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  1. Banned because I believe that is the one where everyone except Eirika, Ephraim, Seth, L'arachel, Syrene, and Tethys died.
  2. Banned for not continuing Ike solo yet.
  3. Banned because of a reason I will think of later
  4. Banned because isn't sky1 a tv channel?
  5. The binding blade chose Roy, so it could make sense that maybe Eckesachs chose the kingdom of Bern's family, Hartmut's descendants, to wield it and nobody else. Roy and his crew canonically get it, but the blade didn't choose them so it won't let them wield it. So it would only be balanced towards new players who don't early promo Rutger, and even if they wait till chapter, say, 14, that's still like 10 chapters of the game with a infinite use 22 might sword. Anybody who plays it again will promote Rutger there and snap the game in half.
  6. If you promote him in 8x like most players do, Rutger can easily have S swords because he only needs 100 sword xp, which if he doesn't have, he's close. Melady does not join with an Elysian whip, but you get one in chapter 12 that she uses quite nicely.
  7. Horrible bases for jointime, very frail, slow. Those are the main reasons.
  8. This is a terrible Idea, mainly because of how early you get some divine weapons. You get Durandal in chapter 8x, and there are 20 chapters left in the game. What's gonna stop me from dumping this effectively 23 might unbreakable sword on Rutger and snapping the game in half for the remainder of the game.
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