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  1. Are you trolling? It makes more sense that you're trolling than these as elegitmste opinions. You choose to play the game in a way you find unfun and then complain about it beong unfun. It doesn't make any sense `Tis what I meant when I said you lack a quote. I checked your posts over the last few pages, you didn´t add it in. So go ahead. Direct quotes from where I say the following: *Play the game in a way you find unfun *Complain that the game is not fun *Insist the way you play is the only way the game can be played *Spend 60 turns clearing a map. (feel free to ignore this - I remember saying this in this very thread here and there is a pretty good reason for me taking 60 turns, that being 7 of my units being underleveled) Additionally, that quote with Re:Smort was specifically adressed to you - you´ll find I have a slightly more detailed conversation about this with Shanty Pete, that evaded your notice as per ususal. Put in spoiler brackets, since this is not my thread to rant.
  2. Is CQ a fair game? Well, yes, but no, but actually it depends on the difficulty? As far as I´m concerned CQ´s unfairness stems entirely from it´s map design, because it plays entirely to the strengths of the enemy. CH17 with the tight corridors and almost exclusively 1-2 range enemies, Ryomas corridors of lethal debuffing as the most egregious example, Sakuras divide and conquer fortress, Hinokas flying sqauds of doom etc. There´s other things too - Staff Savant and the skill that prevents debuffs from disappearing. Otherwise it seems to be a problem of communication with the player and showcasing how mechanics work - Ch19 with the foxes, you only have 1 fox trying to show what they do as opposed to how it works with a whole formation you´ll then be dealing with. This plays into stuff like chapter 10/Hinoka - you aren´t made aware that yes, the enemy royals can and will in fact use Dragon Veins - that seems almost intelligent for the enemy AI programmed to do it as they may be. Yes, getting random food sucks, but don´t you dare disrespect the Bronze Weapons.
  3. I checked my posts regarding this, I never mentioned anything about fun or any supposed divine way of play. As per your usual MO you are putting words in peoples mouths, otherwise you might have been able to back up your claims with quotes - I distinctly told you, that you lack one. I specifically mention what my problem is and at what point, but that also evaded your notice - not every chapter is chapter 2. You have also not been able to provide anything in relation to TH punishing EP oriented play, so that was a load of bs too - stop wasting my time with your thought up nonsense. And if the exp curve wasn´t screwed you wouldn´t need substitute stats in the form of skills to have even an acceptable performance, you´d simply have a unit that could perform their role as a PP delete button. Oh well, I suppose I´m expecting too much from optimal builds in TH. ...on a side note, chipping with a 5 cost CA... oof Naw man, are you sure you just didn´t use all the available ressources optimally? /s Well, no chapter 13? Then again route split.
  4. The thing that is supposed to kill doesnt kill because of overinflated stats seems like good design to you? You must really enjoy Awakening Lunatic/+. Opportunity costs, they exist. You lack a quote. In addition there's also gambits meaning if you try to enemy phase a unit they can windsweep you leaving you staggered with reduced stats. Also three range archers with poison strike and fast enemies that can on round most units. The things you're generally complaining about because they make it more difficult to play in a manner you stubbornly insist on doing even though you don't like it. I´ve gone through most of this already and how it isn´t a problem depending where you are at in your campaign, so I´ll take your inability to explain how TH punishes EP oriented play as an admission that TH is in fact built for EP. Especially when considering your insistence on support gambits, when the support gambits that have been mentioned in this portion of the thread show most of their effectiveness on EP.
  5. It is the safest and with that I daresay most reliable way to play and that is the only thing I care about. It took me ~60 turns to get through AM final chapter, but I did so in one attempt and with rewinds to spare. In what way is TH built around that on any difficulty - because I did just that with decreasing diffculty. The only game that actively punishes you for bait and switch turtle tactics - in my mind - is CQ and even that depends on the map. Yes, they are absolutely nessecary to overcome enemies that are 5-10 levels above you and to compensate for the stats that you didn´t get in the level ups you were denied by virtue of the exp curve being all kinds of messed up. I mean that is what you would do, but would you have greenlit Maddening as is either? They shouldn´t have had Poison Strike to begin with. Dude. If something survives a Snipers Hunters Volley, with a full and completed build, and it´s not the final boss (or armored tbf), then whatever it is, it is overtuned. That is an attack worth 5 durability with practically every type of enhancement the game offers. You built that Sniper with the explicit intent to kill one enemy on Player Phase and that Sniper can´t deliver on that. Because I had a Shamir who couldn´t kill without Hunters Volley landing a crit, which hey, happens often enough, but I still say that´s pretty fucking ridiculous, but at what point would you say "that´s too much?" If I build a unit a certain way, then the last thing I want to see is them failing at that one thing, especially with optimal builds.
