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  1. Excellent summary of my post. The mention of the mages in 8, where I brought to attention their attack, was to indicate how bad he still has it as the dedicated Magekiller of the team - that is his role, beyond utility and thanks to WT he still takes significant damage. He isn´t ORKOing Archers in 9 unless you find him a source of +3 dmg, which hey can be achieved, but he still takes up to 13 damage in return. And there´s only two he can do so, as the other two are guarded by a SF or a Samurai. Chapter 10, as I had mentioned, is the first time that nebulous bow utility comes in, ofc he´s limited in not being able to target the fliers on the right side, since they enjoy the waves, the fliers on the left side might mingle with the reinforcements making positioning a nightmare for a frail boy like him, leaving exactly the middle for him to try his luck.
  2. Didn´t know Ike games had dedicated lance footies - I meant the Fates variant. Return to the Fates mono classes, with their passive bonuses and only these master classes can use "special" weapons - braves, WT-reversers, killers, effective damage etc.
  3. Spear Fighter. Finally a lance user who isn´t either a horse, a lizard-rider or a brick. Alternatively Fates Berserkers. I like big numbers.
  4. The only thing he kills pre 10 are the target dummy mages (the ones in the south deal what 17 a pop? the rest I think sit pretty at 20-22 I think, I have no way of checking right now) in chapter 8. I see little reason to insist on bow being special until chapter 10 -> Ballista and Fliers turn up. And with Niles stats it´s chip at best. He can´t even really lure out the Archers in Haitakas room, because while he has Res he doesn´t have Def, which means 2/3 Archers wreck him. General Laughter at the attempt at trying to hit a Samurai with Niles - especially the PU varaint in 9. The other thing Archers are really good at, killing Ninjas, he also can´t do, because his Str is so bad and he gets further debuffed, making his combat even worse. +1 Mov would be nice, if the enemy was in any way whatsoever a greater distance away, which due to Fates maps they generally aren´t. Heck, +SPD/RES/+1Mov sounds like a match made in heaven for Effie, but what she needs is a strong lad or lass to reach these juicy OHKO thresholds which specifically she´s capable off. It doesn´t even pay off in chapter 10, cuz Ballista requirements. As of 11 Kaze obsoletes him in practically every way that isn´t PS and as of 13 we get the Hunters Knife alleveating all worries about fliers except Wyverns. Which are rare outside Paralogues methinks - only 13 and lategame? He does have other utility on 9 I forgot - we only get 1 key. And some Wyverns in Invasion 1, I guess.
  5. Elise for Spd/Res. Kaze. Servant 1 to some degree if you have him - Note WTA over mages. And to some degree Shura.
  6. Ah yes the one thing I forgot. Wrong regardless, as the second 2 or more enemies can be fought on EP and I can think of few units who can´t, either more damage will be dealt or chip thresholds be lowered for the following phase. With every bit of investment, EP units will pull further ahead. And this reductive exercise was made in response to your argument of only dedicated EP is better than PP; a chance to showcase such player phase superiority, but alas. How readily available tools are has nothing to do with EP v PP - how effective they are does. Archers in TH have what 1-3/4(?) range - again their only weakness is the players decision on who becomes an Archer. Archer Felix is a completely different beast than Archer Ignatz. Handaxes and javelin are unnecessary since enemies have basically no 1-2 range barring mages and those are a different story altogether and 1-2 range doesn´t counter Archers. What allowed that map to play out that way, was having a unit be able to withstand DK on EP - I imagine it might be possible to stride Dark Spikes Lysithea or a Lance of Ruin Knightkneeler towards DK, but if I saw that correctly DK is sitting on an +40% Avoid tile. You can also see, where no effective EP is possible enemies have to be lure into separate groups as it takes multiple hits from the player per enemy to defeat them, and some enemies have to be pulled carefully as pulling the entire group, or the entire group in one single large blob makes for easy resets. There´s a fair number of units who can EP on Maddening without having to dodge, it does require some player attention tough. Equipping a unit with a crit weapon, if weight allows, has a good chance of either clearing or heavily damaging enemies for easy scoops. A budget build for sure, effective nonetheless, personal preferences aside.
  7. Are there no good or decent Archers in EP games? And consider: as of c-rank the only weakness Archers may have is to be found in their stats. And all the love for Bows I see on Maddening is Hunters Volley, because if you set up correctly and or get lucky you can get 1kill/action. Yes, that is due to the nature of TH. I specifically state that there´s 2 classes that become naturally dodgy. If more can be gotten out of an EP build than with a PP build then to me that is a clear indicator that the game is EP focused. Bolded: Citation needed. Who´s gonna get more done? Class X/Unit Y on EP or Class X/Unit Y on PP, iron weapons, no skills, no equipment, no food, no gambit, no masteries.
