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  1. Not to dump on your train of thought but, TBH that has me kind of, absolutely terrified. Warp, at the very least used by the Player is mostly "I wanna get this over with as quickly as possible". Whereas used by the enemy it would probably be "How can i end this persons entire career?" Well stated enemies warped across the map sounds like a recipe for dead squishies. I´m also not sure how Rescue would be implemented for enemies without it ending up meaningless. Most of the time injured enemies will just be Physic´ed or Fortify´ed up no? It would make sense assuming a dangerous enemy that you have surrounded (let´s say a miniboss on map -> Petra on GD Edelgard map?), in order to save him, but that also sounds like a royal pain in the bum and would most likely just end up in the player setting up appropriately to 1 turn said enemy (not that anyone would let Petra live intentionally I imagine). Unless it´s a scripted event. Though I suppose it comes down to enemy AI, more than anything else. There´s some imaginable scenarios with map objectives, though. As in "Kill Boss!", but you defeated him last chapter so now that he´s alone he´s running away from you in direction of his (2nd?) army and if he gets far enough he gets rescued inside the main army, triggering said army to become aggressive. Or some guy has story progression relevant loot (I think FE 12 has that, with differing endings?) and the only way out for him is a path that´s 100% out of reach for you, but he needs to be warped up there, allowing you to either kill Lootguy or Warpguy, but Lootguy has escort and Warpguy is in a fortress/enemy camp? That´s all I could come up with, lol.
  2. I mean dressing up your students (this sounds wrong) is kinda something different, no? For one you have to go outta your way to do it, the costume itself is hideous if you ask me, the battle model doesn´t need to be affected by it... Whereas Felicias/Floras character artwork alone depicts them as maids (Combat animation is kinda cool though). Also, I´m no Kobayashi, but the Fates maids look kinda like they are somewhat going in the direction of French Maid and seeing what that can mean today, I think that´s a whole ´nother story and a good point for me to stop talking about maids.
  3. Maybe that´s not what you asked for, but in Conquest we have a bunch Entrap staves (chapter 12, 14 & 2x 26, 27?) that have a meh to good chance in resulting in dead units? Also a few Hex staves I think (chapter 11, 20, 2x 24, 2x 26, Endgame?). Then there´s Freeze & Silence (these are w/e imo) and Enfeeble. Which is a problem with IE. Random ass enemies being warped into my army sounds about as cool as ambush spawns. Why not both?
  4. I´d rank them something like this: Conquest > Revelation/Awakening > Echoes/Birthright I´ve read enough criticism of these games in regard to story to understand peoples gripes with the games, but things such as story, characters etc. don´t concern me. I build an army & trust nobody. 1) Conquest What can I say? I like the games challenge, I enjoy most maps (Except chapter 16. This thing has my completionism raging. I want all the money). I like the classes I get to work with, the stacking options are as real as they get and every now and then I´ll indulge in a DLC supported roflstomp. 2) Revelation/Awakening Rev: This purely based on the fact it gives me full access to the entire Fates cast, all classes, all weapons. I don´t mind it´s map design and there´s a few maps that allow for very easy grinding to get your units up to snuff. 10/10 sandbox. Awakening: Pretty much the above but in Ylisse. Maps are not especially noteworthy, but the amount of dumb stuff this game let´s you get away with… just hrrr. I will never, NEVER get tired of my 1-2 range options not running out of uses. Also 10/10 sandbox, but an entire game. 3) Echoes/Birthright: Echoes: It was… not fun playing through it the first time, but that´s partly my fault (did Celicas part 3 final map before Grieths fortress, among other things). On my second playthrough I got the item DLC and spent a few hours getting me some Star Jacinths, thereupon proceeding to flatten the entire game. That was a whole lot more fun than I thought. But the game gets, quite literally so, bogged down by move inhibiting floors. If, at the very least there´d be some more, non respawning enemies to fight on the way to the boss. Birthright: For me it suffers from the fact it has only Hoshido cast, while not having particularly remarkable map design. The only real disappointment on this route though, was chapter 16 and the map where you fight Xander (ffs, the guy gets weaker by chapter).
