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  1. She will automatically promote at the end of Ch23.
  2. Thanks for your kind words. I am happy you had fun with it. 😄
  3. I realized I forgot to update this thread on a new update to The Lonely Mirror earlier this month. A new update is available: FE_LonelyMirror_FullGame_v2_05. The focus of this update is quality of life improvements, updates to enemy placements, rebalancing, more supports, side quests, and bug fixings and text improvement. Quality of Life Improvements: Now will show available Talk conversations on map when selecting a unit. Now will show super-effective warning when selecting a unit. Displays enemy movement range, so now it is easy to determine stationary enemies. Portrait Updates: All playable characters have had their portraits cleaned up and improved. Some colors were modified to work better. Here’s Queenie! Bonus points to anyone who spots a difference. New Class: Bow Knights have been added. They have been added to several maps as enemy units. Major Chapter Updates: Ch20 will now allow Sterling to be recruited on any difficulty. Ch23 (desert map) has had the enemy spawn reduced and is no longer infinite. The objective of the map has changed into Talk within 20 turns. Chapter 24 will no longer have ambushes on the houses. More enemies will be placed on the map at the start. Chapter 25 will provide an additional turn to save Ozias. Chapter 30 has reduced enemy spawn. Enemies spawns are still infinite but they are weaker and not as often. Enemies will now always provide EXP, so you can grind if you choose; it’s so late in the game, it won’t matter much. Chapter 31 has reduced enemy spawn. Other maps have received minor changes of placements, but nothing too significant. Rebalancing: Silvan: nerf to resistance stat. It should now be almost non-existent. Saoirse: changed promotion options to Hero and Trickster. Grant and Rob now promote into Great Knight instead of Halberdier. Ozias: Now joins as a level 18 soldier with about the same stats. Can now be utilized as a Silver Paladin. Eamon: Boosts to bass stats (power, luck, and res) Sterling: Boost to resistance Benji: Boosts to base stats (power and skill) Helga: Improved constitution. Snipers no longer have Sure Strike. They already have access to Longbows and Critical Boost. Sure Strike was moved to Rangers instead. Bolting now has improved power, reduced critical hit, and reduced range. New Supports Written: Joseph x Queenie Saoirse x Riley Silvan x Riley Noelle x Saoirse Rob x Shiloh Silvan x Liang Noteworthy Bug Fixes: Removed the battle scene on Ch25 that was causing crashes for some people. I couldn’t reproduce it on my end, so I got rid of it. Witch now receives promotional gains. Updated how the wall kills units in Ch30. Game over will not happen if Boone or Lael is squished. New Characters & Side Quests: A rival Secret Shop is now available and run by new character, Mercer. He’s got some fun dialogue. Mercer is first met on Chapter 9 by visiting the southern house with a current member of the White Lions (Boone, Travis, Winifred, or Caspian) and will welcome you to his Secret Shop. Mercer will sell you a mystery item for 1000 gold. If a deal is made, Mercer will show up again in various red houses throughout the game to sell mystery items. Funding his store could lead to nice rewards later in the game. Mercer will always spoil Anna’s Secret Shop location out of spite for anyone having difficulty locating them. I don’t want to spoil too much else, but I have also written some additional character development for Caspian, Winifred, Travis, Shiloh, and Astoria that can be encountered on Maddening only. I will leave it at that. New Playable Units: Two new playable units have been added to Maddening difficulty only. Each unit has their own special Gaiden style map to unlock.
  4. All the difficulties should be a good state if playing the latest build. I will be still releasing patches that improve the balance and reinforcements.
  5. The emulator I recommend using is Visual Boy Advance 2.0.2. I have reviewed the end event for Ch 21, and I am not seeing anything out of place aside from maybe an audio difference that could be causing a problem. I am going to update it regardless.
  6. Parvati does require some unusual investment, but she can be pretty good. She is definitely fun and seems to be one of the more popular characters. I have heard reports of the black screen on Ch21. I am personally not encountered this, and I think it might be tied to the emulator you use. I am going to see if there is anything off about the way that cutscene is built. Honestly there is nothing special about how it is built. Did you miss the whole cutscene? What tool are you using to run the game?
