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  1. Remove Noble/Commoner/Lord/Thief; they exist for story reasons or are otherwise irrelevant. Judith can keep hers. Lvl 1 classes are now the former lvl 5 classes and separate classes for Axe/Bow/Fist are created instead of one. Phys classes get +2 STR, Mag classes get +2 Mag.

    All 4 mov classes get bumped up to 5 mov; lvl 20 classes and above that don´t have 6 mov get bumped up to 6 mov. The same goes for special classes. 

    Armored classes get Wary Fighter, innately.

    For the other lvl 10 classes: no relevant growths under 5%. Physical classes without STR growth receive +10%; Priest gets +10% Mag. Physical classes that don´t get a stat boost in HP/STR/SKL/SPD/DEF. Similar things go for Magic classes.

    Remove Hero/Assassin. No reason to have weapon hybrids when the differnce between mono classes are minimal. All stealable loot becomes regular drops. Mono weapon classes recieve innate crit, SM receives dodge, Sniper gets hit, War gest extra crit, so does Grappler.

  2. Fates Prologue 2-6 and CQ chapter 7-10.

    For the Fates prologue, it´s the fact that even this early on there are plenty of ways to approach a map, even with the few units and limited items that you have. And as for the CQ portion: Very nice overall map design, giving the player multiple ways to tackle the map, some reclassing shenanigans being possible. Also, how different the maps feel depending on your chosen boons/banes and the neato differences on the maps between Hard/Lunatic.


    I think H3 SD is also quite nice - it strikes the balance between difficult, but not quite as ridiculous as H5 and once the prep screen has been acquired and the great reclassing can begin, the game feels a lot more open I suppose.


    I wouldn´t know how to define TH early game as - how should I call it, grinding feels too harsh a word - non-story-necessitated-maps are built into the game kind of naturally, obscuring any sense of progress if used, whereas ignoring these additional battles leads to a prolonged stay in... less than exciting classes dragging down what quality the maps have. 

  3. On 1/14/2022 at 10:07 AM, joevar said:

    that could work just right if you could access a menu the moment you get attacked like in Super robot wars series. which let you choose whether to defend, dodging, or specific counter attack . but we're stuck with whatever last used item until next move. having more option doesnt always translate into better implementation automatically in FE

    Hence the ability to trade inventory when adjacent.

    11 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    *howls encouragingly* elicits memories of a time and place long gone, and not necessarily missed.

    Fire Emblem: Stone of Willendorf. but the Weapon Triangle is Bone -> Stick -> Stone.

  4. Fates had the best implementation as far as I´m concerned, suffering essentially only from lacking weapon diversity. Yeah it´s nice to have a stone for attack and defence, but we could just have had stones for attack, defence and then dodging, skill activation, 1-2 range where reasonable and whatever else I can´t currently imagine (regeneration?). All the better if they had a base version of said stone and an advanced version of it - though I´ll say the stat debuffs I´d preferably see gone on the beast weapons.


    Random Rambling: 

    Yes to dragons dealing magic damage. Why bother smashing the tin can when you can just roast it. Also, higher range for breath attack than 1-2.

    Promotion for beast units is ok too, but like, what’s the evolution of a werewolf - Large Werewolf? Bigger Dawg? Ludwig the Accursed? 

    Having your Transformers utility depend on some gauge sounds a lot like Fates guard gauge, except worse in every aspect. Screw using items - you might need them later.

    Alternatively, a wolf that howls, encouragingly, to emulate rallies - specifically Rally Spectrum. 

  5. On 1/7/2022 at 12:32 PM, Shrimpresident said:

    All enemy unit with debuff weapons/skills have inevitable end

    ... and debuffs/poisonstrike/grizzlywounds aply in full, even if the enemy dies. That alone probably softlocks chapter 7.

    For SD: Caedas spear loses it´s effective damage. No reclassing outside of classline. 

    For Fates: Enemies will always benefit from Attack Stance, even if in Guard Stance or when the player unit is in Guard Stance. 

    SOV: Witches AI gits gud. Alternatively, reinforcements may stack. 

    For TH: All units max possible weapon rank is tied to prof rank and prof rank is tied to Byleths unit level (1->E, 5-> E+, 10->D, 15->D+, etc). Ofc, you still have to actually reach the prof lvl and neither weapon nor prof exp carry over. 

  6. 18 minutes ago, windypanda1 said:

    Is dodgetanking even possible outside of like,

    Everone who can get Alert Stance/+ can dodgetank; the naturally faster the unit the better the dodgetank. Then there´s stuff like Ferdinands/Dmitri personal skill, Dancer SwordAvoid setups exist methinks, further enhancing dodginess.