  6. Re: Smort: It´s a smarter way than havin to gain addditional skill ranks on player units. I also only included it as a sort of safety, because I know people will be like "But what until you have Alert Stance?" Additionally TH enemies seem to trigger as a groups often enough - luring at minimum one enemy will lure more than one, but I´m sure you knew that and chose to ignore it for an entirely justified reason. One unit with Alert Stance will acomplish more on EP than any other setup will on any difficulty on any phase. Also, I made an entire thread about my experience with BL and how tivial it was - but even then you don´t get to politely imply I´m stupid.
  7. I am one who is without SNES etc. pp. All of these suggestions are good ideas for making Maddening harder for yourself. Re: Combat Arts: yeah in the beginning, because your units will be to weak to even finish off chipped enemies without CA extra might. After that, it´s all about them Brave CA´s - Sniper won´t kill without Hunters Volley (unless they are called Felix) - and the same would go for Swift Strikes I presume - as I´ve never and won´t ever use Ferdinand/Sylvain/Seteth in any Maddening attempt, but the fact that people discuss putting these dudes into Paladin for Lancefaire alone, seems telling. Re: Def stacking & Avoid: Defense stacking sounds nice, until you realize you are stacking defense and not avoid, but you have mentioned that already - as of the acquisition of Alert Stance the game crumbles into tiny little pieces and regular tanking becomes a liability, because now your mage is healing and not attacking. Until then it´s "lure 1 enemy and hope you don´t get crit often enough that you have to reset the map." I don´t even know these gambits you mentioned, that´s how irrelevant they were for me to get through Maddening. Linked attack boosts - I assume these are the TH support bonuses? The things that are there passively anyway and you´ll get practically inevitably regardless of difficulty? Alert Stance, Snipers and Physic. That´s all you need to trivialize Maddening and they do that regardless of level - or well, a level difference of ~10levels. If you want Maddening to be good I´d say rework the maps and enemy formations - I agree or say that CS had way better maps than the entirety of TH main game. So they have more strength and can 1RKO your units instead of being just annoying? Yeah, especially in chapter 2 where there is practically no terrain to take advantage of, except the what, three bushes strewn about that you´d actively have to retreat back to, or chapter 3 where you can´t see the enemies that outrange and outmove you or chapter 5 where there´s no terrain at all, or what´s the labyrinth chapter? Good idea, but it dies on failed map design. Dodgetanking doesn´t work without skills - Alert Stance, or I guess wasting a slot for Breakerskills - and lower stats than the enemies. Note, the reason why I find them so annyoing is that they are a thing at a time where you explicitly don´t have many tools to deal with them - the early game. Who cares about enemy Archers when you have your own, or have fliers - i certainly don´t. And if your units had higher stats because the exp curve wasnt screwed into oblivion you wouldn´t need to have every dude come with a knife and 4 more bows. Maybe a vulnerary for good measure. You could replace a units inventory with the Mini Bow and an Iron Bow and that´d be a better loadout than pretty much anything else, barring some relics.
  8. Ehhh, I meant so we know what units you actively use and plan to use and their classes - but since you beat it, it´s all good. And no, there´s no such tool as far as i´m aware.
  9. Stuff I could think about that applies to lunatic, but should also be ok for Hard. I´m thinking being lvl 16-20 is a little low for this. I usually start promoting at chapter16/17. Then again, even earlypromoting should be cool, considering you actively need it. Invasion 2 is way harder than this chapter if it´s the one I´m thinking about. Kaze with a Hunnting Knife might serve you well. You should have a Beast Killer in you inventory/armory. Do you have a leveled Effie or Beruka? They should be quite tanky, even more so when promoted. Also Xander on a Wyvern can use the Beastkiller without weakness. Reclassing Benny can work too - he also has a personal skill that lowers enemy dodge. Think about using Heartseeker - level 1 Dark Mage skill to make especially dodgy foxes targetable. Tonics. SPD/DEF for obvious reasons, STR if you need to reach 1hko thresholds etc. Same for the Mess Hall and Meals - check here to see what does what and who does what: Mess Hall - Serenes Forest Avoid fighting foxes on terrain - it massively boosts their dodge. Check skills - if it has Life and Death (+10dmg dealt/received) stay away on EP and kill on PP. We won´t really be able to help without knowing your units.
