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  1. Florina is the ugliest girl in FE, and I cannot understand how she is anyone's waifu.
  2. You can never escape her, and spend the rest of your years locked in a room regretting your decisions. I gave dorcas all Speedwings in my first playthrough of FE7, and trusted old gamefaq discussions for advice.
  3. Banned because you forgot about Zephiel
  4. Banned because it's not FE7 that's rng bugged, its FE6
  5. banned because nino has a 50% growth in magic, making her op.
  6. read my status, it tells you the answer Why are you so suspicious of clearly innocent bystanders?
  7. Banned because ike bab because swordlocked unit.
  8. I've had Lyn max strength at like 20/10 Sail since when was the wiki right on anything? Berserkers op. Thanks for the lovely background musick
  9. Finn vs Canas is hard, but I'm gonna go with the cav for this.
  10. Banned for killing off Lugh while he had forblaze on him.
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