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  1. First off, I´m pretty sure that´s not what EK meant. Secondly, let me try what you wrote - attempting to understand Nowi and why she´s written that way– keep in mind my Awakening support knowledge is limited. Nowi is a ~1k year old Manakete. She tends to behave in a childish fashion. Why does she act childish? Looking at her interaction with other people and her environment she does this because… I actually don´t 100% understand. She seems to consider herself something akin to the class clown of the Sheperds, trying to better Morale, but at the same time she´s also just really afraid of being alone again when everybody is going to die, so she´s trying to have the maximum amount of fun before they leave permanently. Why is she written that way? I see 2 possible reasons: -) She´s actually a metaphor for the struggle of humans with age – whether it be the elderly afraid of being left behind by their significant other and friends due to dying of age or just generally the passing of time being hella scary. -) with a look at Nowis rather… carefree supports, the fact this scared attitude doesn´t come through all that often and the fact there seems to be a certain archetype for it that is well received – baseless loli pandering. Did I miss something?
  2. Do you always “invite an argument” by saying something is trash? I´m sure that´s a cool way of starting a calm conversation about anything. Because to me it looks plain inflammatory (which I guess means you baited successfully). I´m curious but what game has a fleshed-out Adjutant system? What layer of planning do Adjutants add in FE:TH? Adjutant-Follow-Up is chance based, Adjutant Guard calculates damage reduction percentage based and Adjutant Healing is limited in its uses – not to mention it´s amount of HP restored. I no way does the game explain what it does with its Adjutants, nor does it mention its chances no? I could not find much in this regard but what other games are as upfront with how it´s supports mechanics work as Fates? Aren´t mechanics that allow for more options in how to play the game normally seen as good? Nitpick: Your lack of understanding what Guard Stance and Attack Stance are, is showing.
  3. Ehh, not sure about Kinshis v Falcon Knight but in Birthright you get one Kinshi prepromote – Reina and she should be a competent unit no matter what. Not sure if she falls off in the lategame. As for building a Knishi Knight any member of the Archer line should be sufficient – maybe excepting Setsuna due to her lack of Str. Keep in mind the Archer Line Skills here – Quick Draw at Lv. 10, Certain Blow at Lv. 5 and Bowfaire at Lv. 15 from Sniper. I´m not sure whether or not an Archer reclassed to Kinshi would get the Peg Knight skills – Spd +2 and more importantly Darting Blow. As I am looking through characters to recommend my eye lands on Takumi – who has both Archer and Spear Fighter which means many great skills to be had. Alternatively, Hinoka should perform quite well – keep in mind she will have E bow rank. You could also get her Lancefaire if you want her to get up close and dirty. Oh yeah, Mozu.
  4. Okay so far, I get: War Cleric Constance which… looks okay? Like not Dark Flier Constance or something but okay? A Ferdiand without Lances. Okay. Gremory Mercedes Trickster Dorothea which looks okay? Falcoknight Hilda Paladin Leonie (Trickster Claude) (Warrior Lysithea) No seriously are any of these two suggestions even possible with their respective weaknesses? Like I guess Claude can be created in some weird universe with some effectiveness but Warrior Lysithea seems like a bad idea that just did drugs and is high af?
  5. Yeah Luck ties into Crit/Crit Avoid – the major part of Crit is Skill though (I think). If you want a crit machine you could take Fighter/Berserker line as talent (that´s more for Rinkah though). Marry Rinkah reclass/promote into Oni Chieftain from LV. 3-5 and pick up Death Blow (+20 crit on attack) and A-Rank Subaki to get Pegasus/Falcon Knight (Oni Chieftain is a promoted class). That also allows for Berserker Rinkah with Deathblow – innate class bonus of +20crit and +20crit form Deathblow and +25crit from Killer Axe (not sure if available on Birthright). I´m generally not so sure which Killer weapons are available on Birthright if any are at all. Alternatively take Oni as talent and skip marrying Rinkah and reach bro-hood with Subaki for Peg/Falc Knight.
  6. I have put doing this off long enough, so I decided what better way to go through TH Maddening than with a PMU. I´m not overly familiar with the game but I think i can even make funky stuff work. I will probably end up dropping some of the initial team members very early and start funnelling XP – I am leaning more in the direction of dropping Rapahel/Lorenz/Ignatz than any other unit. As for things I already know: -) All DLC is available and will be used. -) No Cyril. As for things to be decided: -) 10-12 units – the team. -) Byleths class path. I´m not picky about either ♀/♂. -) each units approximate class path and finalized class. I think that just about covers it.
