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  1. Catherine is very fun to use in Maddening, because after being stuck with a squad of scrubs having a unit with actual stats is liberating. Also Odin. Having him stand in the middle of enemies, weakening themselves for your other units and he walks away with full HP, he really is chosen by something.
  2. Hm, I wanna say the first time I had to bench someone was around chapter 10, but not 100% sure. Yeah the spikes are a bit weird, from what I´ve seen the enemies gain like 2 levels per chapter I think, but sometimes they also seem to promote increasing their stats further. The chapter where you recruit the pink haired mage was a real struggle. I think I messed up Sloane some way - went the full Magician-Illusionist route but as of lvl 30 her damage fell hard. Otherwise it´s been Cia, Brooke (Crits & Dodging), Alden and Monroe (the games nostank it seems). I want to say it´s the characters total damage? You can sort the mvp screen, but the first thing that pops up, always seems to be about total damage.
  3. Alright, dodgetanking seems to be very real in this game, not just for the rogues but also the mages. Sloane is consistently MVP. Also, regarding the new units that you get every now and then, is it just me or are they just kind off... better than any other unit that you have at that point? That reminds me, what difficulties are people playing on? I´m on 2/3, w/e it´s called and it´s quite easy (so far who knows). Also a minor tip for chapter 14, where enemies suddenly have above 60HP:
  4. Irving was fine for like the first few chapters, maybe I messed up his promotion (I went the topmost one - Warrior I think?)
  5. I´m up to chapter, I think it´s 9 and my issues with the controls & interface aside, it´s... ok? What they might want to look into though is the promotion system - upon capping exp promoting and then getting another move with the same unit in the same turn seems a tad powerful. Speaking of promotions, unit stats should be visible when promoting, how the already high growths change isn´t that important imo. Even more so, when we are given a new unit at the beginning of the chapter, having never seen anything about them, and we are immediately prompted to chose a promotion for them. Unless I just haven´t found that option. I´m not sure I understood it correctly, but for damage calc, there is basically Weapon Class vs Armor Class, and then on top of that a kind of weapon triangle with the colours? On another note how are people´s views on the units and classes? So far Irving, Elias and Benji have been the most disappointing, with Elias being bad enough/having fallen far enough behind that he´s become a liability. The Rogue tree seems very strong so far, though I have only tried Stalker/Duelist. I´m not sure the smithing system works out that well, considering all units have 4 different weapons all the time and you need to improve them separately.
  6. Yeah, Sol requires big brain someone with 1-2 range, but I knew your stance on that skill anyway. Malefic Aura is in essence +2 Mag. I´m not going to let story reasons inhibit my fun. If you do, more power to you. I assume you talking about Kumagera and Gazak? Not really - of course using them requires the player to notice that they are geared towards taking stuff out and not stand around and twiddle their thumbs. There´s a goddamn reason characters have Certain Blow. Bla bla bla, what are Fates mechanics, what is damage stacking etc pp. And there is no stat difference between Hard and Lunatic - Niles performance will be the same on either. If you played the game, you might know that. How to keep Niles relevant - see sentence above. Or you just do, whatever you do to keep Kaze relevant. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Really, all your problems could be solved by trying stuff out,but you have been quite dedicated to trolling for the last 3-5 years. The best axe in the game. I got two of those before chapter 17 once and oh yeah is it nice to just, casually and effortlessly 1hko stuff.
  7. Bosses (Haitaka, Kumagera, Nichol, Gazak, etc), enemy healers, unique skill combo dudes, THE ONE AND ONLY Sir, this is a video game. Not off the top of my head but: Nobility, Draconic Hex, Elbow Room, Stat Skills if there´s nothing better, Rallies, Wary Fighter, Strong Riposte, Sol, Locktouch, Lucky 7, Heart Seeker, Malefic Aura, Gentilhomme, Demoiselle, Live to Serve, Duelist Blow, Vantage, Death Blow, Darting Blow, Air Superiority, Quick Draw, Certain Blow, Poison Strike, Aptitude.
  8. There´s more than lv. 15 skills. There´s more kids than Ophelia, Nina. Bench parent you don´t need = no waste of exp. Not that hard. Which of lenticulars complaints leads you to dismiss the capture system?
  9. Eeeeeeeh, I´m not 100% sure how to answer this, so I´ll just go with no real difference. Again, I think a FE with well-designed maps, classes and mechanics will automatically have both a good first time so to say, as well as high replay value. Obviously there´s other factors, such as story or characters but I couldn´t care less about any of that. As far as I´m concerned CQ is just vastly more interesting than other FE´s. The maps, units and classes and the mechanics that support all of it are just vastly better than anything any other FE has. I think it was 3 or so months ago, where someone on here did a hacked PMU of lunatic CQ and i gave them a Flora with Strengthtaker, Quixotic and Ignis - so a character who scales with the amount of enemies she kills. I´m currently in the process of getting the necessary skills to do a Replicate run of CQ on top of trying to get some builds together - so imagine that very same Flora but with Replicate. No other game really allows stuff like that. Sure, they all have their own unique things - I´m thinking Awakenings Armsthrift Nosferatu, or TH Dimitri Battallion builds but for me they are nowhere near what Fates offers.
  10. Step 1) Heart Seal, Friendship Seal, Partner Seal parent into class. Step 2) Learn Skill as you needed. Step 3) Get Kid as needed, inherit skill you want. Step 4) Bench as needed. That way you can bench your least favourites AND get neat skills on kids without needing to reclass. And as mentioned multiple times throughout this part of Alastors Fates adventure, you may want lv 15 skills on your kids, skills who rarely come in before you have "unlimited" reclassing anyway so that you can beat some maps easier. Which is all the use you need out of these skills. Obviously, you can have more fun if you know what´s coming - that probably holds true for most FEs and even more so if you can do builds based on skills etc. Replayability comes from map design that isn´t just 30 enemies strewn about a vaguely laid out terrain and the ability to change things up. CQ does both pretty darn well. On the other hand, at the very least I had fun going through the game the first time, because finding a working approach to the problem the map presented and then seeing it working out that way was a very neat feeling. Because before his STR starts hurting him, he can quite competently capture enemies. He´s also a source of chip and one of the three natural bow users in CQ. The better the player, the better the Niles.
  11. Instead of Footies they could be mounted units - the turkish/ottoman Akinci come to mind.
  12. Say, don´t you get something from the caves in chapter 3 of Vestaria Saga? Where the bandits spawn? I distinctly remember one of my guys receiving something there, but I just played through that map and nothing.
  13. Is it allowed to suggest a Pair-Up Partner and that units skills as well? Also, as for skills to suggest, would it be allowed to give you a completed build, as in unit x with skills a, b, c, d, e but you have that unit learn these specific skills as per Fates rules (lv 1, 10, 5, 15)? Edit: Screw it, take this Troubadour Nyx with Staff Savant and Inevitable End.
  14. How about a variation of the Thief promotion? Instead of getting a Trickster, who does dodgy magic stuff you get a... Kidnapper? Or a Slaver? Then again, that may be too dark for FE to integrate as an actual class. Also, yes to capturing enemies and using them in general. Unlimited Canonfodder Works.
  15. You forgot to add Aptitude. +10% to all growths. Effie as a Knight has 55% and DF Mozu would have 50% DEF growth.
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