    I had little trouble with either of Hegemon Edelgards forms, thanks to having Alert Stance+ on Dmitri and Hapi thus not having to worry about her long range shenanigans.

    To add to what Barren said, weapon proficeny also plays a considerable role, both in Avoid and Crit. 

    1 hour ago, Barren said:

    Makes me wonder if maddening can be beat without resorting to dedicated crit sets. I’m sure it probably can be beaten but does it make it harder to beat without crit sets or is it necessary anyways because of how difficult maddening can be by the end game?

    Depends - do you count a Hunters Volley Sniper as a dedicated crit build?

  7. On 1/5/2022 at 11:31 PM, Dark Holy Elf said:

    You (not we) did that by ignoring all the levels before 20. For those earlier levels, the gap is larger than -1... up to -8. (There's also the -1 move to be considered.)

    Hence why I roughly pointed out when Mozu surpasses Niles in key stats and in which maps that becomes the case, – ofc that presumes following my own preferred way of using Mozu. If used like Shrimpresident has mentioned, it would look different, but since I don´t do it that way, also not my place to talk about it.

    On 1/5/2022 at 11:31 PM, Dark Holy Elf said:

    Please read back on how Niles got brought into this conversation. It was when someone compared them directly, saying Mozu > Niles. I literally got into this conversation because I disagree with that take.

    Though now that I understand you were only talking about Level 20 the rest of your statement makes sense so probably best just to drop it.

    1 person making a comparison between 2 characters does not constitute a majority of the entire fandom. You also don´t disagree with this take - you disagree that Mozus combat is worse in the undefined first half of the game.

    On 1/5/2022 at 11:31 PM, Dark Holy Elf said:

    Yes, Niles isn't anything special at fighting those ninjas. But he can double archers, onis, and with a single spd proc, spearfighters. Mozu needs seven speed procs to double the slowest of these enemies (five with a spd tonic, granted). And anything he doubles that she doesn't, he's going to do more damage against.

    e.g. if Niles gets a single str proc, he can one-round archers with a Str Tonic. For the onis and spearfighters he'll probably need either a pairup or attack stance support, but he requires less than Mozu regardless, because of the doubling.

    You are ready to extend every possible means to Niles to make his combat better, but don´t extend that to Mozu.

    Everything is assumed with an unforged Iron Bow and average growths. 

    SPD required to double Oni/Archer in chapter 10: 14. Fulfilled by base Niles and as of lvl 9 Mozu. Lvl 9 Mozu has 11 STR, lvl 12 Niles equalizes. Both require STR Tonic to 1RKO Archers, neither 1RKO Onis. As of lvl 10, by virtue of Quick Draw, Mozu doesn´t require a tonic to 1RKO Archers and with a tonic 1RKOs unpaired Onis. Alternatively, lvl 14 Niles (unrealistic) has enough STR  to 1rko Archers without help. Lvl 14 Niles would require, with tonic, an additional +3 dmg to 1rko unpaired Oni, +2 if we assume C-rank bows.  At earliest, lvl 18 (unrealistic) would Niles 1rko Onis with no further assistance. 

    SPD required to double Spear Fighter in chapter 10: 16. Fulfilled by Niles as of lvl 9, Mozu as of lvl 11. In order to 1rko Spear Fighters Niles requires: 13 STR (as of lvl 16, unrealistic), 1x STR tonic. 1 point of STR can be substituted by c-rank Bow, thus lvl 14 Niles (unrealistic). As of lvl 10 Mozu requires a SPD tonic to 1rko Spear Fighters.

    As of lvl 10 Mozu can 1hko Ninjas with a tonic and any way to add +3 dmg. Niles can do that at lvl 12, with tonic, c-rank, +3 PU and adjacency to Camilla. 

    As for non doubling attacks: As of lvl 8 Mozu has caught up to base Niles, as of lvl 9 Mozu Niles must be lvl 12 to match her damage, as of Mozu lvl 10 Niles cannot match her damage without promotion (at earliest lvl 16).

    As of lvl 10 Mozu will always be better in Attack Stance.

    That is chapter 10 alone. In every subsequent chapter the gap between Mozu/Niles STR will continue to grow, her SPD will creep ever closer to his, one of the fastest units in the game, and that is meant relative both to player and enemy units. In chapter 11 regular enemies will have 9/10/13/14/17/21 spd. In chapter 12 regular enemies will have 9/13/17/18/21 spd. In chapter 13 regular enemies will have 6/10/11/14/16 spd. In chapter 14 regular enemies will have 11/12/17/18/19/20. In every case in which Mozu can be brought to double an enemy, with a mere spd tonic, and the above listing ought to provide a small glimpse of possibilities, she will outdamage Niles, near irrespective of pampering Niles´ damage. Bringing Mozus speed up to Niles speed is easier, requires less playing around that specific unit and yields better damage, than bringing Niles damage up to Mozus.