  8. No FE other than TH does that. Would that make them automatically make them more difficult? And then there´s the added layer of, as others have pointed out, the UI just plain not taking skills into account - as well as not updating on PP (I distinctly remember someone complaining about Assassin Petra suddenly becoming active) and the potential for target changing due to clustering around the original target. As for the rest, I stand by my exchange with Shanty Pete - TH is EP focused, PP is only cleanup of what survived the dodgetank(s).
  9. Note that I was only refering to bosses such as Hegemon Edelgard - I would think it reasonable to preserve gambits for the final bosses. Awakening L+: About that. it was only joke Note, I specifically refer to dodgetanking and not Vantage/Wrath stuff, that´s something I never even felt nessecary when dodgetanking was already achieved. Dodgetanking is neither a niche nor a demanding setup, both Falcon Knight and Wyvern lord, mayhaps the best all around classes ingame, are naturally inclined to be evasive, with FK qualified people getting an extra step in PK. Yeah, it´s not an instant win-game button, by virtue of game progress being nessecary, but the same goes for PP setups too, which "only" require a combination of C-Bow, C-Axe, C-Reason, C-Lance/D-Flying and mastering these classes on top of whatever you want to do with your unit and in one case you just also need to master a class (Sniper). Hell, setting Dmitris goals to Lance and Flying with switching to Authorithy as needed is probably the least investment for a dodgy boy possible. And yeah, monsters are the one argument against EP, but a good amount of them fail due to no Stair Prowess 1.
  10. This I do not understand? Like, do you place Byleth in enemy range, check the games predicition and then rewind if it´s bad? I would assume people do at least some math before moving a unit? Or am I missing something? Or do you mean Fates not telling you about the WT effects? This I disagree with entirely if it is meant to imply TH be a PP centric game - the communities insistence that dodgetanking is the easiest and at the same time best way to play on any difficulty implies to me a heavy focus on EP. Yeah, Swift Strikes and Hunter´s Volley and meme OHKOers exist and may hit higher performance spikes at specific points in the campaign due to weapon rank requirements, but none will ever live up to the performance of a unit with Alert Stance as established by a recent topic. Not to mention that the preference for Brave effect attacks over "regular" attacks may be read to mean that regular combat just isn´t viable as the punishment for failure is too high, outside of the fact that having a mage be ready to chip is better than having to heal.
  11. 1) gambit for armor break 2) annihilation by crit. s´far as I´m concerned. Yeah, but at the same time Brave-effect critting the boss monster is the best way to finish them if you don´t want to lose your units to a random crit, an issue made worse by the existence of Wrath on at least one of them. Especially if these skills are activated at 50% HP, but 50% is like 100HP and now the question is who can brave-crit for 101 so we avoid Miracle into reset/rewind. Yeah, it may be the final map, but no I didn´t drag their ass through x amount of chapters just to turn them into mince meat now. Sentimental? Perhaps. A Lunatic+ enjoyer.
  12. Hm. How strong would Grima Gravity have to be to accomplish that and wouldn´t it then also affects whatever is underneath him? Though what is a boss in FE? The one big stronk enemy cuddling up on his throne protected by randomly weak/strong enemies or was it the maps all along? TH has the most boss-esque bosses with their multi tile size I daresay, but they are just a blob of stats in a corner of the map waiting to be killed and once you are up in their face it gets quite boorish. On the one hand they need stats to make them non-laughable, on the other hand you can´t also give them stats so high no unit can engage them else we are back at Medeus - and I don´t remember any of my mages evere being able to attack a TH endgame boss other than for the killing blow. And that just results in increasing bosses’ survivability, like the dragon in SoV or all the barrier and HP bars in TH and the all-around shitty Dragonskin skills. I think maps like CQ chapter 25* is an ok concept for designing final maps and an endgame boss: either beat the boss directly, which requires preparation (well, prior knowledge) or beat the map and then beat the boss with whatever you got from beating the map. Ofc, the map itself then needs to be properly thought out. *not entirely as cranked up to 11 as the Lunatic version though, those requirements are too specific imo On the other hand, presuming we make mistakes etc and our units die left and right - would older Fe´s be all that easier than modern FE? As in take any GBA FE remove all S/A tier list units and then look at difficulty again. Would that change the impression that they are easier?
  13. The Takumi approach. That one boss from an Ike game also throw AoEs around, no? Because if every turn is an AoE that sounds just about no fun. The boss rolls over! You died :( The final map of a FE should be a volcano, in which to throw units so that enemies grow weaker and other characters can unlock their happy ending. Maximum story x gameplay integration. And that way even bench warmers can contribute.
  14. YEAH BOI; I had a run of that map lasting 60 turns til I got to the boss - the boss itself took another 15. If you mean the reinforcements from the topright, with no prior tell that I know off, like for example a nice set o´ stairs, they only spawn in when crossing the line of that broken pillar. Ofc, if you try to set up behind that pillar so that you can take care of the thiefs, that triggerst the first enemy group after that pillar for a nice sandwich.
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