  5. Solid Yes. I think making Byleth more customizable would have been great. Maybe it´s just me but Byleth doesn´t ever quite seem to get where I´d like them to be. Doubling, 2HKOing, doing more than just a hefty chunking with combat arts, etc (I have yet to experience Maddening anyway). When I look at their performance so far, i see a 2range sword... and that´s about it. Can´t talk about magic Byleth as that´s a road I haven´t gone down yet either. As for customization itself, reinforcing/weakening any of their growths and base stats to actually pronounced strengths and weaknesses would have been cool. Right now Byleth´s growth´s are basically a coin-flip, with them only turning into a coin-flip in your favor with intermediate classes. When it comes to unit customization however, I´d go way beyond what Fates or Awakening did. Give the player a budget of total growth rates and base stats. Looking at Byleth we´d be dealing with 370% and 90 base stats. Now we could make a Byleth from scratch into let´s say a physical combatant that has no business with magic: HP 60 / STR 50 / MAG 0 / SKL 60 / SPD 60 / LCK 20 / DEF 60 / RES 0 / CHA 60 HP 30 / STR 12 / MAG 0 / SKL 10 / SPD 10 / LCK 6 / DEF 12 / RES 0 / CHA 10 I would install a growth/base stat limit how much you can allocate, otherwise we might get Byleth´s that are even more lopsided than the example. The example itself, forgoing any semblance of magic would make for a think a pretty strong physical combatant, but leaves a pretty hefty downside. Granted the example Byelth would put all of their students to shame. Though to be honest a large part for Customizing the Avatar I feel is being able to get a tailor-made parent in Fates and Awakening.
  6. Hence why I said my reasons are gameplay related only. You won´t ever catch me discussing story or character development, because I don´t care about either. The only character to ever get a reaction out of me was Sarah from The Last of Us. Reclass Effie to Troubadour for healing (jk).
  7. raises hand My reason for liking the Fates cast is purely gameplay related though. The amount of dumb shit you can do with the fates cast Personal Skills alone puts them far beyond anything TH is capable of imo. And most units are designed in such a way that they are flawed (only one I can think of that isn´t is Camilla, but she´s got low HP, but that too can be remedied). Look at Xander. The moment you see him you might be like: “[…] and on the 16th chapter he descended upon the player to bestow unto him unpenalized 1-2 range and incredible base stats […] But then you use the guy and you notice he has little RES (he can be 2HKO by a Shining Bow Adventurer in his Join Map), his Speed is meh (can be remedied, Fates stacking be blessed) and that with Siegfried equipped he faces constant WTD against one of the most dangerous enemies in the game, which will give him wonky hitrates (sure enough, equip a Javelin and all is fine but a Conquest Javelin is a Conquest Javelin if you catch my drift) Though I do realize that flawed units exist in TH, too, in the form of Boon/Bane in weapon skills, dependent Combat Arts and Spell List, but being able to give a unit base stats to greater varying degree than with the TH student cast makes this far more apparent. Does this make sense?
  8. Terrible speed I can most definitely see, but Wary Fighter is a thing, though that is a thing he has to work for. Combine WF with a Javelin and you have a unit, other low attack Units won´t meddle with, unless they have 3 range.
  9. So Benny? (kinda has Res too, but low base) He has 45% growth, like Camilla and Peri (highest growth in the game barring children)
  10. I´m gonna go and get the big bells then. I raise you one Leo, with 4 chapters later jointime, and 1 Level above Camilla with -2DEF, +5RES. I can see what you mean, and perhaps this too is a thing of playstyle but consider the enemy positioning on the Maps and whether or not you need high DEF/RES units. I wll give examples until chapter 16 (mostly from Memory, take with saltgrain), as that´s when we have almost the full cast, but if you want I´ll go further than that. Chapter 7: no magic damage, Silas, Effie, Elise join Chapter 8: mixed damage, damage segregation in Dark mages stick to their own and the same for fighters. some overlapping ranges, Niles joins Chapter 9: physical damage only. Two enemies wield magic weapons (one Archer with Haitaka, one Spear Fighter Reinforcement) Chapter 10: physical damage only, Camilla & Beruka join Chapter 11: physical/magic damage is segregated by rooms. Kaze joins. Chapter 12: no magic damage Chapter 13: Orochis group of magicians. The rest is physical damage. Bennie joins. Chapter 14: physical damage only (I seem to remember some Falcon Knight with Bolt Naginata? also boss) Keaton & Leo join Chapter 15: physical damage, a villager with bolt Naginata I think? Chapter 16: First extremely mixed setup. Physical and magic users are mixed together with overlapping ranges: Dark Mages, Sorcerors, 1 or 2? Adventurers with Shining Bow. God joins. I mean Xander.