  7. Hey @Lorneus Happy to answer you questions. 🙂 Chapter 23 is one of the more difficult maps in the game. Congrats on promoting Myles. You honestly can't go wrong with swordmaster or assassin. I actually prefer assassin just because of access to knives. Myles can do a lot with easier access to 1-2 range weapons. Swordmaster is great too! The animation is different from the original. There really isn't a true Jagen in this game, but Wyatt fits the archetype the best as the older character who may be a little better than the team for a few chapters, but I find he drops off rather fast (probably be Ch 22). Vergil can very easily become busted depending on how he levels. It sounds like yours turned out excellent. I've also had Vergil suffer in speed or defense in the beginning and it affected him in later maps. Additionally, Vergil is absent for many chapters. I think the only way to get it back is to have a thief (Atticus) in your party. There might be a setting on the thieves that I can change to make the last stolen item droppable. I believe that is how the vanilla game handled this. The support gallery should unlock after you complete the game once. Let me know if you run into problems. More supports will come eventually too. You do get a unique character in Maddening mode, so it could be worth checking out for him. He can become a dark griffon too, but Joseph is still easier to use; though, more wind focused than dark. You can also try the alternate Ch14/Ch17 that you didn't do and character. I am also thinking about adding Gaiden chapters on Maddening mode eventually, so that could be a reason to check it out later. I might be changing Halberdier to Great Knight in a future patch, but for now, Halberdier can be good for the extra movement and the critical hit bonus. Grant also has good skill and power to do pretty well as a Halberdier. General is good for more weapons, a good skill, and suits Grant's stats a little bit better.
  8. Thank you for your kind words, @Lorneus. Parvati is definitely not a character for everyone, but she can be a fun and useful member your core party. You will need to break a lot of runes in order to level her up, and runes can be very powerful. She does turn into a more traditional unit upon promotion, so if you get there you can choose to use alternative weapons. I feel the same way on my play throughs, but I have had a fun time trying out every character fully at least once. You can always go back and try different characters on another play through or difficulty. I have tried to incorporate some difficulty differences too. There are a number of dialog changes that happens with character deaths. Rob and Wanda have notable ones, but I will be adding a couple more in a future patch. Luckily a lot of characters do retreat if they fall in battle, so many character will not permanently die. I will be adding more supports, but those do take some time. Let me know how the rest of the game goes for you. 🙂
  9. I am happy that you enjoyed the game and thank you for sharing some of the issues that you experienced. I will try to do my best to address them. I am also not an artist by trade and am both color and shade blind. I am sure it shows in some of my portraits, but I have physical limitations. It will be difficult for me to address every art sin I have made, but I keep trying. This one is concerning. It might be caused by increasing the Whisper's speed to beyond 30. I might have to reduce the whisper back down to 30 max, so that this issue doesn't happen. I have no idea why holding a silver knife would permanently reduce a speed stat to 0. Strange. I have never experienced this, but you could be right. Do you have details on specific chapters this happens? I find it strange that this would only be happening in the first part of the game as terrain bonuses shouldn't be specific to chapters. If you are right, oh well. I don't think there is a way to fix this easily. I wonder if this is happening at a specific moment, and if it has something to do with giving the player a choice. I might just turn off the ability to speed through or skip the cut scene if it is going to be a problem. Good catch! Easy fix. 🙂 The support bonuses will at least work, but yes, there are many placeholder text. Supports take a lot of time to complete. Writing dialog can also be extremely draining after work - especially when trying to hit many different character personalities. I will be adding more overtime. I figured supports would be a marathon and not a sprint. The door key issues that you are experiencing should be intentional to prevent a separate issue from occurring; though, there might be another way for me to do this better. I might get to this eventually, but it is really not too high on my priority list right now. Please understand that I am just one guy. I work an 8am to 6pm job everyday and have other responsibilities in life like any other person. To create a hack like The Lonely Mirror took a lot of sacrifice - love, friendship, a healthy lifestyle, lots of sleep, and the enjoyment of other things in life. I knew this, and still chose the path, because I like being creative. I don't appreciate comments like "nice try, but still not the best," because each Fire Emblem ROM hack is special in their own way. I am proud that I at least created a game that reasonably could have existed in the GBA Fire Emblem era. Let's treat Fire Emblem ROM hacks like a painting. Is the Mona Lisa your favorite? It might be, but paintings appeal to different people.
