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  1. To be fair, the comic is titled "a superior plan", and lures thing is superiority
  2. Personally I think Soma Cruz could probably solo all of Chrono trigger, but it'd be fun to see.
  3. Hello, In FE6, there's quite a few fun ideas I can suggest https://feuniverse.us/t/oops-all-sophias/10190 Oops all sophias replaces every playable character with a sophia of the same level. It's surprisingly fun, and after a rather rocky first five or so chapters on hard mode is actually quite reliable. It's an interesting challenge for sure. I enjoyed playing it a lot, definitely breathes a fresh air into FE6. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/64nlrkwny4ucx8a/AAAQXPwVKErfibCgMs5gDn2Va?dl=0 Lunatic mode is made by the same person and is not for the faint of heart. It removes all bugs from FE6, including double HMB from the first five chapters, along with HMB for player units. It starts giving enemies forged weapons, along with a semiforced time limit for each chapter, which, if not met, spawns an 8 move flying dark dragon with a brave nosferatu 1-10 range dragonstone and 50 in all stats. I'm in the middle of a run right now and it's quite entertaining. The dropbox link contains a readme with all changes. As for self-imposed challenges, ironmans can typically make a run pretty fun. FE7 isn't as hard as FE6, as enemies typically can't hurt your juggernauts even on HHM with a bit of planning, but they're all pretty fun. No-xp sounds like a slightly harder 0% growths run, where any unit who joins under level 10 cannot promote, instead of just having no obtainable stats from levels. I tried a no promoting no prepromotes run of fe6, and it went pretty well. It ended on chapter 20x Ilia when the phone I used stopped working. The biggest issue a no shops run can reach is lategame, when hordes of enemies demand weapon uses. no healing sounds... not very fun. It seems like an rng check for most games, where you'll just have to get lucky dodges.
  4. 8/10. A nice, happy song. Kirby is a happy little boi.
  5. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
  6. If I'm interpreting the rules correctly, it really is. I'm assuming that we're just going with displayed and not total level for rule 3, because you let us use Seth, who is higher level then all bosses up to chapter 8 at base technically. you can get Seth to audhulma and win easily. D rank weapons gives you effective weaponry, javelins, hand axes, and steels. Plenty enough to win. The prepromote rule only makes the Seth solo even more encouraged. In fact, the only thing remotely making this a challenge at all is just the one sitting rule and the recording rule. Many people just don't have that time or attention span. Aside from that, some xp management is all you need to get through with ease.
  7. Props on completing this. Two years is a long time. I dropped off after sacred stones cause I didn't know any of the other games after that, and since I had completed a grand total of five FE games, them being 1,2,6,7, and 8. Since I dropped off, I finished Thracia and Por, and am in the middle of 4 and awakening. Glad to see a huge project like this finish. I enjoyed your breakdowns of every game that I read, and your ranking system did seem pretty fun, if I disagree with the final rankings a bit. Gaiden should get +100 points for having bigle in it, dangit! If I could suggest hacks to try, I'd suggest playing through The Last Promise, Vision Quest, and Code Of The Burger King. Project Ember's definitely something to try out, cause a lot of people who dislike FE6 enjoy Ember. Personally I preferred FE6, but PE does make some changes I can get behind.
  8. FE1: Jake/Beck, FE1 ballistician is the worst class in all of FE FE2: Sonya, rip female mages in gaiden, she's up against Mr Insane bases, worse avail then Mae FE5: something like Miranda, bad bases, join time, Ronan at least has a lot of the game to do something FE6: Sophia. Difficult to train due to accuracy, gets onerounded by every attacking enemy in her join map, bla-deh-bla FE7: Karla. Joins late with terrible bases, and poor growths. FE8: Marisa. 25% str, terrible class, bad join level, horrific bases. FE11: something like Macellan or some crud, IDK
  9. Question: After finishing the actual FE series and Kaga Sagas, are you planning on doing any fan hacks? Some are pretty good and it would be pretty neat for you to try stuff like Vision Quest, which is very close to GBAFE, or Four kings, which I wouldn't suggest ironmanning.
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