  8. 1 hour ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    As for attack stance, both benefit from it when other people are supporting them, and they aren't that different at supporting other themselves, because Quick Draw doesn't apply to providing attack stance support, if memory serves.

    Wrong. Tested with Quick Draw, Aggressor, Death Blow and Certain Blow -> they all applied for Attack Stance supporting partner.

    1 hour ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    You're aware that speed lets you double (and KO) enemies, and that -6 debuffs don't kick in when you eliminate enemies, right? e.g. Camilla's the best choice for eliminating spearfighters with Seal Def because she doubles and one-rounds them without any help. If Niles doubles enemies and Mozu doesn't it's a lot easier to reach thresholds to one-round enemies (which not only prevents after-battle debuffs, but is just useful in general), particularly with how doubling interacts with anything which raises damage (Str Tonic, Rose's Thorns, etc.). It's true that doubling isn't helpful for preventing shuriken counters, but that's only one enemy type (and not even all of that enemy type, since bronze/iron shuriken debuffs are pretty irrelevant to archers).

    If Niles has wonky accuracy against an enemy type (which doesn't happen too often in my experience with attack stance), then Mozu's is barely better; the gap between them is in the single digits in the earlygame (you mentioned a 9-point gap in Skl at Level 20, but that assumes they're the same bow rank and level despite Niles starting with big leads in both, and even then is only 13.5 hit). If you're seriously going to argue that a single-digit gap in hit is comparable to a single-digit gap in AS then I'm just going to wonder if we're playing the same game.

    No I didn´t, units can double in Fire Emblem, really? I never saw that? Can you explain it to me in detail across the series, with examples and citations? 

    I´m not sure where you are getting all of this. We just established how easily Mozu catches up with and surpasses Niles in every aspect other than -1 spd. Fixing up Mozu´s grand disadvantage of -1 spd, is a lot easier than fixing Niles -6 dmg. You are already bending over backwards, even impairing other units ability to act, to have Niles damage still be inferior.

    You are still taking damage when doubling. Why do people insist on taking damage? It is preventable and thus (mostly) preferable.

    Niles doesn´t double Ninjas. He also doesn´t 1RKO them. A lvl 20 average Niles would require a Silver Bow to 1HKO a chapter 10 Ninja. That is a 15 dmg weapon. You should read up on Fates weaponry, specifically Shuriken. Note that chapter 10 Ninjas have Steel Shuriken 🙂

    Very few units out of CQ are Camilla. Only one to be exact. Did you know that Camilla exactly 1HKO´s Ninjas with a Hand Axe and Spear Fighters are easily softened up by the Ballista in turn 1? (Disclaimer: I am prone to math mistakes)

    Weapon rank bonuses, according to the wiki, don´t come before C-rank. Not gonna lie, didn´t know this. In the case of bows, Niles would get +1dmg and thus still be behind, in damage and in hitrate.

    On the contrary, if comparing hit:as at single digit, i would say that it is entirely meaningless, because neither of them are damage. Not that I ever said such, the comparison is about dmg, hit and speed and this is thus a product of your own imagination.

    1 hour ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    And then take some solace in the fact that at least most people seem to be playing the same one as me because Niles > Mozu is not exactly a hot take.

    There´s many comparisons that come to mind with a statement like this, none of which I´ll write here because it´ll get me banned.

    True. The community is infallible and has never once formed an opinion to later be changed. Never. Not once. 

    Niles > Mozu is hardly a take, because they are hardly compared and Niles gets evaluated for his ability to kidnap (infinite reinforcements > any one unit) and his daughter. cough Sniper Nina cough. His combat is understood to be underwhelming.

  9. 1 hour ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    None of that contradicts what I said, and you seem to be all but ignoring the speed difference, which is a huge deal early (Niles +8 at base).She does indeed pass him in atk around Chapter 10-11 as you said (whenever she both reaches D bows and gets Quick Draw). So from, say, Chapter 12 through 15 (roughly), there will be a few maps where Mozu has a bit more atk and he has a bit more speed, which results in a comparison which is reasonably competitive. Do you disagree with my assessment that Niles is "not notably worse" during that time? It's only once Mozu catches up in speed when you can truly start saying that she's better at combat.

    Yes, because speed is irrelevant, when 1) depending on enemy weaponry and enemy type either attack strength or accuracy is wonky 2) enemies surviving combat potentially means -6 debuffs, if not worse Shuriken debuffs 3) using Attack Stance ideally prevents being damaged and being debuffed and favors higher STR/MAG.

