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  1. When I pulled from the git, LevelDEBUG had a bunch of other files in it as well, which I assume were your things. They were all deleted. Yes, that is the correct version. However, I noticed something new after updating. If I save before importing, I can see the map go away. The editor’s map changes to white if you save before importing.
  2. Here is something new that happened after I pulled the recent version. Everything from the folder, including the files you had in there, were cleared when I tried to save before importing.
  3. pygame 1.9.6 Hello from the pygame community. https://www.pygame.org/contribute.html Debug: 1 ERROR! No words.txt file found in the data directory. Version: v0.9.3.12 libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile libpng warning: sBIT: invalid Setting Seed 0 DLL load failed while importing manhattan_sphere: The parameter is incorrect. Fast manhattan sphere generation not available. Falling back on default Python implementation. DLL load failed while importing LOS: The parameter is incorrect. Fast line of sight calculation not available. Falling back on default Python implementation. DLL load failed while importing fast_pathfinding: The parameter is incorrect. Fast pathfinding not available. Falling back on default Python implementation. This is what I get when I open the program and the MapSprite.png is changed to empty. I then get all the map animations missing and then Properties Units QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 3 QPainter::end: Painter not active, aborted QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 3 QPainter::end: Painter not active, aborted... (Infinite until map import) I also get this when I import and save: libpng error: profile 'GIMP built-in sRGB': B0AD3675h: length does not match profile Saved LevelDEBUG Sorry for taking so long, I had a lot of school work.
  4. I pulled the new version today and it still generates an empty SpriteMap.png if I don't import map every time I open the program. (Had to focus on school work for a few days.)
  5. I have attached screenshots of my documentation of the events. I will begin to explain them here. Image 1 - All the files as they should be, with the original source map and the correct MapSprite, after having imported it. Note that TileData is empty for the sake of doing this quickly. If MapSprite is lost, then TileData defaults to all Plains as well. Image 2 - I saved, and then closed the program. I was prompted to save, discard, or cancel. I selected save, and my MapSprite was lost. Image 3 - I reopened the editor and re-imported the map. Image 4 - I saved and closed the program again, this time pressing Discard when it asked me to save, discard, or cancel. MapSprite stayed intact this time. Image 5 (accidentally named image 6) - I opened the program again and saved before importing my map. The MapSprite became blank after doing this. I attached an image of the Properties of MapSprite.png after it was cleared. Finally I attached a folder named "The Files", containing all the files as they were in Image 5. Edit: I have reached the max number of posts per day, so I will post any follow ups in the form of edits to this post or on GitLab. Lex.rar
  6. Just some issues I had with the engine that I put on the GitLab issues page, thought I might post them here as well. - I am using the pygame version for the additional customization offered by python code. - Whenever you open the editor, the MapSprite.png file is overwritten with a blank one, and you have to constantly call for the file again. Additionally, if you have a TileData.png made and you're working on it with that map, saving the tiledata deletes the MapSprite again. This makes it practically impossible to work on anything without constantly making copies of your TileData, which gets deleted everytime you re-import your MapSprite. - Additionally, copying the tutorial and deleting all The Lion Throne characters breaks the engine, crashes until you put them all back. - I played a chapter of The Lion Throne and saved my game. After this, my DEBUG level kept crashing the game. However, I had also created a TileData.png for the first time before this, and my MapSprite.png file got deleted, so it could have been that crashing it as well.
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