  7. To start have these: https://zekareisoujin.github.io/FEFatesStatCalc/ (average stats calculator) https://soapy4159.github.io/ferevpairings/ (growth/max stats/pair up bonuses) Are you playing Birthright? I think STR boon and LCK bane would fit best – Luck is mostly irrelevant and Peg/Falc Knights are naturally fast but also weak, hence the STR boon. Note that -Res penalises Mag/Spd/Res whereas -Lck penalises STR/MAG/LCK and you get extra STR via your boon (the SPD difference is minor though). As a talent Pegasus Knight. Are you planning on female or male Corrin? If male, you might want to look into marrying either Hinoka or Oboro – you should get Spear Fighter as Partner class which would net you Seal Def/Spd and in the lategame Lancefaire. Falcon Knight Ryoma sounds terrible in every aspect that isn´t Mov and Spd.
  8. Neither of the two are as difficult as Conquest – both have their own set of difficulties though. Birthright gives you a much frailer cast and tends to spam enemies. In Birthright most enemies are relatively weak and maps tend to be Route All I believe. In Revelation you have bad unit balance – some units join late, some join too weak etc. Enemies are also not weak – where Birthright spams enemies Revelations mostly inflates their stats. It is however the Sandbox of Fates due to every Army being available. You´ll also find the maps to be rather tedious/boring. Can´t speak for its story though. Hard v Lunatic mostly means that the enemies get new or different skillsets as well as updating some enemy inventories (can´t confirm the latter though). There´s also more enemies in general however there should be no increase in enemy stats. As for capture targets I think it´s mostly the early boss Haitaka, eventually Shrine Maidens due to them having Max Staff and enemies such as Pegasus Knights with Pass. The Rally Man grows ever more powerful on Lunatic with 4 Rallies. Lunatic is fair all the way until the end – as in Endgame, maybe chapter 25. In these chapters you´ll be hit with hardly avoidable enemy exclusive skills such as endless staff uses, enemy debuffs adding up. If you enjoy gameplay over story and you have to chose between Awakening and Echoes hands off the latter. It´s map design is exceedingly boring and it´s classes are as exciting as its Swamp chapters and difficulty is achieved only by intentionally hampering yourself. Have fun missing a lot. I have heard good stories about its “presentation”, however. Also, completely voice acted if that´s up your alley. Awakening is not much better in terms of Map Design (it being closer to Birthright tough) and it´s difficulty jump from Hard > Lunatic is a steep one. However, you have a lot, and I mean a lot of freedom when deciding what to do with your units. Awakening´s PU system makes Fates system look like a joke – it´s much more powerful. If I had to recommend a game outside of these it would probably be FE: Shadow Dragon. It doesn´t get any more barebones in terms of mechanics but the game is smooth af with 6 difficulties and a unique class system that allows units to change in between certain class-pools. The maps are largely okay in my eyes.
  9. Yes, but the time it takes Leo to get A rank with Odin to then reclass to Swordmaster etc is also time we probably don´t have him build support with Nyx – hence hampering his damage. If we class change Odin and have him get Vantage then it only takes one HS – Ophelia can just inherit Vantage. Meanwhile Leo needs to reclass twice (1x FS, 1x HS) to get into SM and then into Sorceror – which may mean we have him running around as a Dark Knight for some time (which, as mentioned, I am not a fan of). Not that thats much of an argument against it, tbf. I see no reason to use Niles with Ophelia. For one they don´t support so Niles would only give Adventurer PU bonuses. Secondly while I am no fan of his combat Niles makes for a competent unit on his own. Furthermore, with Leo x Nyx we get yet another neat kid – Forrest, who can S-Rank with Ophelia. Would we use Nyx!Forrest as Ophelias backpack he would give (as a Sorcerer) at max +7Mag/+4Spd/+3Res. With such a backpack it should not take much to get Ophelia to doubling thresholds on practically every enemy in the game barring PU enemies - at the very least with less effort than Leo. Keep in mind with such a Forrest we still have the Strategist/Adventurer route open should healing be required - my main goal with picking Sorceror Forrest as an example was to maximize potential damage output.
  10. So, they are 50% RNG. Besides that, I quite enjoy Sword Master Hana. Ryoma will 100% be a Hero, if I have anything to say about it though.