    Mozu reaches up to lvl 6 in her paralogue, presuming any kind of optimized play. If she has reached D-rank, which is likely due to feeding her as many Faceless as possible, she has the same damage as base Niles at that point, after her paralogue alone. The rest then depends on when you recruited her. 

    Mozu having all but guaranteed higher damage with greater accuracy alltogether as of lvl 10, which is entirely feasible in chapter 10 at the latest, which requires her paralogue, the right side of the Invasion and potshots at the Mercenaries and deployment in chapter 10, that Niles will as of that moment not be able to match, while also having equalized up to -1 SPD at worst (she does max 22 speed at lvl 19 as opposed to Niles 23,4 at lvl20), and thus doing more damage for chapter 11-14, is something I´d call Niles having notably worse combat for *a part of* the first half of the game, especially in a world where Attack Stance exists. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    I think you're definitely underrating his combat too. He's fast enough to double most things (which is pretty uncommon on the Conquest roster), and fulfills the fundamental archer niche of murdering fliers just fine. It's not exceptional combat, but it's also not notably worse than Mozu until the second half of the game (if it's even worse at all. Mozu needs to gain 11 levels just to match his base speed).

    Some notes:

    - as of lvl 5/6 Mozu will have the same STR as base Niles - the only difference in damage will come from weapon ranks and used bow; as of lvl 13/14 Mozu will have the same STR as a lvl 20 Niles

    - as of lvl 2/3 Mozu will begin to be more accurate; 

    - neither of the above come into effect anywhere near the 2 half of the game but quite possibly before/during chapter 10/11 - presuming you mean chapter 15 as halfway point.

    - a lvl 20 ArcherMozu:OutlawNiles will have 26:28HP  18:14STR  3:8MAG  22:15SKL  22:23SPD  14:11DEF  10:19RES

    - that is not taking into account skills - Quick Draw(+4dmg)/Skill+2 being the only ones taking effect here; realistically, Mozu has 18+4dmg and 24SKL; additionally Mozu does cap SPD at lvl 19;

  11. 5 hours ago, Armchair General said:

    Outside of 3H, I'm not seeing it have much of an effect going in 3DS games other than the weapon triangle forcing some random soldier to completely miss his counterattack and expanding your arsenal.

    The most interesting weapons are around Rank D-C (beyond bronze/iron weaponry): for Nohr that´s the effective weaponry they have at D, for Hoshido that´s the Dual Weapons at C. Also, the Lightning spell at C-rank.

    As for the efects of the WT: It´s kinda important, especially on CQ Lunatic, because all enemies will have max weapon ranks (limited by class) and having WTD results in loss of weapon rank benefits alongside the additional debuff from having WTD. That´s relevant, because it can make reaching defensive thresholds, 1HKO etc. easier.

    To put it into perspective: Ryoma with S-rank when attacking an enemy with S-rank will deal +4dmg/+5hit when being neutral, +6/+25hit if WTD on top of taking -2dmg/20hit and if negative will deal -6dmg/25hit and will take an additional +2dmg/20hit.

    Unless I messed up the math.

  12. 2 hours ago, Shanty Pete's 1st Mate said:

    If I were reconstructing Raphael's personal ability from scratch, I'd make it something like "-5 damage received with a Shield equipped". Something to really help him stand out as a defensive unit.

    I was basing the idea off of Edelgard because 1) in comparison to Dmitris and Claudes PS Wait=Res+4 feels real bad imo, and 2) from my understanding she ain´t afraid of being in the thick of battle (hence the Armored personal class), so a PS to emphasize that would be neat.

    For Raphael I´d make it so that he isn´t weighted down by equipment and either gains AS, logic be damned, or some variation of +Hit/Crit. With Def+5 he´s kinda just like Dedue, except a bit better, because no Wait-rally.

    31 minutes ago, DoomRPG said:

    Apart of me really wishes I had the ability to either make my own SRPG, or just to mod 3H. In order to include this somewhere. This sounds like a really good ability to make an otherwise bad unit have a potentially critical niche. (Similar to Ignatz funnily enough. Who either goes full crit or gets benched after his help in the early game. Ignatz for the best Jeigan in 3h xd)

    Hmmm, it´s neither SRPG nor TH and I´m not 100% sure how the interactions would look like, but if you can emulate FE Fates (e.g. with Citra) you can edit safe files with FEFtwiddler - that includes giving your units enemy only skills, such as Dragonskin/Divine Shield, which according to their description should block Poison Strike and Status Resist/Immune which should help with debuffs.

    Along other, far more... cool things to be found in the ways of Fates. Just sayin. Cough

  13. 3 hours ago, Dayni said:

    Well, I was able to make it work on Hard with both just using Faith, but on Maddening limiting their usage should still be doable. Focus on Edelgard getting ranks off Armour for Smite for instance, get Pegasus for movement utility, that sort of thing.

