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  1. Ok so I randomized fe9 and oscar became A ranger does he promote regularly
  2. does Valkyrie get passed down if broken
  3. they were on the oppisite sides
  4. so finn was on the other side of chapter 3 than bridigid and now they are lovers what happened
  5. does the valkerie staff reset love because ayra is unable to be saved
  6. I also have plans for noish and claude. noish x raqusis, claude x sylvia
  7. I chose these 2 because both of these have good rings to pass down azel has magic and alec has speed
  8. I accidentally autosaved when Lachesis died is is it possible to start the chapter over
  9. honestly i disagree slightly. the only balanced thing I would say is give arden easier acess to love points and make him mive further
  10. ok so I am trying to get lex x ayra going. I heard about the jealousy system and looked it up. does it work if the one in the line jealousy is already married like ethlyn?
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