  11. @starburst Take this for enemy stats and skills: https://imgur.com/a/6T52mEK (not mine & found on gamefaqs) On the topic of Rallies, while it isn´t within the scope of your guide there is indeed Rallyman, coming in hot with 4 rallies (Str, Spd, Res, Def). Also: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/4qmb42/fanart_rallyman/ In regard to Ophelia/Odin take a peek perhaps at this YT channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Zoran501/videos – @Zoran is also a user on this board. Keep in mind this whole thing about Ophelia/Odin is in large parts due to their class pool Dark Mage/Samurai allowing them to use Vantage/Nosferatu. As for your Ophelia v Leo concerns: I see little reason to have any unit ever be a Dark Knight except for Lv. 14-15 to grab Seal Magic and Lifetaker – neither of which strike me as particularly great skills, though the latter may be of use should you intend to do some semi-self-reliant damage dealers. That may be more a thing of the big book of skill buying though. As for Leos bulk against Ophelias bulk – is it really that relevant? What would you have them tank? For physical damage, abiding by your guide, we have Xander, WL Camilla, WL Beruka, WL Percy (not explicitly mentioned) and for magic damage MN Kaze, Strategist Elise. All of these tank the respective damage type just better than Leo and I would imagine some (Xander, Elise) would also out damage Leo. I feel it should be mentioned, in Conquest you´ll find a lot of enemy formations that are somewhat segregated by damage – as in mages stand with mages and physical units stand with physical units – with the hybrid classes (mostly Basara and Oni Chieftains?) skulking about every now and then. As for damage, where and how does Leo out damage Ophelia? No iteration of Leo will outclass Ophelias Mag and she has a higher Mag cap as well as having up to 3 more Spd, making reaching thresholds easier and so potentially doubling the damage. I guess Leos PS is okay, but what do we need extra damage against an already injured enemy for? Not that Bibliophile is great, but it together with Sorcerer innate bonuses gives at least 20 Crit on the condition of having 3 tomes in inventory – her personal tome Missiletainn, Calamity Gate, Horse Spirit, Mjölnir, Lightning, Nosferatu + any variation of the standard tomes. Granted this is all very min-max-y. Though with your plans regarding Paladin Jacob, WR/MK Corrin and WL Camilla, Adventurer Nyx etc. you may find yourself out of Heart Seals to get Vantage on Odin/Ophelia. Oh yeah, after looking into it I also retract my statement about Niles 100% Haitaka. I tested this with a base level Niles and a base level Odin. Lv. 5 Odin can take 1 attack of Haitaka so that´s a safe Heartseeker – the iffy part is the Freeze staff because Heartseeker doesn´t target Staff Hitrates and Elsie had ~53% chance to freeze Haitaka (Jakob had ~58%). With so much as a Skill and a Luck Tonic you can get the Hitrate with a Bronze Bow up to 100% at which point you only need a PU to deal the necessary damage and Haitaka also doesn´t have a crit chance on Niles. The Iron Bow deals some damage but sits at ~96% Hit and Haitaka has like 2% Crit.
  12. Chapter 4. Did not know you could go north fast enough. My bad. Chapter 9. That was a misunderstanding on my part then, sorry. Chapter 10. I messed up thinking that the eastern bridge had Seal Defence Spear Fighters, but they are not, sorry. Maybe mention that Takumi must be killed before turn 7 as on the start of 7 (I think?) he automatically activates DV? In you interlude between chapter 8-9 you write: “We've got a lot of gold now so it's time to upgrade our enemies and you can even get a few tonics if you like.” I assume the bolded is a typo? Oh yeah, Adventurer Nyx would probably make a better partner for Leo than Niles. At S-Rank we look at +3Mag/+6Spd/+2Res/+1Mov we get a kid (Forrest) and it frees up Niles though i guess it requires a Heart and a Master Seal. I don´t quite understand why you recommend using Leo while screwing Azura!Ophelia for no reason other than an ethereal deployment slot problem. Neither take physical damage well, both laugh at magic damage but Elise!Ophelia just hits harder. And she doesn´t need a pair-up partner to do so. You get a better unit and save a deployment slot in the process. And it´s not like you have a good reason not to use Elise or Odin – the former being a splendid unit on her own and the latter being one of the few magic damage dealers until Leo even joins. Now with that out the way, i think i need to preface the following by saying that it is not meant to downplay or discredit your efforts of creating a guide.
  13. Hero Nyx. If you look at it from a very specific angle from very far away and maybe squint your eyes a bit, it´s not that bad.
  14. Ah yes, having the future Empress, the future King and the next whatever Claude´s title is (Duke?), protect the Archbishop. What do you mean piling up several VIP´s in one place is a bad idea? Oh, and never mind all these future heirs to some of Fodlans major houses - some of them being the only heirs to said houses - as well as a foreign princess trying to help out too. This is fine.
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