  10. Ch 16 requires you to escape with every unit you deploy. This means, Boone, Joseph, Wise, Eamon, Queenie, Atticus, and your 6 free slots. A character that is slayed on this chapter will not cause a game over unless it is your last unit on the map or a forced game over character (Boone). The end chapter event triggers when the last character on the map ends their turn on the escape points. Nice that you got Atticus to a high level too. He can be very good - both in combat and utility. You will need to let everyone out of the cell - even if not every character will be immediately useful or ever useful. Noelle can be a great choice on this map to help with movement. High mobility characters like Travis, Wyatt, Helga, and Ariel can be useful too. The team you want to deploy is pretty good. I might switch out someone for Noelle or maybe even a healer like Ariel or Shiloh (if you have him). Lastly keep in mind that the characters you deploy in the cell next to Joseph/Wise will always be gifted weapons automatically as long as Eamon is alive. Hope that helps!
  11. This is one way to do it. I actually never thought of that. The intended way is just to use the switch in the middle of the map. I can add beaconing if this is difficult to identify. Hitting the switch will open the gate for one turn, so you can get enough of your units through. Then you can hit the other switch, which will lock the gate in place.
  12. I am happy that you are enjoying this hack, @Woruno. Chapter 12 can be one of the more challenging maps in the game for sure. On the bright side, it seems like your characters are decently leveled - aside from maybe Myles right now. There are a couple choke points that make this chapter a lot easier, which I have indicated on the map in blue below. The first thing you are going to want to do is hold the two points near the breakable wall and move everyone to the top left corner of the fort. Break the wall as early as possible. You should be able to get it done by the second turn. Have everyone leave the fort through the hole in the wall. Kill the minimal number of soldiers or monks in your way. Position your most defensive unit (Boone, Rob, Caspian) one space above the broken wall. Have Ariel sit on the tree for healing or ward support. Liang, Caspian, and Rob can also be positioned to help with ranged attacks. Have Myles and Travis clean up any stragglers or kill the troubadour for the physic. This setup allows you to deal with one or a couple enemies at a time and will keep the majority of your party safe from harm. Hope this helps.
  13. Hello Fire Emblem Obsessionists and Happy 2021!! I have been working hard on a FE8 ROM Hack project titled Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror, and I wanted to officially release the full game. I should note that this new release will not be compatible with previous save files, at least past Chapter 7, as I had to do many ID remapping. I still would recommend starting a brand new save file. Download: You can download a UPS of Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror ROM hack on FE Universe: https://feuniverse.us/t/fire-emblem-the-lonely-mirror-full-game-fe8-rom-hack/5712 Features: Original story and characters. 36 playable chapter maps on single route of play (38 total). 44 total playable characters. Player choices that impact branching chapter maps, character recruitment, items, and enemy placements. Unique chapter objectives and map interactivity. Custom backgrounds that enhance story telling including hand-painted, storybook intro. Custom battle sprites. Newly introduced classes and weapon types. Newly added music. Many support conversations for additional character development Special endings and paired ending epilogues based on supports. Enhanced gameplay; though, staying true to classic GBA Fire Emblem. Trailer: What Comes Next? I’d like to continue to improve the Lonely Mirror by adding more supports and character development as well as enhancing some of the existing maps. As always, I appreciate any feedback and support to make this hack the best that it possibly can be. I am also planning on doing something with some of the popular characters (based on the poll) that will happen throughout 2021. Stay tuned for this! It is kind of a strange feeling to be actually release an entire game though… I have been working A LOT on this project the last couple years, so it’s always an odd feeling for a project to be near the end. I hope more comes from it, because it’s been a lot of fun.
  14. I also wanted to share a character popularity poll link here in case anyone was interesting in participating: https://strawpoll.com/e9z88bpr6 Also, please let me know if there are any support ending that you'd like me to include as part of the full game release. I might end up doing something special for the favorited characters.
  15. Thanks for your feedback. Firstly, what difficulty are you playing, because the reinforcements will behave differently depending on the difficulty. Hard mode might feel relentless. I tend to like to use Joseph/Brett and Grant in the pit of monsters, and use Boone to block the staircase while holding a javelin. Grant should be able to take a lot of hits and Joseph or Brett are strong offensively. The idea is to rush Vergil, Travis, or Faith to the switch as fast as you can. I can consider reducing the reinforcements if it has become a huge problem for you, but I might not get around to it for a month or so as I've had some other things come up in life recently.
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