  11. May I chime in for a sec? I cannot make the comparison Titania/Camilla as I have never played FE 9/10 but, High Def Units: Silas, Effie, Beruka, Bennie, Keaton High Res Units: Felicia 1 (kinda?), Elise, Niles, Kaze
  12. @ciphertul Due to there being several mistakes in my first math-attempt, this is an updated version. Since I can´t edit the original post I will ask a mod to delete it. Since you didn´t specify anything I will assume a max stats SM, on a Gate, with Hagakure Blade equipped. Alternatively, a Sunrise Katana could be assumed, because it too gives 20 Avoid, but much less Might. Formulas, stat caps, items, weapons etc. can be looked up at the fewiki.org, as well as SF. Units stats are calculated using Fates Average Stats Calculator (easy search through Google) The Max Stats Swordmaster would look like this: 55 HP / 30 STR / 28 MAG / 32 SKL / 35 SPD / 33 LCK / 27 DEF / 31 RES Paired up with a Master Ninja we get 2 Skill, +4 Def, +1 Mov. Wielding the Hagakure Blade also gives + 1 Spd, -1 Def/Res. Our SM looks like this: 55 HP / 30 STR / 28 MAG / 34 SKL / 40 SPD / 33 LCK / 26 DEF / 29 RES / 7 MOV Additional Effects: Hagakure Blade gives +20 Avoid, and the SM stands on a Conquest chapter 22 style Gate which gives +3Def/+30Avo/20%HP In total, unless I made some math mistake, his Avoid by stat would be 77 (76.5). Adding Gate and Hagakure that makes for a final 127 Avoid. The SM has the following skills: Duelist Blow, Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire. When attacking he would therefore have 157 Avoid (that may however imply an aggressive AI, which would allow us to lure him from his Gates which would result in -30 Avoid). I assume a Lv. 20 Benny with average stat growths, reclassed at Lv. 11-15 Wyvern Lord to pick up some skills. His S-Rank with Beruka allows him this and we reclass Beruka for pair-up purposes to Berserker. We will use an Iron Lance, as well as a Brave Lance. 7Might, 80/65 Hit, 0Crit. Benny’s stats, with all available buffs. (Explanations where does what come from are below) HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES 51 32 0 32 9 24 41 24 Tonics / 2 / 2 / 4 2 / Rallies / 4 / 4 / / 4 / Meal / 1 / / / / 1 / Pair-Up / 5 / 2 3 1 2 / Skills / 2 / / / / 2 / 51 46 0 40 12 29 52 24 What the tonics do is self-explanatory. Cooking stats come from a simple +1/+1 STR/DEF Meal, cooked by Benny, therefore it does not add or subtract any stats. Pair up skills are from Beruka: offering +5STR/+3SPD through Berserker and +2SKL/+1LCK/+2DEF from her S-Rank. The rallies we can get from any Lv 5 Berserker, Lv 5 Wyvern Lord and Lv 5 Bow Knight. STR/DEF can also be brought about by Rallyman, at the very least on Lunatic. The skills Benny has are as follows: DEF +2, Natural Cover, Wary Fighter, Pavise, STR +2, Lunge, Rally DEF, Swordbreaker. Underlined Skills will be equipped, the rest is unneeded. Benny´s hitrates are as follows: Weapon Hit + SKL*1.5 + LCK*0.5 + Weapon Rank (A) + WTA Iron Lance: 80 + 75 (74.5) + 5 +15 = 175 + 50 (Sword Breaker) = 225 Brave Lance: 65 + 75 (74.5) +5 + 15 = 160 + 50 (Sword Breaker) = 210 Assuming we attack the SM on his Gate, we have, due to Bennys PS Fierce Mien, reducing enemy Avoid by -10 within 2 tiles: 225-(127-10) = 108 Hit (100% Hitrate) 210-(127-10) = 93 Hit (93% Hitrate) and smash him for 46 STR + 7 WPN Might + 2 WPN Rank + 1 WTA = 56 – 29 = 27 DMG with both Iron Lance and Brave Lance (54 DMG). However, we don´t kill the enemy with either weapon and our Brave Lance isn´t 100% as well, so we must take further measures. We therefore put Elise or Camilla right next to the position from where Benny will attack, thereby giving him either +1/-3 or +3/-1 DMG dealt/taken, which lets us 2HKO/1RKO the enemy. In order for our Brave Lance to succeed 100% of the time, we now put any unit with Heartseeker (any Darkmage above Lv 5: Odin, Nyx, Leo, Ophelia) adjacent to the SM, which drops his Avoid from (127 – 10) - 20 to 97. That makes for the following calculation for the Brave Lance: 210 – 97 = 113 (100%). We can now guarantee a kill on this SM 100% of the time, without fear of retaliation. Not that the SM would be able to deal much damage to Benny, as Benny has 52 Def, the SM loses 2 DMG from WTD, Weapon Ranks are invalidated due to facing WTD. The DMG the SM can deal would look like this: 52 DEF – (30 STR + 18 WPN Might + 5 Swordfaire -2 DMG WTD) = 1 DMG times two. Keep in mind we didn´t equip Wary Fighter and Hagakure Blade halves you STR after Battle until after the next battle.
