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  1. It's filled to the brim with high magic enemies with long range tomes and status staves. And Kishuna leaves... Enemy phase turn 5. It's basically an ambush reinforcement of a dozen siege tome and status stave promoted enemies. It does give good xp tho if you don't lose your mind.
  2. nope, Pent still absolutely destroys everything. Although now there's a slim (as in like 1% chance) that he dies turn 1 now! Geitz is very good statwise in HHM. He comes one chapter (NEVER DO GENESIS IN HHM) after Hawkeye, with much more speed and similar durability. The biggest problem with getting him is you have to train Lyn and Eliwood, which isn't the easiest. You pretty much have to take Eliwood to every map and while it is possible to get Lyn to level 10 in the chapters she's force deployed alone, it's not easy. That's the reason he's not high tier and I think there's a lot a bias against him cause of his recruitment condition. I frankly kinda find it annoying when Mekkah talks about not considering the 20k gold cost for Farina but then dumps Geitz in a much lower tier then he would be because of his recruitment condition. Mekkah even put Geitz in okay and Hawkeye in no-brainer for his HHM character guide, which, seeing as Geitz has much better speed then hawkeye and reliably doubles, doesn't make a lot of sense.
  3. banned for using a ban you have used previously
  4. Sooks is right, the English is quite fluent. Hello there also. Have a nice stay.
  5. Hello72207


    FE6=pog. All I gotta say.
  6. The only cheap solution is to learn japanese, sadly, as far as I know. These games do not have a lot of non-Japanese copies and so the cost is extremely high compared to other FE games, or games from that era.
  7. Thing with Lyn is that she has no 1-2 range in a game where having it can make or break a unit, and Dart comes with poor bases and an effective 25k price tag. Raigh's durability mostly comes from easy nostank, which does have some drawbacks (biggest being the price tag of doing something like that) but Hugh has really good bulk for a mage. Instapromoted, he has 30 hp and 11 defense. FYI, Lilina hits 30 hp at 20/7 and never gets 11 defense, and Lugh gets 30 hp at 20/2, and just barely misses 11 defense. Hugh also doesn't need the babying that Lilina and Lugh do, and has pretty good stats all-around. It's not hard to get him to level 20 either in 16 or halfway through 16x, (which is a lot kinder of a chapter to him then it is to Zeiss) and these five levels, along with promotion, give you a sage with 34 hp, 18-19 magic, 14-15 skill, 15 speed, 11 luck, 12 defense, and 12 res. These are very good stats for a unit that just barely joined, and his growths are decent enough that he will keep up with the rest of your army. On promo, he also gets insta aircalibur, which is pretty good in Ilia. With a speedwing, pretty much everything but the fastest nomad troopers won't double him, and with his decent durability and good 1-2 range, he can actually be pretty good in Sacae. Raigh does have easy nostank, but isn't actually tanky without it. he has a 55% hp growth, and a 15% defense growth. Along with his poor bases in those two areas, he's not getting very tanky. Combine that with nosferatu being expensive, and there's two problems. Raigh is pretty good when used, but his bases give him some durability and combat issues (8 AS is struggling to double at this point in the game). Although Raigh does get really good when invested in, both units are with their faults. The only other hero crest users I can think of using at this point in the game is either Fir, if you took the time to train her, or Dieck, if he managed to get enough speed levels to still be relevant.
  8. It says do not click on it. How does anyone fall for it?
  9. Welcome, none of the profile stuff is required, so no need to flip out about it.
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