    (And at least Hubert's easily benched anyway, with his mageiness he won't be doing too much anyways as you've said)

    Yeah, but Edelgard is kinda one of two frontliners in BE, the other being Byleth, at least until either Petra or Ferdinand start getting some stats. And since she´d be in the thick of it, she´d get exp, level up, gain stats, rinse and repeat and suddenly she´s ypur best unit. 

    I wouldn´t underestimate the effects of Mire and Banshee tbh. Those a great spells to have. 

    3 hours ago, Dayni said:

    The real kicker is that you're only getting experience off the main maps as well, which is..... kind of terrifying.

    Compare the levels my units are at (5-12), to the chapter 6 enemies: lvl 18 all around, with DK being 20.

    1 hour ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    It's a bit late now but if you were to try this run again I would definitely make it a priority to get your mages to Beginner tier faster (you should be able to get them enough exp in chapter 3, but you need to keep your eye on it). As you're finding, the low professor rank means money is an issue, and mages having their full spell uses would save you money on both damage-dealing (attack spells) and healing. And in the specific case of GD, Lysithea could have had Dark Spikes by the end of C6 if you'd gotten her a bit more combat, which would give you a bailout option (she needs about ~45 attacking actions by this point, since you don't have Instruct or Seminar, assuming Reason is kept as one of her two goals).

    Hmm, I dunno if that´s possible, not having mathed it out. 2 problems I see with this, partly cause I don´t know the inner workings of how the game does what: I can´t control who gets chosen in automatic training (I only have E/E+ instruct points and 8 guys), and the second and third auto instruct run on 50 motivation - assuming I even get Byleth to be map mvp the month prior for the first instruct (unless the game instruct whoever sits at 100 motivation?). Leveling up Mages specifically seems like a tall order, considering someone needs to stand in front, a task Byleth/Leonie/Hilda/Raphael do succeed in, but with the shift of focus to mages I feel they´d lag behind too much to be effective.

    If I were to try this challenge again, I´d pick Blue Lions.Looks like a much better house.

    1 hour ago, LoneRecon400 said:

    The cavalier in the Death Knight's room should pose no issue since you can just use stride to engage the Death Knight and defeat him in one turn.

    If defeating the DK in one turn would have been so easily possible, I porbably wouldn´t have made this topic.

    54 minutes ago, LoneRecon400 said:

    - Don't use too many units at the beginning. Without Quest and Aux Battles, regular exp and, more importantly, class exp will be very limited and result in weakening your better units if you give exp to weaker units. Better to raise your weaker units later through Adjutants when you have you have reliable units rather than dilute the pool of exp when you're at the hardest part of the game.

    This just leads to a lack of damage. Unless a unit isn´t in range (which is my mistake), they are actively doing something; noone sits around because chip is life. 

    55 minutes ago, LoneRecon400 said:

    - Use your weaker units to support your stronger units through utility. Things like Healing Rallies, or Utility gambits such as Impregnable Wall will be good regardless of the what level a unit is at. Lorenz, for example, could help Leonie or Byelth better tank Mages by learning Ward at C Faith.

    I use what I have, I have none of this. Rally Speed and Break Shot is the peak of my utility so far. Marianne will learn Silence during this chapter, so that´s neat. 


    Looks like the 10% yolo will be my best bet. 

  14. I was thinking about doing this kind of run myself since quite some time and a few attempts have been had. This has been a relatively serious attempt, if not entirely optimised in every aspect. I´m also kinda wondering if someone has an idea for chapter 6 – where I´m currently stuck.

    I picked Golden Deer, for no other reason than that my most recent run had been AM and otherwise I have exactly 1 more CF run under my belt than a VW run, so might as well. No Church route for me, because not being able to invest in, or rather: preferably not investing in units I will lose after 50% of the game, sounds like a major loss of overall combat ability that I am not willing to deal with.


    As for rules:


    No monastery. That means, if at all possible, skip from the very first day of the month to the last day of the month. If there is a forced quest, do that quest and then immediately go to the calendar overview and skip to the end of the month. None shall be talked to; nothing shall be picked up etc. pp. Of course, that means no Abyss either. No recruiting either, beyond those who offer themselves as victims and auto-recruits.

    [I´m thinking about it, but a 1 for 1 switch out rule would be ok for Ashen wolves – so switch Constance/Hapi for someone like Lysithea/Annette/Dorothea, Balthus for Raphael/Dedue/…Caspar? and Yuri for either the fast people or hybrids like Lorenz. That would also allow Abyss classes.]

    Changing unit goals is allowed at the beginning of the month. Not doing this just results in tons of pain, especially for mages.