  13. This whole thread is about enjoyment, If your opinion is based on challenge and difficulty your enjoyment of it will differ. If you WANT to face bad hit rates is one thing. This whole quote is counterintuitive to the point of the thread. It was meant as an example to highlight a very specific part of gameplay, since as far as I remember there are few instances where TH Hard features extreme hit difficulties (excluding mini-/ bosses). Who plays what game with whatever intent behind it was never part of it. I answered your question. If I insulted you while doing so, I´m sorry. And yes, if somebody argues that influencing Hitrates in Fates is far outside their control I start to wonder, because it´s the direct opposite to my own experience.
  14. So, are you saying that should you miss 5 hits with above 90% hit rate in Three Houses you would consider it a worse game than you consider it now? This had less to do with being about fun or challenging yourself, but rather with the many times you will inevitably face enemies that you do not have high hitrates against and low hitrates even with gambits on Maddening difficulty. It was not meant as a sort of “Do YoU EvEn LiFt BrO?” comment. Because Fire Emblem Fates gives you a great many ways of dealing with its challenges. On the contrary to hating me, I would go so far and even say Conquest loves the player (just to trigger people though). However, using these tools requires the player to do some very basic things, I feel. checking enemy stats. checking enemy skills. checking enemy inventories. checking enemy positioning, movement range, attack ranges. thoroughly looking at the map layout and it´s specifics. Now onto some of these tools. stat benchmarks, while not necessarily easy to reach are more lenient due to temporary stat buffs, permanent stat buffs, cooking, pairing up, rallying. Fates allows you to use two very, very strong mechanics: Attack and Guard Stance. Some units are tremendously powerful when paired up. Attack Stance on the other hand, is nothing less than a brave attack, allowing you to dispatch enemies without taking damage or be afflicted with debuffs. Personal Skills. These have so many different aspects to them. For one there is Niles. Incredible utility. Similarly Elise, Camillas, Corrins, Silas, (Jakobs, Gunther, Felicia in regard to Corrin), Corrins personal skills tremendously boost other units performances. Bennys, Laslows and Effies PS aren´t to be overlooked either. Class skills. These are more complicated due to the levels they may be available. But Breaker skills and Rally skills are very powerful (especially on child units). Skills such as Heartseeker, Gentilhomme/Demoiselle, Elbow Room are nothing to forget either. I will only shortly mention Staves, as I personally only ever hoard them ☹. But I don´t think it needs explaining why freezing, entrapping and enfeebling an enemy is a useful thing. Do you see where I´m coming from?
  15. Mandatory “Conquest only hates the type of player who doesn´t use the resources it gives them” comment. An experienced player might look at the potentially shaky hitrates of Fates and Conquest in particular. Thereupon said player might start to look into “how do I avoid this outcome/improve my units’ performance?” And then said player will realise the ways Fates and Conquest in particular give him, in order to influence enemy Avoid, thereby possibly preventing failing to hit. So, just to see whether or not I understood your opinion correctly: You consider (for possibly other reasons as well) Three Houses to be the superior game to Fates and specifically Conquest because you have less trouble hitting/evading the enemy? Is this correct or did I miss your point? Regardless of this there are two things I would like to ask. Do you think, being able to Divine Pulse back in case of an unfavourable combat outcome (e.g. a [possibly critical] attack misses) influences this opinion? Have you taken a dip into TH Maddening difficulty yet?
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