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  1. Hence why I called Chrom a timer. Thankfully that isn´t a problem because with Camilla x Azura and some Frederick back-up goodness enemies die before they can lunge, especially when considering that both Freddie and Camilla have more move than him. Add Corrin, Silas, Effie, or Elise (this being the CQ variant) into the mix and you will only deal with a grand total of 4 reinforcement Ninjas and a bunch of Onis, Spear Fighters and Samurai, who will very unwillingly take the role of Camillas victims. Add Corrin/Silas/Effie dealing damage as need be and you have an easy clear on your hands. Not like you lose anything if you lose Chrom, other than -2 minutes lifetime - and don´t you still get a super accurate pebble?
  2. I feel you are exaggerating. There´s Frederick, who deals very well with practically every enemy that isn´t the boss. Chrom is just the timer of the map and Lissa is the neat occasional heal. Obviously Frederick won´t hold up that well in later stages of the game. As of chapter 10 for Conquest and chapter 12 for Rev - unlocking the Camilla - Ninjas should not be an issue, seeing as only 2 spawn at a time - except the last spawn with 4 - and the closest pair of forts is easily blocked. All you need is, as per Fates Standard Procedures, throw Camilla at the problem with some Refreshing and you are good to go. Doing so makes saving Frederick from the Boss´ Counter-Skill your only concern. And the rewards... I mean free promoted bases? Great Lord vastly improves most of the girls performance and the only problem I see with Lodestar is swordlock - which at least Xander and Ryoma don´t care much about. Oh yeah, in your specific case, smithed Pebbles for maximum accuracy. Now Birthright is an entirely different story and I haven´t messed around to much with DLC on that path but chapter 14(?) should have a considerable powerspike with Ryoma and Scarlett. Edit: Also Takumi for maximum accuracy, Reina for prepromoted goodness. Pick either, throw in Corrin and Azura and you should be good to go.
  3. Because what you suggest has exactly zero impact on having players play the game they want. No worries? Casual. Supposedly high stakes, adrenaline pumping decisions? Classic. What else is there? If someone fears permadeath - and let´s not forget that this is just a video game, not something that, in any case, should have life-altering consequences for the player - while being fully aware or the mechanics of the game, the solution to the problem isn´t easing them into them, it´s them having to stop being a bitch and start playing the game. The choice is already there. What I´m arguing here is, being able to actively change up your game. Rather than giving the player an enhanced choice of an already existing choice - classic/casual - I would want players to be able to completely and utterly fuck around and find out in the game. No growth runs? Why not try no stat runs? Oh, you really like this character, but that one has serious problems unit wise? Well, why don´t you take this character editor and fix´em right up? That map isn´t difficult enough? You have a cool idea, making it better? DEW IT, in the map editor. I want to be able to bend the game to my will, not bend the rules by which the game plays.
  4. Kumagera? I don´t know if he´s Flame Tribe, but he´s certainly no pushover. Orochi is Niles polar opposite - she will hit hard exactly once and do so while being pretty darn accurate, but she will not, under any circumstances, double anything. Though her start chapter is pretty shit for a Mage, what with all the Ninjas. Charlotte i get - imagine the possibilities of her having lessay Archer or Ninja as a secondary class line, but like Effie? She who 1HKO´s with a Steel Lance? I think Armor Knight plays perfectly to her strengths, pun not intended.
  5. Eh, I think Rinkah is just here to give you access to the Oni class line - I think the only other character who has it is Hinata, his kid Hisame and/or Corrin if you choose so. The only desirable thing about that classline, as it looks to me, is Death Blow for Critphelia & Berserker shenanigans and perhaps Lancebreaker. Maybe Ltcers could find some use in Shove? Other than that, solid pair up bot, +4STR/2DEF, would do again.
  6. tbf, Kaze being weak is not really unexpected, is it? The weakest of the Ninja squad. And in chapter 9 you´ll get your +4STR/2DEF backback again, so Kaze may be more workable. ...Great Lord Hana? It almost makes her a unit. Then again, your units probably can´t beat that map yet.
  7. Bronze weapons help with that. Dodge is CritAvoid in this game.
  8. I´d assume it to be highly unlikely that a player doesn´t have at least one unit with locktouch (granted REV chapter 7 is an excepton). And even then, a lot of the chapters have or spawn enemies that´ll try to steal loot so you should be able to just off them after they filled their pockets. Especially when you consider that CQ gives you like what, 3 or 5 keys in total, for some ~20 chests?
  9. We already had that - see CQ children paralogues and MyCastle Invasions in general - and then we got Echoes and TH (though exp may be limited in TH too). Make of that what you will. That´s just looking for something to nit-pick at by players with different playstyles - if you don´t like something and it´s in the game, but you can ignore it and it´s not necessary, then it´s not an issue. If you like your challenge, then don´t grind - if you want to curbstomp the game, go and grind and curbstomp. I don´t understand the sentiment that game devs need to hold the players hand and bend to the playerbase every whim because that´s impossible. You can play FE in every way you can come up with (within some limitations obviously). Permadeath is a problem because people make it one - in itself it´s a choice left to the player as of the most recent entries.
  10. I know, but there´s a difference between Poppi and maxed out Poppi - it´s like, the only reason you settled for an Opel rather than getting the Lamborghini is because there´s a really, completely unnessecary, tedious task in your way. If that makes sense. Not 100% on that metaphor. cease. Never been to an arcade, not going to start with that in my games.
  11. It is the second worst thing about the game. Looking a characters performance behind a shitty minigame? The only other thing that is worse is... - put in spoilers for story reasons -
  12. What put me off getting Wargroove so far was the units - I am no fan of all factions having exactly the same troops and the only difference comes from the leaders. I do have Vestaria Saga and enjoyed what I played of it - am at the a Dragon from the south appears chapter - but I kinda just lost interest in it.
  13. Guess what? I didn´t use any of that until looking up Enel´s guide on combat (around chapter 7). And after looking up said guide the only thing I used was the stutter step AA, because I didn´t understand what Fusion Combos are until that one quest in Torna (combining Blade with Driver combo right...... right?). And pouch items... yeah they didn´t really look like they´d do much and I´m a hoarder. That item has infinite uses? Better safe it for next time. And don´t ask me about what Blades synergize with what Driver, which Blades benefit from other Blades etc... when in doubt, spam Mythra.
  14. ...eh? Leave map, go grind, come back, kick butt. The only exception to this I can think of is TH chapter 13 on Maddening - but TH also has like 25 save slots for at max 22(?) maps and I think using them to create a fail safe every now and then won´t hurt. That sounds like unwarranted worry, but I haven´t played Echoes in a long time so i don´t know if Berkut´s final battle is actually a difficulty spike. The greatest difficulty in SoV comes from trying not to ragequit at Infinite Swamp&Cantor Works and the shitty accuracy. I mean yeah, I agree it´s probably bad design. But tell that the Devs and not me, since you know, they already accomplished that once with F:CQ and then we got Echoes (which is a remake tbf) and after that we got TH which follows in Awakenings footsteps of difficulty design.
  15. I only have one complete playthrough under my belt and on my NG+ file I´m only in the Praetorium, but I thought the early bosses had some bullet sponge issues. Then again I also explored the fuck out of the first like 6 titans/continents and had my fair share of run-ins with enemies I was probably not supposed to run into. I assume you played with the power of NG+ behind you? Thank the devs for BEXP merchants... I hate Tiger!Tiger!
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