    Using the shops from the map prep menu is fine.

    No DLC in general.

    I guess this could be considered a rule, but I only trained 1 unit in each mov type: Leonie -> Flying, Lorenz -> Riding, Hilda -> Armor. I´ll be honest, I don´t actually remember why, I guess to restrict reclass ideas/shenanigans?


    General notes (until chapter 6):


    Every map felt like Awakening lunatic early game, and I kinda enjoyed that. I don´t know, it´s kind of weird, but it felt like the basic premise of FE: strong but few player units against many but mostly weaker enemies was turned around. Considering that enemies tend to just stand around in little groups and are ideally lured in and ganged up on that worked out, unless of course an attack missed. Which only then really necessitated a reset if the missed hit was a gambit, because I would often try to use that as an opening attack, which if missed proved a major loss of damage.

    I was broke as hell. I only reached Prof. rank… D? during the chapter 6 skip, so only got 2k gold. My only way of getting Prof. exp. was answering the questions that pop up during skipping (I only ever got one per skip). Considering that I was going through weapon uses like a madman (Lorenz broke 2 Iron Lances alone) due to Combat Arts being essential and that I had to buy additional seals and also tried to get me some Battalions… yeah. Ignatz could finally reclass in chapter 6, but I had no money for another Beginner Seal. Though I´m not sure, but I didn´t optimise the questions during skipping, so maybe I could have gotten a higher rank earlier.

    Mages have been the scariest enemies so far. 15-16 AS in chapter 6 with 20-23 dmg hitting Res and 12-14 AS with 21-23? Big oof. Only Byleth, who was speed blessed and Leonie were able to not get doubled, and only the use of a Pure Tonic prevented still serious injury.

    Also, I know that this is a dead horse I´ve been beating quite a bit but screw the enemy skills they are given. The cool thing about Poison Strike Archers is that depending on if they move first, you are dead, but if they move last you survive with 1HP. Ofc, in chapter 4 you don´t really see the enemy in general, in chapter 5 the enemy groups that do indeed have Archers in them almost always have overlapping ranges (more on that down below) and have you ever really looked at the layout of chapter 6? There is barely a corner an Archer can´t reach, the most Archer-safe area being the second room on the left and even then you cant stand on the right most tiles, because you´ll either take damage from 1x Archer or 1x Archer + 1x Mage. Shoutout to my boys, the Dark Mages who have Seal Strength, making luring them out with physical units a mistake.

    In contrast, I´m left to wonder why Catherine and Gilbert don´t have any skills. Sure, Catherine doesn’t realllllly need it except maybe Hit+20, but Gilbert needs like all of them and then some.

    Mages have it really bad in this kind of play. A whole 1-5 uses for most spells doesn´t leave much room for exp and their combat ability beyond that is… suboptimal would be a euphemism I feel. Same goes for Healing - I´ve gone through all the vulneraries the game gives out and also bought some for chapter 5 because 5 uses of Heal is too little. Though it does get better as of Monk.


    Notes on chapters:


    Nothing to report on chapter 1-2.

    As for chapter 3, Catherine did most of the work.

    In chapter 4 I wasn´t strong enough to 1) take on the DK, though this was expected but also 2) too weak to separate in 2 groups and get both chests. I got the spirit dust chest, which in hindsight was good because without the +2 Mag Lysithea wouldn´t have 1RKO´d Armored Knights in chapter 5/6 but also bad, because I had to buy an Intermediate Seal which is kinda expensive.

    Ah yes, chapter 5. I found out that, if you have the archer that is not in Miklans arena and that can fire over the wall around where the first two waves of reinforcements spawn, attack you, only him and the first group of enemies to the left of the reinforcement pillar charge at you; everyone else will stand around as usual. This can be useful, because as far as I know, triggering the pillar spawns also has that specific group of enemies charge you down for a pincer attack. It also pulls one of the two archers in the second (out of 3) group before Miklans arena, which I think gives you 1 tile where only the Fighter and no one else – by virtue of having lured the Archer out already – can attack you.

    Also, if the Physic Priest in Miklans arena heals an enemy, he too will charge you, not triggering other enemies it seems.

    The Archers in Miklans arena seem to be coded as 2 groups NE/SE and NW/SW. If you trigger Archer NW to the tiles above Miklan, Archer SW will charge at you, Archers NE/SE will stand around. Dunno if the same goes for the other group, because there was a little mishap.

    Also, this Demonic Beast (DB) was just about the most difficult TH-monster fight I´ve had. Only way for me to deal damage was abusing the power of stairs and Curved Shot for a grand total of 5-6 dmg from Leonie/Claude. SotC would have been an option, if I had any healing left. It not regenerating it´s barrier made this way harder. Chapter 5 completed in 85 gruesome turns, of which 15 were spent fighting the big boy.

