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  1. Y'know, an age of empires two campaign centered around Surtr would be pretty interesting...
  2. Asides from Marcus, Rutger, Melady, Shanna, Percival. Yeah. Hugh. Also Bors. Bonus points if you train all four generals, and bring them all to the final map, and keep them all alive, like I did in a FE6 ironman. This is probably my favorite FE game, and I've done crazy things with it. Right now I'm doing a no promotions, and no prepromotes hard mode. I shall wait a little longer before beating you to death for this horrendity of a pun. however, the plot actually somewhat holds up under analysis, and has a fairly enjoyable story. Bors is the best armor knight in the game, after all. I've used Bors before in ironmans, and while training him can be a little hard, a trained Balls can actually help out quite a bit in chokepoint chapters like 4, (especially if you don't do the Marcus Halberd strat), and on 7, he can do quite a bit of work as well. If you do train him, and he gets good, he benefits quite a bit from the first knights crest, for that speed boost and also the ability to tie in weapon triangle instead of wtd against the western isles. he's probably still like a 5/10 unit at the most, tho. Allance, two of the strongest units in the game. I prefer Lance over Allen in HM, cause Lance is more likely to double, and doubling with killers is very nice, and makes up for a lack in strength. You will want to give him his Allance support however, cause otherwise he tends to have a few low percent crit issues. 9/10 unit, probably the fifth best unit in the game. Other good unit. Fun fact, he curses in an old translation patch. Grinding his axe rank is a dummy good strat. FE6 gives you a lot of nice earlygame axes, with the halberd cheesing chapter four, killer axe being nice in quite a few places, and brave axe from geese can stave off his falling off for quite a bit. He is not quite the best unit in the game, I think Melady's better, but I do think Marcus beats out the other two units I consider S tier, making him second best unit. actually, Earlygame Roy is quite nice. He can contribute in chapter four and seven with rapier chip, and he has wta against almost all earlygame enemies. You can use the western isles to train him up, and then not worry about him. I like to dump the chapter four angelic robe on him if you aren't using Shanna, and he is fairly tanky with it, taking 3-4 hits if he's being trained. Wolt's chip falls off after chapter three, because after that he does like two damage. if you don't grind a few RNs at the start, there will be a lot of low percentage hits. FE6 do be like that. it varies on the patch. Allen, Alan, Alen, Allan. This is with other characters too. Tate, Thito. Ray, Raigh. Jerrot, Zealot. Balls, Bors. Translation patches are something. that means he gets doubled a significant less in the earlygame. Anyways, good luck with this LP. FE6 can be pretty fun to ironman, as a bad unit will inevitably be good (looks at Ellen with almost capped magic and speed), and also the game gives you enough bodies to throw at the enemy to get you through. Good luck, and may the memery ever be with you.
  3. Another person on a discord server found a blog with some interesting calculations for gaiden that are not in the site that were datamined from the game Blog in question: https://web.archive.org/web/20181028234926/http://izumobridge.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-9.html
  4. It appears to be from a hack. It looks like darin had more then 60 max HP, which he does Not in hhm. Furthermore, just under "Eliwood's" Japanese name, there is part of a forest tile visible.
  5. In fact, there is! There's a hack called order of the crimson arm, which has a playable avatar but not much else about it is customizable, but legends of Avenir has a completely made avatar creation screen and several branching paths.
  6. But could we get swimsuit Joshua. I'd rate this S-tier if it had swimsuit Joshua
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