pretty bland character overall, I really liked Mia when I first played Path of Radiance. At the time, her hair color was enough to make me go "oh yeah shes cool" and shes just unjustifiably been my fav character ever since
  8. Do any of you guys use Flayn? I want to fit her into my maddening run but I don't see any potential in her besides maybe being a dancer. Maybe a holy knight but Idk if I'll have time to get her riding skill high enough.
  9. Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and thought I'd start my time here by asking a question that has been on my mind recently: is SoV still worth getting? I exhausted a ton of time into Awakening, PoR, and am currently on my third playthrough of 3H. I wanted to get SoV when it first came out, but didn't have the time. Is it worth it to go back and play it after all this time, or will it simply feel aged and redundant after having played 3H for so long now? Thanks!
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