    Chapter 6, current roadblock. It was in this month, that I could finally promote 3 units to intermediate classes and guess who was one of them? Archer Claude. Oh well, if I hadn´t forgotten about that I might have been able to throw some exp in Hildas/Raphaels direction instead.

    It looks like I only really have two options, and both include hoping for some timely crits. I am too weak – partly due to the loss of Claude – to take out all enemies on the map in time, the problem here being the Archers on the right. Splitting up in the beginning is not an option anyway, because it makes me too weak to go through either side. I could probably take on the DK, if it wasn´t for the Cav in the room and DK cantoing away. I’d need to land either a Ruptured Heaven crit on DK or the Cav and that´s too unreliable, cuz I really don´t want to replay a map 10 times to get that one sweet spot crit (~11% crit on DK). Unless ofc that´s the only alternative sighs.  A third alternative would be splitting up just before DKs room, which I tend to have cleared between turn ~15-19 with some damage dealt on the DK room mages, but that would split me up in 1) minimum 2 guys trying to kill the Cav in DK room ( 1 for door/1 for kill, presuming I lure the Mages inside) 2) I guess 2 guys for the Armored Knight guarding the chest (I don´t know how his targeting would work – worst case scenario is him using a gambit) and 3) whatever is left for the Cav reinforcements and the Archers. Anyone have any alternative ideas, or will I have to yolo it on the rng?




    m!Byleth: lvl 12 Merc

    Claude: lvl 10 Archer

    Leonie: lvl 11 Pegasus Knight

    Hilda: lvl 7 Fighter

    Raphael: lvl 8 Fighter

    Marianne: lvl 7 Monk

    Lysithea: lvl 7 Monk

    Ignatz: lvl 5 Commoner

    Lorenz: lvl 5 Monk (I have a save with him as Noble, but he really needs the extra magic uses)

  15. 29 minutes ago, DoomRPG said:

    Allow the Avatars to not be walking plot devices please?

    Allow the Avatar-character to be a flippin Avatar, with variable growths, stats, classes and not good-but-generic-swordie-nr4? 

    Better map design. Scratch that, I´ll settle for less map reuse. 

    Variable campaigns. Don´t want to go to place B but place D instead, to mix up the cast, items available and difficulty? Go right ahead.

  16. Hm. I haven´t played enough games to even make a top 3 list. How sad. 

    The good:

    1. Dark Souls 3. What can i say? First fromsoft title and the grand world design, some interesting bosses, a few meh bosses and some great bosses and the absolute fantastic mods make this game pretty good. 

    2. Sekiro. Another fromsoft title and one where I don´t actually know what I´m doing but whatever I´m doing it does get me through the game? I have no idea how I beat some of these bosses. The cheese is certainly strong in this one. The areas are a sight to behold though, with Mt. Senpou being my favourite. Not yet done though and at least a second playthrough seems to be in order.


    The Bad:

    Tales of Arise - probably my only dip into that franchise - as by the time I even got the full squad I had grown so profoundly bored of the game, that I didn´t even finish that chapter? Arc? W/e it´s called.


    The Neutral:

    Nier Automata: repetitive combat incarnate, though not entirely without it´s fun. Then again, I only just did A2´s desert battle and we´ll see, maybe the big turn around will come for me sometime soon.

  17. 2 hours ago, Shanty Pete's 1st Mate said:

    Robin have gotten hyped up a lot in this thread so far. But how can they be called the "best in the series" when each of them is only able to trivialize one game?

    I mean...... you can recruit Lucina, Marth, Robin and Ike in 3 Fates paths... I don´t know how they´d fare in CQ but BR and Rev they should have an ok time? 


    Other than that, I mean it´s gotta be Robin? Robin is weaker than Frederick for what, 3 chapters, and that weakness gets largely remedied by pairing up with Frederick and from then on best hope for some good level ups because otherwise, that´s a reset.

  18. 6 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    Both. I don't consider it worth it when I could've gotten better results with an earlier recruitment. And to be honest, if I'm planning on using the kids, I'd probably be picking them up before enemies promote anyway (Kana being the exception in the event I plan to have Corrin marry Flora; Kana's paralogue is easy anyway due to chokepoints galore).

    Yeah, but also no stat screwage + (easy) weapon ranks. 

    To cut it short: I think OS are an oh-shit-button in case something goes wrong down the line and for that they work. Maybe not great, maybe not terrible, useful nevertheless.

  19. 23 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    -Gunter isn't that good in Conquest. He's good in chapter 15, and usable in chapter 16, but after that? Whatever he has to offer is not enough to justify kicking someone who's not a failure out.