  10. Bolded: y tho? It´s literally the one big problem with Maddening - the enemies outscale your units so hard until you manage to scrounge up some intermediate skills to make up for the lack in stats. More levels, more stats, faster skills, easier time. Delete Poision Strike Archers in chapter 2 and going forward. Worse than Iago with his staff rank. I´ll take the sadistic route and because it´s been talked about in some fashion before, but I suggest a full-monastery-skip Maddening (only allowed armory and shop) run of... what´s gonna be better, Church route or Deer? Just to really, truly and thouroughly experience the pure gameplay of TH as the creators intended.
  11. And thus begins the lategame of TH. Am I the only one who thinks these maps feel kinda... weird? Because, I´ll be honest here, these last maps always look like they are a slightly better reimagination of Awakenings chapter 18 - just kill the boss and be done with it. Not to mention the weird loot thrown around the map. The only maps in all of what I´ve played of FE that made me actively look to LTC´em.
  12. Promoting is at it´s weakest in TH. Potentially RNG dependant and you can only promote in a specific menu, never on a map, should you need a power boost right then and there. Or begin grinding away on another skill. I don´t know if this counts but enemy equipment/inventory? I only really seem to remember the... Mace Armor Knight in Kronyas map?
  13. I misread it as you saying Takumi is a good unit in CQ, my bad. Hmmm, on the other hand, as Cysx has stated funnelling Mozus paralogue to Hayato would give you a more competent mage, who can either go Omnyoji for max dps or Oni Chieftain for a Horse Spirit induced tanking spree. He does hit Res and your "only" other options would be MagCorrin, Flame Shuriken Felicia/Saizo and Orochi. There´s Mitama but she a kid as well as Rhajat who well, if you are getting her, you are probably using Hayato. Oh yeah Great Master Azama with Bolt Naginata but weapon ranks. And Omnyoji Sakura I suppose. Mozu on the other hand, I mean you are getting Setsuna (meh), Takumi and Reina for Archery purposes and the latter two would seem to me to be better units than the relatively wonky ones named above. And if we are being really cheeky with our reclasses I´d put up Kagero and Hana for Sniper candidates - the latter for survivability and the former for a bit of the same but greater accuracy - which if we have ´em S-Rank Takumi gives us Kiragi, who is Sniper Nr.2. Neither of them will perform much worse than Mozu. @Cysx This be your post- I managed to post this one before being finished and I can´t seem to go back to correctly quote you. In respect to the bolded: Or you make the units that would still be fine even better - setting Corrin up to immediately promote with Dragon Fang at their disposal, for whatever class shenaningans you intend and it´s no like Kaze isn´t scrounging for a Str level up every time - granted Saizo and Kagero both exist. The fact that you have to bend over backwards to this degree to make a unit not good - because at that point why Mozu - but just sightly better is why I´d call her bad.
  14. This doesn´t quite feel right. Yeah, but both of these chapters suck for Rinkah. The problem being in chapter 4 you are on a clock against Ryoma s´far as I´m aware on top of some to a lot of the enemies having Seal skills. And in chapter 5 you are fighting Mercenaries and Mages, the latter will deal a whole lotta damage and you´ll have WTD all around. Not good for Rinkah. Hell I haven´t attempted the chapter 5 puzzle trying to use Rinkah instead of Kaze - my guess some kind of fighting retreat, with Azura dancing Corrin 1HKOs to keep folks safe? And Kaze with Rinka backpack is a better unit than Rinkah with a Kaze backpack. She´s pretty heavily geared towards Glass Cannon, with a dash of Res. Makes for - oh surprise - a good Sniper if you are afraid for her life.
  15. Don´t ask me, I didn´t bring it up originally but if you ask me specifically - I couldn´t care less about fLyInG uTiLiTy and that leaves only combat potential, which Subaki doesn´t have - relative to the rest of BR.
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