    I´m pretty sure his defense is usually PU bot and in terms of a physical Corrin that´s kinda correct, as well as minor weapon rank shenaningans. His support bonuses are +1DEF/STR/SKL and his classes give quite nice bonuses - Cav/Wyv for combinations of STR/DEF/MOV and Merc for some more SKL/SPD(/MOv if BK). Also his PS which is great. If you are looking to maximize dmg on Corrin, he is indeed your man. The nice thing is, I suppose, you don´t always need to bring your PU bot though that may reflect poorly on support rank.

    Unless you don´t play with PU bots and have erveryone do something all the time.

    By your standards, high dmg, high speed, supreme accuracy, tankiness about  4/5 of the cast of CQ isn´t usable anyway, so I´d be surpirsed if you didn´t have a few spots open for them failures.

    54 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    -Offspring Seals are NOT worth it in Fates. [snip]

    Is this a criticism of Fates paralogues or the OS, because I can´t tell.

    They are there to immediately catch up your kid according to it´s average growths - there´s a considerable difference between any lvl 20 kid and it´s OS promoted counterpart. If you use an OS you got in chapter 20 in chapter 27 it´s your own fault, presuming you know how they work. Plus they are free which is always appreciated.

    1 hour ago, Shadow Mir said:

    -Niles (and by extension, Kidnap) [snip]

    You don´t like Kidnap, got it. Out of curiosity, how do you feel about Orochi?

  20. 24 minutes ago, Barren said:

    From my experience, if an enemy has a battalion equipped and they see that two or more of your units are bunches up, they will go for who they feel is the easiest target. So like someone who lacks a charm stat i.e Caspar would be a likely target. But only if he is within their range.

    Knowing that you could put someone else in range that has a higher charm stat to make the enemy waste their gambit. They will go for it because it doesn’t allow a counter attack.

    Hmm, I think it depends on what deals more damage, but the amount of damage they receive in return also matters - I rallied Byleth with Ignatz which brought Byleth into doubling range and the enemy would attack with the gambit, when before it showed a regular attack. 

    27 minutes ago, Barren said:

    As far as Ignatz, Raphael and Lorenz, it depends on what chapter you are on and what their current level is. I know that at least training them up to be at least able to survive chapter 13 is for the best at that point that way if you wish to bench them you could. I personally was able to train Iggy to be a good enough Sniper where he’ll have no issues one rounding enemies with HV.

    To be fair the same can be said for other Sniper candidates but I think Ignatz is underrated even for maddening standards. He’s worth it if you’re actually planning on using him. He just takes a while to get going. Raph at least has high enough HP to not die in one round while being doubled. Lorenz imo is just there. Some find him underrated to since he does make a decent dark knight. Nothing wrong with them technically but I feel Ignatz is the better out of the three “meh” units. He is imo less meh.

    Ha, I just did chapter 4, but the mage reinforcements alone where almost more than I could handle. Chapter 5 and my highest-level unit is Byleth at 8. Everyone else is 6 or below.

    Raphael, I think I´ll keep around, because he decided to so far lvl nothing but HP/DEF and deals some okish damage, but the decision Lorenz v Ignatz is still up. Only reason I really keep Lorenz around is because of mixed damage availability (though his physical dmg sucks - he has broken 2 Iron Lances so far), that he has learned Heal by now, which I desperately need and eventually Thyrsus, should I decide to do paralogues while my hope with Ignatz is exactly the described Hunter Volley scenario, but like, it hurts carrying this guy around.

  21. On 12/18/2021 at 8:31 PM, Dark Holy Elf said:

    You're forced to explore in Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 4, and Chapter 6 (and forced to complete certain quests as you note). I don't believe the Wolves appear above ground until you talk to (not necessarily recruit) them in the Abyss, although nothing stops you from doing that unless you add an extra rule against entering the Abyss during your forced exploration periods (which is obviously fine and your call).

    I think chapter 3 has you exploring to unlock Batallion Guild too, and in chapter 4 I think you can immediately end the exploration phase, because that´s the chapter I´m currently at and I don´t remember doing the investigation stuff.

    Just trying to follow through on the "Don´t like the monatery? Just skip it!"-train of thought and see how far I go/endure. Hence minimal monastery stay time.

    By the by, how does the AI decide to use it´s attacks - as in weapon v gambit? Is it based on damage dealt if weapon dmg > gambit dmg use weapon and vice cersa or is there more to it?


    And not gonna lie, it´s not looking great right now. Enemies are almost 3x my level (enemy 14, my squad 5). I´m considering killing off any combination of Raphael, Ignatz, Lorenz, but for fear of screwing myself over come lategame I´m wondering if I should wait until at least the lvl 10 promotions to see how units really turn up.

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